Do You Miss Madtown’s Jota and Kim Jin-kyung’s Sweet Moments in ‘We Got Married’?

Madtown's Jota and Kim Jin-kyung WGM

Madtown’s Jota and Kim Jin-kyung

Madtown’s Jota is a member of the South Korean boy-group Madtown, and he’s the vocalist. Jota is famous for his handsome face and his physicality. Kim Jin-kyung is a model who broadened her career into acting. In 2012, she participated in OnStyle’s Korea’s Next Top Model and was the runner up.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about MADTOWN’s Jota and Kim Jin-kyung’s sweet moments on the show We Got Married, so stay tuned!

Jota and Jin-kyung’s Sweet Moments in We Got Married

First Meeting and Wedding

Kim Jin-kyung was the first to arrive at the wedding venue, and when she arrived she received a mission card that mentioned that her husband would fall from the sky. Jota received a mission card that said he should clear the mission to meet his bride. The mission in question was to paraglide to the venue. He was very nervous and all he could think about while paragliding in was who his bride might be. When he landed, however, there was no one there, leaving him puzzled. He found Jin-kyung’s mission card on the table and that was how he found out who his bride was going to be.

It turned out that Jin-kyung found out about the paragliding and decided to do the same thing as her groom. She landed in front of Jota and he helped her to stand up. Their first interaction was quite awkward. The wedding started with the couple wearing a coronet and boutonniere. Jin-kyung linked her arm to Jota’s and made him nervous. They walked the virgin road together and read their oaths to each other. They signed the oaths and officially become a virtual married couple.

Doing Judo Together

For their second encounter, Jota was holding a one-day judo class for Jin-kyung so that they could get closer and to show her what he was good at. He gave her a uniform and helped her tie her belt. Once they got started he taught her how to roll and showed off his skills. He also taught her how to fall and do a shoulder throw. With his help, she was able to throw him several times. Jin-kyung was embarrassed every time Jota fixed her belt and she didn’t seem to know where to look, as his uniform was loose and she could see his bare chest.

Jota asked Jin-kyung to have a match with him. He would only use half of his body and would need to beat her three times to win the game. Meanwhile, Jin-kyung only needed to defeat him once to win. Jota said that he would give her a present if she won. He let her attack him, but she couldn’t throw him. He was not going easy and threw her once. Jin-kyung was getting more competitive and tried to throw him several times. She finally succeeded in throwing Jota and won the match. After she won, Jota asked her to give him her hand and when she did, he handed her a couple ring and said that it was hers.

Couple Photoshoot

Jota and Jin-kyung were going to have a couple’s photo-shoot. Jota wanted Jin-kyung tocall him ‘Honey’ for the whole day and she happily granted his wish, as it was an easy thing to do. They gave each other penalties for if one of them forgot to call the other one ‘Honey’. Jota wanted a kiss on the cheek as the penalty. When the shooting began, Jota and Jin-kyung needed to have some physical contact, since it was a couple’s shoot. Jin-kyung looked relaxed, but Jota looked nervous. Jin-kyung cheered him on to help him relax. After changing clothes, they got ready for a shot and Jota couldn’t hold his smile as Jin-kyung was getting closer, and he couldn’t control his red ears.

The level of intimacy in the poses they were being asked to do were getting higher and Jota was getting more and more embarrassed. However, he kept his focus and, together with Jin-kyung, they successfully finished the shooting. As they were wrapping up, Jota had a request for the photographer. Since Jin-kyung forgot to call him ‘Honey’ several times, she had to take the penalty, and Jota asked the photographer to take a picture of Jin-kyung kissing his cheek. The additional shooting began and his ears were already getting red when Jin-kyung was getting closer and kissed his cheek.