‘Mad Dog’ Actress Ryu Hwa-young’s Drama List and History with Her Former Girl Group T-ARA

Ryu Hwa Young

Get to Know Mad Dog Ryu Hwa-young

“Mad Dog” aired its first episode on Wednesday (11/10). KBS’s new drama has been highly anticipated, because the genre is the tensest compared to the two other dramas, “While You Were Sleeping” and “Hospital Ship”. As is known, “Mad Dog” stars Yoo Ji Tae, Ryu Hwayoung and Woo Do Hwan.

The story of “Mad Dog” is about an investigative team trying to uncover cases of high-profile insurance fraud. The first episode earned a 5.5 percent rating and was in the most stuck position. But the drama received a positive response regarding the plot and acting,  especially that of Hwayoung, who plays the character of Jang Ha Ri, the only woman in the investigation team.

The netter’s comments, that reached eleven thousand upvotes, even said Hwayoung’s acting was better than Suzy’s in “While You Were Sleeping”. 

“Hwayoung’s 10 million acting is better than Suzy,” commented one netter. “Oh, so the main character is Hwayoung,” added another netter. 

Who’s Ryu Hwa-young?

Ryu Hwa Young

Ryu Hwa-young was born in Gwangju, South Korea on April 22, 1993. Ryu Hwa-young has a twin sister named Ryu Hyo-young, who is a member of Co-Ed School. Hwa-young is the younger twin sister, and she and Hyo-young went to high school at Chonnam Girls High School.

Ryu Hwa-young was recruited by Core Contents Media after she and her sister Hyo-young made an appearance on the SBS Star King program. Both of them then debuted when Hwa-young became a new member of the girl group T-ara, and Hyo-young became a member of the mixed-gender group, Co-Ed School.

Ryu Hwa-young was made the seventh member of the T-ara girl group and was added in July, 2010. Initially, Core Contents Media planned to make Hyo-young the seventh member of T-ara, but Hyo-young suggested Hwa-young.

Hwa-young officially left T-ara on July 30, 2012. There was a lot of gossip when she left the, saying her departure was due to bullying by other T-ara members. In 2015, it was proven that T-ara had never bullied Hwa-young, while in 2017, the old kakaotalk chat logs between Ryu Hyo-young and Lee Ah-reum (another member of T-ara) revealed by a reporter showed that the Ryu Twins were the mastermind of the bullying rumors, and Ryu Hyo-young threatened and said harsh things to, Ah-reum.

After she left T-ara, Ryu Hwa-young announced that she signed an exclusive contract with Wellmade Yedang and was preparing to debut as an actress. Ryu Hwa-young made an appearance at the 2014 Miller Countdown Party as a DJ, alongside DJ Koo, Park Myung-soo and TATA, becoming the youngest female DJ to ever participate in the event.

Ryu Hwa-young made her debut as an actress in the two-episode drama special Mother’s Choice. She successfully made the transition into acting after receiving praise for her roles in tvN’s romantic comedy Ex-Girlfriend Club and JTBC’s coming-of-age drama Hello, My Twenties!. In 2017, she was a part of the ensemble cast for the weekend drama My Father is Strange. Ryu Hwa-young was then cast in her first leading role in KBS’s crime drama, Mad Dog.

Ryu Hwa-young’s Filmography

Ryu Hwa Young


  • Love Forecast | Oneului Yeonae (2015) – Hee-Jin

Drama Series

  • The Beauty Inside (JTBC / 2018) – Chae Yoo-Ri
  • Mad Dog (KBS2 / 2017) – Jang Ha-Ri
  • Hello, My Twenties! 2 | Chungchoonshidae 2 (JTBC / 2017) – Kang Yi-Na (special appearance)
  • My Father is Strange | Abeojiga Isanghae (KBS2 / 2017) – Byun Ra-Young
  • Hello, My Twenties! | Chungchoonshidae (JTBC / 2016) – Kang Yi-Na
  • Descendants of the Sun | Taeyangui Hooye (KBS2 / 2016) – Seo Dae-Young’s ex-girlfriend (ep.4)
  • Come Back Mister | Dolawayo Ajussi (SBS / 2016)
  • Ex-Girlfriends’ Club | Gooyeochinkeulreob (tvN / 2015) – Ra-Ra (Myeong-Soo’s ex-girlfriend)

TV Movies

  • Drama Special: Disqualified Laughter | Wooseum Silkyeok (KBS2 / 2016) – Shin Na-Ra
  • Mother’s Choice | Eommaui Suntaek (SBS / 2014) – Seo Hyun-A