Best Male K-Pop Idols That Look Attractive With Short Hairstyle

3. Seventeen Vernon


Middle part hairstyle may looks old school, but it is still people’s favourite. It makes you looks like those 90’s boys with their attractive charms. Just look at Vernon who looks like young Leonardo DiCaprio here!

4. Highlight Yoon Doojoon

Going to a meeting? Or trying to looks like a gentleman? Then you should try this hairstyle. Showing your forehead helps your manly and cool side to come out. Not only for formal situations, trying this hairstyle during your everyday life will makes you looks like a reliable man, like Doojoon.

5. Bigbang Taeyang

For you boys who has short hair but want a beastly image, maybe this hairstyle can help. Mohawk’s hairtstyle is still popular even now. It may give a bad-boy-like image, but don’t worry, look at Taeyang who still looks adorable with his mohawk hair.