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Are You Curious About Luhan’s Girlfriend Guan Xiao Tong?

Apart From Having a Beautiful Face, She’s Smart as Well

This beautiful actress not only has great acting skills and a beautiful face, but she is also well known for her smart brain. After she had graduated from high school, she joined other students by seating for the Chinese College Entrance Exam. It is an important moment in the life of a young student aspiring to enter the college and program of her own choice. Working hard all these years for that one exam, many people are aware of the high pressure it poses for many students joining the exam.

On the 23rd of June 2016, Guan Xiao Tong posted her grades from the exam. Although it was not a perfect score (which 750 points), she still nailed the exam with a score of 552 and received the praises of fans and netizens for her brainpower.

Unexpectedly, it turns out Luhan has chosen the right woman. Besides being beautiful and famous for her great performance in acting, Luhan has been lucky to get a woman smart and academically accomplished as well. Xiao Tong doesn’t forget to remain humble even after becoming the ambassador for “World Life Day” in 2017, a joint campaign of the United Nations Environment Program, International Fund for Animal Welfare and The Nature Conservancy.

Relationship With Luhan


Ever since the popular singer/actor Luhan shocked his fans in 2017, by acknowledging his real-life dating relationship with his Sweet Combat leading lady Guan Xiao Tong, the young star couple has been rumored of breaking up because Guan Xiao Tong has been spotted not wearing her couple ring with Luhan. Is the rumor of their break-up true?

There have been reports about the couple not spending time together, and some of the fans heard that Guan Xiao Tong’s parents are against their relationship. But the truth is, the couple seems to be happy spending their spare time together, even when Luhan is going to work. A Chinese fan posted, on August 2, that the couple were seen together riding a high-speed train. Apparently, Guan Xiao Tong was tagging along behind Luhan. As previously Luhan revealed his fear of heights and flying, it’s touching to find that his girlfriend was with him for the train ride.

Then, on August 8, the couple were spotted in Japan. The date instantly caught the fans attention because Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming up on August 17. So it was reported that the couple were celebrating an early Valentine’s Day. Even though some of the fans and netizens have explicitly expressed their disapproval of this relationship, the pair has continued to openly display their affections for each other, with multiple public appearances together and going on dates in full sight of the public.

Hopefully, these two partners will get the support from the people around them, from family, fans, public, even the media. As Luhan has said, “Don’t give unverified places for baseless rumors,” we should support the steps that they take. Let’s hope their relationship lasts forever.