Get Closer to ‘Train to Busan’ Actor Ma Dong-seok (Profile, Wife, Height, Movies, and TV Shows)

2013 – Norigae (Main Role as Lee Jang-ho)

2013 – Azooma (Main Role as Detective Ma)

2013 – Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door / Our Heaven (Main Role as Moo-sung)

2013 – Mr. Go (Guest Role as a baseball commentator)

2013 – The Flu (Supporting Role as Jeon Gook-hwan)

2013 – Marriage Blue (Main Role as Geon-ho)

2013 – Rough Play / An Actor is an Actor (Supporting Role as “Tenacious” gang boss)

2013 – The Five (Main Role as Jang Dae-ho)

2014 – Murderer (Main Role as Joo-hyub)

2014 – One on One (Main Role as Leader of Shadow)

2014 – Kundo: Age of the Rampant (Main Role as Chun-bo)

2014 – The Royal Tailor (Supporting Role as Pan-soo)

2014 – OCN’s Bad Guys (Main Role as Park Woong-cheol)

2015 – Netflix’s Sense8 (Guest Role as a club bodyguard)

2015 – SBS’s Running Man (Guest Star on episode 243)

2015 – The Chronicles of Evil (Main Role as Detective Oh)

2015 – Veteran (Guest Role as the big guy with sportswear and Artbox Owner)

2015 – Deep Trap (Main Role as Park Sung-chul)

2016 – Familyhood (Main Role as Pyeong-gu)

2016 – Tong: Memories (Guest Role)

2016 – Train to Busan (Main Role as Sang-hwa)

2016 – Derailed (Main Role as Hyung-Seok)

2016 – OCN’s Squad 38 / 38 Task Force (Main Role as Baek Sung-il)

2017 – Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (Guest Role as God of House)

2017 – The Mayor (Guest Role as a priest)

2017 – Wonderful Life / Wonderful Ghost (Main Role as Jang-soo)

2017 – The Outlaws (Main Role as Ma Seok-do)

2017 – The Bros (Main Role as Lee Seok-bong)

2018 – Champion (Main Role as Mark)

2018 – Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (Main Role as Sung Joo Shin)

2018 – Bear (Main Role as Yeok Gi-cheol)

2019 – The Evil / Villain Story (as Jang Dong-soo)

2019 – Raging Bull (Main Role)

2019 – Bad Guys: The Movie (his role is to be announced)

2020 – The Outlaws 2 (Main Role as Ma Seok-do)

Who Is Ma Dong-seok’s Wife?

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At the time this article was written, Ma Dong-seok is not known to have a wife. However, back in 2011, Ma Dong-seok revealed that he had a girlfriend whom he had dated for three years. In an interview with E Daily Star at that time, Ma Dong-seok said that his girlfriend did modeling for a while but in general is just a commoner, “She would be uncomfortable if her identity got out. Both of us have a big age gap”. One year later, Ma Dong-seok was involved in a dating rumor with rookie actress Lee Do-ah who is fifteen years younger than him. Both Ma Dong-seok and Lee Do-ah’s agencies told the media outlet News N that Ma Dong-seok is indeed in a relationship but his lover is not Lee Do-ah, “She is a commoner who he has seen for five years and she is ten years younger than him. Ma Dong-seok’s girlfriend attends a regular company and as for the marriage plan, they have not discussed it yet”. The rumor started after Ma Dong-seok and Lee Do-ah starred in the movie Norigae in 2013.

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After subtly revealing his relationship status with a commoner, Ma Dong-seok opened up in November 2016 that he is in a relationship with a health trainer named Ye Jung-hwa. The news was reported by Osen and stated that the lovers have been dating for about three months. As they are from the same agency, Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa also shared interests in studying English and exercising which helped make them close. Their public relationship is often discussed on variety shows as you can see below.

In an interview with Sports Chosun in October 2017, Ma Dong-seok said that he and Ye Jung-hwa are doing well in their relationship even though there are some overwhelming factors. As for marriage plans, Ma Dong-seok stated that he wants to focus on work at the present time.

Ma Dong-seok on Running Man

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Ma Dong-seok once appeared on SBS’s most popular variety show Running Man in April 2015. He was a special guest on episode 243 along with Train to Busan’s Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-mi as the three of them met the Kkakdugis team consisting of Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Kwang-soo, Yoo Byung-jae, Noel’s Kang Kyun-sung, and Son Ho-joon.

ma dongseok

Despite the brief appearance, netizens’ reactions toward the Train to Busan’s cast was explosive and they couldn’t wait for the movie to air at the cinema.