Did EXO’s Former Member, Luhan, Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s See His Facial Transformation!


EXO’s Former Member, Luhan, Did He Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The popularity of South Korean boy band EXO is undeniable. Albums that are always selling well in a short period of time and a large fandom are proof of how successful they are in the entertainment world. This success is certainly inseparable from the ability and effort of the members.

Having many members is typical for South Korean boy bands and EXO is no exception. For the size of the boy band, the number of EXO members is no joke, which amounted to 12 people at the beginning of the formation. But due to several things, there was a change in the lineup, which resulted in a reduction of the number of EXO members.

One of their former members is Luhan. Luhan is a singer from China. He is a former member of EXO-M, a subgroup of the boy band EXO. He was the main singer and dancer in the group but in 2014 he left the band and decided to pursue his solo career. As of late, he is focusing his skills into an acting career.

Not many celebrities are pleased with having done a plastic surgery procedure and they are often scared to admit it to the public. However, we can still utilize their photos to take note of the adjustments in their looks and realize what methods they have used to accomplish the said adjustments. In Luhan’s case, for example, all we need to do is take a glance at his earlier photos and compare them with his current ones and we will know precisely where reality lies.

So, let’s take a look and analyze if EXO’s Former Member, Luhan has undergone plastic surgery or not?

Plastic Surgery Rumor: Luhan’s Nose


Since Luhan is considered as one of the most attractive and cutest faces among the male K-Pop entertainers today, we have to know if all his looks are natural or not. However, we can easily notice that there is a huge difference between his pre-debut look and now.

For some unknown reason, any idol, in general, will incline toward having a sharp nose. Some of them are not ready to go under the blade to adjust their noses and make them sharper. A nose job has been referenced regarding Luhan’s plastic medical procedure strategies. This is actually a technique for anybody that desires to change the size or state of their noses.

One of the most significant changes in Luhan’s face is the nose job. This is quite obvious since he had a less sharp nose before. If you compare him before and after pictures, you will notice the obvious difference right away. Before having done a nose job, Luhan’s nose was upturned, demonstrated by the front view of his nose. Be that as it may, after the nose job, his nose turned out to be more proportioned and his nostrils were not as evident anymore from the front view. Other than that, his nose wound up more slender and more proportioned than previously; a change that significantly impacted his overall facial appearance.

Plastic Surgery Rumor: Luhan’s Skin


Well, we all know that Koreans generally have pale white skin. They just need to employ proper skin care to make it smooth and soft. But Luhan is not from Korea. Has he done some procedure to his skin as well?

There’s a method to make your skin become white or smoother. It is not considered to be a plastic surgery procedure but it still brings about changes. Skin bleaching is a procedure wherein the skin is subjected to a kind of chemical product which aims to lighten the tone of the skin. If you look at Luhan’s skin before he debuted with EXO, his skin was a lot darker. He had a skin bleaching procedure done in order to lighten the tone of his skin and blend in with the rest of his band members.

We’re not saying that lighter skin has made Luhan appear unnatural, but it definitely transformed him for the better. However, it’s just an assumption that he has done a skin bleaching procedure since he could’ve just used skin lightening products and creams to lighten the hue of his skin.

Let’s put this topic aside and move on to his eyes and jawline. These two facial features are most commonly corrected among Korean idols when talking about plastic surgery procedures. Luhan has been speculated of having done a double eyelid surgery. The procedure is typically done to enhance the looks of the eyes. It is aimed at making the eye rounder and wider.


Luhan had the typical Chinese eye. Chinese eyes tend to be tiny and surrounded by fat. Currently, his eyes are large and with no fat surrounding them. This sudden change in Luhan’s eyes can be explained by a double eyelid surgery. It has also been speculated that Luhan has had a jawline surgery. Observers state that now his jaw looks different and appears sharper when compared to what it looked like a few years back.


The change is however too difficult to notice. Looking at his before and after photos makes it very hard to notice a big change in his jawline appearance, especially when a very slight change of angle can explain the differences. There may be some truth to the rumors but they may also simply be just rumors. With celebrities, knowing the truth is quite tricky.