Debuted Internationally as Don Lee; Let’s Check Out Ma Dong-seok’s Top Movies and Dramas!

Ma Dong-seok’s Top Dramas

Other than movies, Ma Dong-seok appeared in 10 Korean television series. He played as supporting roles in five of the dramas and in a main role in two of them. He usually played as a tough and physically imposing character. His first television series was MBC’s Hit, airing from March, 2007, to May, 2007. He appeared as main cast in two TV dramas, Bad Guys and Squad 38, aired on cable networks.

Bad Guys

Bad Guys is a Korean TV series which aired on OCN from October to December, 2014, for 11 episodes. The drama is about a group of police detective and criminals using all possible means to catch criminals and reduce the high level of crime in the area. The policeman was suspended for using excessive force and forbidden methods.

Ma Dong-seok played as Park Un-cheol, a mob leader who forced his way up to rule criminal gangsters. Other main cast included Park Hae-jin as Lee Jung-moon, a genius and psychopathic serial killer, and Kim Sang-joon as Oh Gu-tak, a no-compromise policeman who leads the police and criminal team.

Squad 38

Squad 38 is an OCN TV series which aired on Fridays and Saturdays for 16 episodes in 2016. Squad 38 was inspired by a tax-collection division in the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Number 38 was taken from Article 38 of Constitution of South Korea, which stated “All citizens shall have the duty to pay taxes under the conditions as prescribed by Act”.

Ma Dong Seok was cast the main character, Baek Sung Il, the manager of Squad 38. He was cast alongside Seo In Guk as Yang Jeong-do, a professional swindler, and Girls Generation’s Sooyoung as Cheon Sung-Hee, member of Squad 38.

Cast in Marvel’s The Eternals

Ma Dong-seok accomplished another milestone in his acting career. He is set to appear in the highly-anticipated Marvel Studio series, The Eternals. The Eternals are superhuman group created from genetic experiments by aliens. He will play as Gilgamesh, a superhuman with a super strength.

On July 20th 2019, At the San Diego Comic Con, He was introduced as one of cast members of the superheroes group, alongside established superstars Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek. The premiere date for The Eternals is set on November 6th, 2020.

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