LUMINOUS’ Youngbin: Full Profile, Fun Facts, ‘Produce X 101’ Appearance, Official Debut

LUMINOUS' Youngbin

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Do you know about the South Korean boy group LUMINOUS? For your information, LUMINOUS (Hangul: 루미너스) is a South Korean boy group that debuted under DS Entertainment. This boy group released their debut single titled “RUN” and the album titled YOUTH on September 9th, 2021. LUMINOUS has a line-up of 4 original talented members, namely Youngbin, Suil, Steven, & Woobin.

In this article, there’s a piece of detailed information about a member of LUMINOUS who also appeared as a contestant on Mnet’s Produce X 101 that was aired in 2019. Do you know who he is? He is LUMINOUS’ Youngbin who is also the leader of the group. Let’s find out more about his full profile, fun facts, and debut era, in this article below!

LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s Profile

Real Name: Jung Young-bin (Hangul: 정영빈)

Stage Name: Youngbin (Hangul: 영빈)

Place and Date of Birth: Seungju, North Gyeongsang, South Korea, October 5th, 1998

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 172 cm (5’8″)

Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the group: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Nationality: Korean

Official Sites:

LUMINOUS’ Youngbin Fun Facts
  1. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin was the last member to be revealed on August 20th, 2019
  2. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin was a contestant of Produce X 101 and he was eliminated in Episode 5
  3. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin trained for 2 years and 6 months
  4. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s skill is dancing
  5. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s hobbies are lying around, walking, voice imitations, watching videos on YouTube, and playing games
  6. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s favorite food is grilled fish
  7. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s nickname is Tubeu
  8. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s charming points are his caterpillar eyebrows and smile
  9. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin dislikes are Sauce, Ghosts, and Haunted houses
  10. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s motto is “Let’s live life without regrets”
  11. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s personal goal is to travel abroad with family
  12. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s sleeping habit is to find a corner and sleep with his back against the wall
  13. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin used to be a Cube trainee
  14. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin has a dog and he loves sleeping
  15. LUMINOUS’ Youngbin and Woobin share the same room

LUMINOUS’ Youngbin Pre Debut: Appearance in Mnet’s Produce X 101

K-Pop fans must know very well the several popular survival shows that are broadcast on television so that they can support their favorite contestants to the final episode so they can finally debut as K-Pop idols. The Produce 101 series also still attracts the attention of many people, including those who are ready to debut as idols.

LUMINOUS’ leader, Jung Young-bin, also started his career as a contestant on Mnet’s Produce X 101 that was aired in 2019. Unlike other trainees under the agency, Jung Young-bin was a free agent and had already trained for 2 years and 6 months.

During the survival show, Jung Young-bin had the motto “You can look forward to it!” and showed that he is optimistic as a contestant. Jung Young-bin started his journey as a contestant in Class B in the 62nd rank in Episode 1 and ended his journey in Episode 2 in the 68th rank.

Since some of the contestants do not have an agency, unlike trainees from the same agency, 4 individual trainees, Lee Ha-min, Im Si-woo, Jung Young-bin, and Choi Su-hwan, all appeared on the same stage.

These 4 individual trainees joined as a team named Produced Boys and performed BTS’s song “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. Im Si-woo and Jung Young-bin showed stable skills and choreography between vocal and rapping, and Lee Ha-bin and Choi Soo-hwan, who met the main vocals, also showed unshakable high notes during the choreography, delighting the trainees as well as the judges.

Their skills as individual trainees also stood out. Choi Soo-hwan, Lee Ha-min, and Jung Young-bin formed a team, and they showed excellent breathing and skills. In this evaluation episode and performance, Jung Young-bin received a B grade.

After he ended his journey in Produce X 101, he moved to WIP Company and made his pre-debut schedule with his teammate, Steven, who also appeared in the same survival show with him.

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LUMINOUS’ Youngbin’s Debut Era

LUMINOUS is a four-member boy group created by Kim Seong-eun of Barunson WIP, who has worked as a vocal coach for many K-Pop artists including BTS and TWICE. LUMINOUS is based on the dictionary meaning ‘light shines in the dark’, and each member gives energy through music as a ‘friend like light’ representing the youth of today.

Previously, the debut of this group was postponed because Youngbin was confirmed to have COVID-19 symptoms. Almost a week after the announcement, quarantine authorities were notified of the lifting of quarantine measures and announced the resumption of activities through official positions.

On September 1st, 2021, Barunson WIP announced that Youngbin had been declared cured and has been released from the quarantine center.

“Hello, this is Barunson WIP.

“We would like to inform you that our artist Youngbin LUMINOUS has been released from the quarantine center. After testing positive for COVID-19, Youngbin obediently underwent his treatment. On September 1st, he was notified that his mandatory quarantine period had been lifted, and he was discharged from the quarantine center.

“Currently, Youngbin is in good condition and will continue his preparations for LUMINOUS’ promotional activities. We will soon be making additional announcements regarding LUMINOUS’ debut schedule. We will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our artists, and will follow all COVID-19 guidelines from health authorities.

“We sincerely thank all the staff members and fans for your support and concern.”

“RUN” is the debut song of LUMINOUS and was released on September 9th, 2021, at 0:00 AM. This is the most awaited debut because previously Youngbin was confirmed positive for COVID-19 and their schedule for debut had to be temporarily postponed.

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Well, that was all the information about LUMINOUS’ Youngbin and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career can shine even brighter in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!