Who Is Ma Dong-seok’s Wife? Learn More about His Love Life Here!

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Ma Dong-seok’s Future Wife: Girlfriend and Dating Rumors

Have you heard about Ma Dong-seok? He is one of the rising actors who have expanded his acting career not only in South Korea but overseas as well! Ma Dong-seok made people praised for his acting performance in his Hollywood movie project The Eternals received many positive reviews and recognition.

At that time, Ma Dong-seok also caught up attending the movie’s world premiere with a ‘mysterious’ woman which make people wonder whether she is his girlfriend or his wife. Let’s get to know about Ma Dong-seok’s future wife and more details about his relationship through this article below by Channel Korea!

Ma Dong-seok Hasn’t Married Yet


Ma Dong-seok rarely caught up in dating rumors or other scandals. He also has a kind image which makes people admire him even more.

Some fans started to be curious about his personal information, especially his dating experience. The question is, ‘Does Ma Dong-seok has a girlfriend?’ or ‘Is he married?’. Currently, Ma Dong-seok hasn’t married yet.

However, the actor is in a relationship with a beautiful woman named Ye Jung-hwa. Well, some of Ma Dong-seok’s fangirls must have been heartbroken to know about their favorite actor’s relationship, but still, we have to support him in every aspect possible!

Ma Dong-seok’s Relationship with Ye Jung-hwa


Since Ma Dong-seok is in a relationship with Ye Jung-hwa, many people who haven’t known yet about their relationship and curious about how did the two of them meet for the first time. Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa’s relationship was confirmed to the public for the first time in 2016 and their relationship is still going strong now.

Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa are in the same agency, Daydream Entertainment, the two of them started to get to know each other. Moreover, they also have the same interest in studying English as well as exercise. It also made their relationship becomes closer than before, which eventually led them to date each other.


Aside from that, their age gap difference used to gain a lot of attention from people, especially the fact that Ma Dong-seok was born in 1971, and Ye Jung-hwa was born in 1988. But still, their relationship is very meaningful yet romantic despite the age differences. After all, age is just a number, right?


On several occasions, the couple made some public appearances, and one of their latest appearances was through the world premiere of The Eternals in Los Angeles, USA. It was one of Ma Dong-seok’s movies that was released in 2021.

Ye Jung-hwa is a Health Trainer


People might have acknowledged Ma Dong-seok as a Korean-born American actor, but some people might never be heard of Ye Jung-hwa before. Although they are from the same agency, Ye Jung-hwa’s career is a little bit different.

Ye Jung-hwa is a health trainer who eventually turns into a sports reporter and media personality after she made several appearances on variety shows. Her work and interests somehow also lead her to get to know Ma Dong-seok better since the two of them have common interests. Moreover, Ye Jung-hwa used to pick Ma Dong-seok as her ideal type in the past, as if they were destined for each other then and now!

Ma Dong-seok Announced Planning to Married Ye Jung-hwa


Having been in a relationship for almost 6 years together, Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa are one of the couple goals among the fans. However, it seems like Ma Dong-seok has a plan to take their relationship to another level: yes, Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa reportedly plan to marry!

According to the agency’s statement, the actor indeed wanted to get married, but he hasn’t thought about a specific wedding plan. “A question about [Ma Dong-seok] marriage came up at a casual setting with reporters [at Cannes Film Festival], and the actor said that he wanted to get married as quickly as possible, but he wasn’t speaking about specific wedding plans.”


Furthermore, the agency also explained that Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa’s relationship is still on good terms, and if sometime there will be a wedding announcement, the agency will announce it officially.

That’s all of the information regarding Ma Dong-seok‘s wife! From the way the couple has common interests and still built a good relationship despite their age differences, we can tell that Ye Jung-hwa is the best soulmate for Ma Dong-seok. We wish them a happy life and a beautiful relationship for both of them!

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