List Of Male K-Pop Idols Who Used To Be Fat: From BIG BANG’s T.O.P to SUPER JUNIOR’s Kim Ryeo-wook


These Are the Male K-Pop Idols Who Used to Have Fat Bodies!

Today many people of the world pay special attention to K-Pop idols. Because the idols from South Korea are always successful in making the world fascinated with their charming talent and incredible visual appearance. Behind the success of the currently famous idols, there are various kinds of struggles that must be done.

Most South Korean artists are known to have body goals or ideal body shapes. Not only female artists but also male celebrities. Being an artist in South Korea is not only required to be handsome and smart. The shape of the body is also very much considered by fans. Bullying is not infrequent even in Korea because of weight problems.

To always give the best for the fans, K-Pop idols also routinely train their body shape to always look ideal. The ideal body shape and handsome face is one of the reasons they are admired by fans. But to get the ideal body shape is not easy. The idols must undergo a strict diet that is accompanied by exercise. In fact, often the methods used to lose weight are extreme enough to make them faint. Want to know who are the K-Pop male idols who used to have fat bodies?

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of all the male K-Pop idols who used to have fat bodies. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.


During school, T.O.P was known to have a fat body shape. BIG BANG’s oldest member, T.O.P previously weighed 90 kg while still a trainee at YG Entertainment. Various businesses were undertaken. First, he only consumed unsweetened jelly and drank mineral water. For snacks, he chose to eat red beans bought at traditional markets. T.O.P managed to lose 20 kg in just 40 days. His biggest motivation for weight loss was his promise to Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, who said T.O.P will debut after he reaches the ideal body weight.


SUPER JUNIOR’s Kim Ryeo-wook

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Ryeowook is considered one of the Super Junior members with a very thin and small body. But apparently, the young Ryeowook was a fat teenager and bespectacled like a nerd. Since being chosen to be an SM Entertainment trainee and ready to debut, Ryeowook has been desperately eliminating his fat body.

Ryeowook said, “I was a little fat when I was young. I weighed my weight at the time, and it was around 181 pounds/82 kg. During school holidays I always ate BBQ, but then my father said, “You have to stop eating.” It was because of this command from his father that Ryeowook slowly lost weight. When showing a photo of his past, Ryeowook said, “I might have eaten too much,” and he smiled shyly.

EXO’s Xiu-min

Xiumin had had a fair amount of fat before. He did not go on a diet to get the ideal weight. In several program shows, Xiumin claimed to have problems with diets that are not in accordance with him. Now, he is more able to regulate the diet program that he did. In the Star Show 360 program, with a cheerful smile, the oldest member of EXO mentioned, the four-hour method he did.

Besides easy exercise, Xiumin also eats on time. It really helps the body’s metabolism, successful for himself in losing weight. “After waking up, I walk for 1 hour. Then, I go home and eat breakfast. You can eat anything, but don’t be too full,” said Xiumin. “For lunch, you have to eat, especially if you are very hungry. You have to wait up to 4 hours to eat. For dinner, don’t eat anything before dinner,” Xiumin added. Xiumin explained that he began seeing the results as soon as one month into the program. He felt his body had become lighter than before.

BTS’ Jimin


Through the book, BTS WINGS Concept Book, one of the youngest members of BTS revealed that he had a strict diet until he fainted. From an interview with Jimin published in the book, it was revealed that Jimin had felt the pressure to become a perfect idol. He also had a strict diet in order to get the ideal body shape.

He said that during the era of the release of the single “Blood Sweat & Tears” in 2016, Jimin went on a strict and tiring diet that made him sick. Obsessed with managing the body, his weight dropped to 68 kg in three months. A strict diet made Jimin often exhausted due to lack of nutrition, so he often fainted during exercise. Even so, Jimin continued his diet. Jimin’s colleagues at BTS were not unconcerned with Jimin’s condition. They often invited him to eat together, but Jimin continued to follow his strict diet. There was even a time when Jimin didn’t eat for days.


HIGHLIGHT’s Yoon Doo-joon

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Yoon Doo-joon has never had a fat body before. But when his pre-debut photos spread on the internet, Yoon Doo-joon only had a change in his cheeks. Before his debut, he had chubby cheeks but it seems like he went on a diet until his cheeks became thin like this.

SUperSHIningBEauty –


In an episode of the KBS2 TV show Vitamin in 2013, BEAST’s member Yoseob revealed the secret of building his stomach muscles. According to him, the diet method he did was very effective and became the best way for him. Yoseob puts more emphasis on sports activities. “I have considered many methods of dieting, recently I practiced boxing,” said Yoseob.

Then Yoseob added that by doing boxing, his body was more shaped, “This sport also makes me lose weight naturally,” said Yoseob. By routinely doing the diet he did, Yoseob was able to shape his body perfectly.



Celebrity OkeZone

P.O revealed that he used to weigh more than 100 kg when he was in high school. He said that he decided to lose weight to prepare for his debut. He continued to maintain his body with exercise and a balanced diet. This was indeed his determination at the moment before his debut.

In the Knowing Brothers program, P.O revealed the dietary methods he had tried. He talked about the time before debut, explaining that he and WINNER’s Song Mi-no decided to go on an intense diet because they wanted to become a hip-hop duo. P.O continued to remember the time when the two of them went to the sauna together. He revealed, “This was my first time on an intense diet, so when I came out of the hot tub, I fainted.” P.O revealed the whole story and explained, “We both wanted to be a hip-hop duo, so we decided to go on an intense diet together where we lost more than 10 kg.”