Best Male K-Pop Idols That Look Attractive With Short Hairstyle

6. Infinite L


Straight hair with hair bangs may just looks like a natural hairstyle, but it is actually ‘useful’ for some things. This hairstyle makes your face looks small. And for you who have no confidence because of your wide forehead, this hairstyle can cover it. With this hairstyle too, you can look cute and younger, just like L!

7. Bigbang T.O.P

Don’t have time to style your hair but don’t want a bad hairstyle? Then this haircut is perfect for you. You can just go out without having to stylize your hair, but it will still looks good. It also gives you the manly vibes. T.O.P still managed to looks manly and young despite the white hair color.

8. Wanna One Ong Seongwu

Comma hairstyle is Seongwu’s fixed hairstyle. Showing only half side of your forehead, it gives the manly and chic image. Seongwu has a dark brown color which makes him more manly. It is indeed a perfect hairstyle for younger boys who want to look like a man!