All About Madtown: Profile, Facts, Discography, and Official Disbandment


When Madtown made its debut in 2014, they debuted under J.Tune Camp. The company was shut down 2016, though, and the group sold to GNI Entertainment after that. Not long  after they transferred to the new agency, GNI Entertainment’s CEO was arrested for fraud. It was a pity when Madtown’s agency officially announced the plan to disband the group in November, 2017, after all of the members filed a lawsuit against their agency to cancel their contract.
They didn’t even have a chance to make a comeback under the new label, GNI Entertainment. Their new agency said that the members had a different wishes for their future. There were some members that wanted to continue to pursue careers as an idol or actor, and there were some that were tired of the entertainment industry. Buffy was about to join the military. It was also hard for the group to come back again, even after they won the lawsuit against their agency. In the end, they separated and started pursuing different paths for their career.

Individual Activities

Right after Madtown was officially disbanded, Jota and Heo-joon were looking for a new agency and pursuing their careers as actors. In 2018, Jota officially joined the agency King Kong By Starship as an actor, and changed his stage name to his real name, Lee Jong-hwa. Other members, like Dae-won and Lee Geon, were still trying to continue their career as a singer by joining a survival program called The Unit on KBS. H.O became a broadcaster on the AfreecaTV live streaming service, and often talked about what it was like to be an idol. Buffy is still in the military, since he enlisted at the end of 2017.



Dae-won spent the end of the year watching a movie called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on his laptop. He’s just like all of us.


Lee Geon

Lee Geon, or presently known as Lee Woo, with a pose that made him looks twice as cool!

Lee Woo promoted his new single with group selfies, taken with his friends from The Unit.

This is the cover photo for his single song, that was released on December 21, 2018.


Pictures of the cute Heo-jun in the winter. Ooh, poor him, but he’s so cute!

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Merry christmas☃️

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This is the drama that he participated, My Strange Hero, with Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah as the lead actor and actress.

A picture of him without glasses (the first pic) and a picture of him with Harry Potter glasses. BAAM!!

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짝눈&해리포터 BAMMMM!!!

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A picture of Buffy, or Kim Joo-hyun, in the middle of snowy street in Baekryeong-do, in a military uniform.

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하얀쓰레기 백령도 폭격

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Some selfies of him in his military uniform. He looks so cool!

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He took one picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background.


He also seems to like action figures.

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No caption needed, just a perfect picture of him.