Ex-ZE:A’s Tae-heon: Profile, Facts, MMA Fighter

zea taeheon profile

Find Out More About ZE:A rapper and Former MMA Fighter, Taeheon

ZE:A was a Korean idol group under the management of Star Empire Entertainment. The group debuted in 2010 with the lead single “Mazeltos.” Albeit starting as idols, half of ZE:A’s members are currently known as actors, TV hosts, or channel streamers. Some of the most popular ZE:A members are Park Hyung-sik, Hwang Kwang-hee, Im Si-wan, and Kim Dong-jun.

ZE:A’s main rapper, Kim Tae-hoon, chose a very different path than the other members. He chose sporting activities and even participated in professional mixed martial arts matches. In later days, he opened a YouTube channel and started streaming.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about ZE:A’s main rapper and former MMA fighter, Kim Tae-heon. So, stay tuned!

ZE:A’s Taeheon’s Full Profile

zea taeheon profile

Name: Kim Tae-hoon

Stage Name: Taeheon

Birthday: June 18, 1989

Birthplace: Gwangju City

Nationality: Korean

Education: Seoul Digital Culture and Arts University

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Religion: Christian

Zodiac: Gemini

Position: Main rapper, vocalist

Blood Type: A

Instagram: th_618

Twitter: zea_th

Afreecatv: rothsadin

Facts About ZE:A’s Taeheon

zea taeheon profile
  • He is known as a kindhearted person
  • He usually replied to fan comments in ZE:A’s fan café
  • He loves writing and having conversations with fans on online forums
  • His nickname is Snowflake
  • He has a special talent for beatboxing
  • He participated in mixed martial arts (MMA) fights during his activities as an idol and ZE:A member
  • In 2014, his nose was broken from an MMA fight with a Japanese fighter
  • Taeheon enlisted for the military on December 7, 2015
  • After finishing military service, he started her own YouTube channel
  • He left ZE:A on September 19, 2017
  • Taeheon opened the Afreecatv channel on May 5, 2018
  • His ideal type is a woman that looks fit in jeans.

Taeheon in ZE:A

zea taeheon profile

Taeheon debuted with ZE:A in January 2010. They released their debut album Nativity and officially debuted when performing on KBS’ Music Bank on January 15, 2010. Before the official debut, ZE:A already appeared on Mnet’s Office Reality and released the company-made documentary Star Empire. The daily activities of all trainees, singers, and staff of Star Empire Entertainment were broadcasted to the public.

While other members participated in entertainment-related activities, Kim Tae-heon chose sports related activities. In August 2014, he showed up with a much slimmer figure compared to his previous image in ZE:A. He used to be known as a slightly overweight idol. In his latest appearance, he showed up with a defined facial figure and body. The public admired his new physique.

Kim Tae-heon also announced his participation in MMA, and his debut match was held in September 2014. He faced a Japanese fighter in a special match called Revolution 2. He asked the public to support him and encourage his new profession as a professional MMA fighter. His coach Jeong Chan-sung, a famous UFC Fighter known as The Korean Zombie, said that Kim Tae-heon has talent and a strong will. Even though his training period was short, he prepared everything very well.

Kim Tae-heon said that inside the ring, he will fight against himself. He said “I will not give up. I prepared and did everything I could. I will do my best in the ring.”

In December 2015, Kim Tae-hoon announced his military enlistment through a Naver Vapp broadcast event. Star Empire wanted Kim Tae-hoon to greet fans and say some final words before joining the military. Kim Tae-heon was the second ZE:A member to join the military.

Part of ZE:A’s Sub-Unit

zea taeheon profile

Kim Tae-heon was part of two ZE:A sub units. He joined ZE:A4U alongside Hwang Gwang-hee, Moon Jun-young, and Jeong Hee-chul. He was also a member ZE:A J alongside Kevin, Jeong Heechul, Ha Min-woo, and Kim Dong-jun

In June 2013, ZE:A4U released a promotional video and photoshoot for its debut mini album. The album was sold in two versions and also included several tracks in Japanese. The title track for the mini album was “Oops.” Before the official release, Star Empire posted a rehearsal video and behind the scene footage. Following the release of the mini debut album, ZE:A4U members traveled to Japan and promoted the album. The group promoted the album for a week. The reception from Japanese fans was excellent and tickets sold out. A fan meeting event was met with great enthusiasm from overseas fans.

“Oops” was made with a funky groove, acoustic music instrumentals, and energizing brass music. V.O.S member Choi Hyeon-jun was responsible for the writing and arrangement of the track. “Oops” is a fun and interesting song that fans enjoyed. Each of ZE:A4U’s members participated in the writing and arranging of “Oops.”

Shocking Fans After Leaving Star Empire Entertainment

zea taeheon profile

In 2016, all ZE:A members decided not to renew their contracts with Star Empire and moved to other agencies. The news came as a shocking announcement to fans. Each member moved to their preferred agency. Meanwhile, Kim Tae-heon chose to start a YouTube channel instead of joining an entertainment agency. Despite all of ZE:A’s members leaving Star Empire and moving to different agencies, there was no official disbandment.

It seems that Kim Tae-heon preferred to work by himself and operate his own broadcasting channel. In October 2017, he joined Treasure Hunter, a company that hosts various personal streaming channels. In 2018, he moved to another streaming platform, AfreecaTV, and started a streaming channel called Kim Tae-heon (ZE:A).

Kim Tae-heon’s Interview on a YouTube Channel

Kim Tae-heon revealed his latest activities through an interview with the Youtube channel What You Do Lately. During the interview, he revealed some stories behind ZE:A’s debut. At first, he was embarrassed when Star Empire announced their group’s name. In the Korean language, their group name literally means the country’s idol.

Taeheon said that the name gave each member extra pressure to live up to the name. He said that a new group didn’t deserve that name. Popular idol groups like Sotaeji deserved the name. He was also disappointed with the debut track “Mazeltov” because the track felt strange.

Ha Min-woo held an event where he read letters in his SNS account. He invited Taeheon, and both of them watched videos from their debut era. They laughed at the footage of their early debut days. After leaving ZE:A, Ha Min-woo and KimTae-heon still keep a good relationship as best friends. Ha Min-woo operated a channel where he listened to all the worries from followers and gave encouragement to them.

That is all the information about ZE.A’s Taehoon. Find out more information and latest activities about other ZE:A member in other Channel Korea articles.