Best Male K-Pop Idols That Look Attractive With Short Hairstyle


Top 10 K-Pop Short Hairstyles for Guys

In K-Pop industry, it is not just about music, singing, and dancing, but it is also a matter of fashion, including hairstyles. Many K-Pop idols have tried unique hairstyles and dyed their hair many colors to make them different to the others. Sometimes it turns out weird, but most of them succeeded and made a new trend. If you boys are thinking of getting a new haircut, take a look at these K-Pop idols’ attractive short hairstyles might be a great idea!

Best of Kpop Idol Who Looks Handsome With Short Hairstyles

1. Bigbang G-Dragon

G-Dragon is known for his amazing fashion sense. He has tried many hairstyles and hair colors. His image, too, changes based on his hairstyle. This time, the fashionista’s classic pompadour hairstyle makes him looks elegant and manly, don’t you think?

2. EXO Chanyeol

Trying to look cute? Then this hairstyle is the answer. Wavy and a bit messy hair makes boys looks fresh and gives the cute image. Chanyeol combined it with bright red color, but of course dark colors like black or brown will looks good, too!