Profile of EXO’s Luhan: Name, Age, Birthday, Drama, Plastic Surgery and Facts

Formerly EXO’s Member, Luhan’s Plastic Surgery


Luhan is also known to have a ‘flower boy’ image, which means closer to feminine than masculine. It has not been officially confirmed that Luhan has gone ‘under the knife’, however, the singer has always been subject to rumors about his features. Even though he looks so different from his pre-debut photos, he doesn’t look like he has undergone drastic surgeries to improve his looks; the changes are somehow too mild to notice.

One of the most prominent changes in Luhan’s face is his nose. Before his alleged nose job, Luhan’s nose was upturned, but somehow his nose became thinner and more well-proportioned than before. Also, some observers have accused him of undergoing procedures such as double eyelid surgery, jawline surgery and skin bleaching. They even thought that he may have had a chin implant, as his chin has become much pointier.

Formerly EXO’s Member, Luhan’s Filmography: Movies, Dramas, etc.


Movies and Dramas

  • Film / 2019: Shanghai Fortress as Jiang Yang
  • Film / 2017: The Founding of an Army as Deng Xiaoping (cameo)
  • Film / 2016: See You Tomorrow as Ma Li (young ver.)
  • Film / 2016: The Great Wall as Peng Yong
  • Film / 2016: Time Raiders as Wu Xie
  • Film / 2015: The Witness as Lin Chong
  • Film / 2015: 12 Golden Ducks as K-pop dancer (cameo)
  • Film / 2015: 20 Once Again as Xiang Qianjin
  • Hunan TV’s Show / 2017: Fighter of The Destiny as Chen Changsheng
  • Hunan TV’s Show / 2018: Sweet Combat as Ming Tian

Variety Shows / TV Programs

  • 2018: iQiyi’s Hot Blood Dance Crew (as a dance mentor)
  • 2017: Running Man China Season 5 (14.04.17, as a regular member)
  • 2016: Back to School 2 (26.06.16, as a regular member)
  • 2016: Running Man China Season 4 (4/16/16, as a regular member)
  • 2016: Ace Vs Ace, also known as “The Negotiator” (16.01.29, along with Kris Wu, Running Man China team VS Challengers Union team)
  • 2015: Running Man China Season 3 (15.10.30 – 16.01.15, as a regular member)
  • 2015: Happy Camp (31.10.2015, with the cast of The Witness)
  • 2015: Real Hero (02.10.2015)
  • 2015: Dream Star Partner (02.01.2015).
  • 2014: MBC Idol Futsal Championship (12.06.2014, with Xiumin and others).
  • 2014: Idol Star Championships (30.01.2014, together with Xiumin and Tao).
  • 2014: Showbiz Korea – Simply Kpop (06.01.2014, along with Chen, DO and Baekhyun).
  • 2013: (Mnet) MPD’s MVP (21.12.2013 with Baekhyun, Lay, Chen, DO, interview).
  • 2013: (Mnet) Super Hit (20.12.2013, together with DO, Baekhyun, Lay and Chen).
  • 2013: MBC Quiz to Change The World (02.11.2013, together Baekhyun).
  • 2013: The human conditio (05.10.2013 with Xiumin, Suho, Sehun and Kai).
  • 2013: Idol Championship (18.09.2013, with Suho, Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun, Kris, Xiumin and Tao).
  • 2013: Star Diving Show Splash (13.09.2013, along with Tao, Suho and Sehun).
  • 2013: Immortal Song 2 (14. 09. 2013, together with Kai, Lay, Sehun, DO, Baekhyun, Chen and Xiumin).
  • 2013: Immortal Songs 2 (17.08.2013, with Chanyeol, Chen, BaekHyun and Suho).
  • 2013: KBS Super Dog (17.08.13, along with Xiumin, Kris, Suho, DO, Baekyun and Kai).
  • 2013: SBS Running Man (07-14-2013, with Xiumin).
  • 2013: Star King (06.07.13, together with Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Kai and Sehun).
  • 2013: Beatles Code 2 (01.07.2013 with Chen, Chanyeol, Suho and Kai).
  • 2013: The Voice of Korea (05.31.2013 with Sehun).
  • 2013: Asian Dream Cup (with Xiumin).

Music Video Appearances

Title Year
Maxstep (as part of Younique Unit) 2012
Our Tomorrow 2014
Sweet Honey 2015
Please Come to the Great Wall to Ski (with David Tao)
The Inner Force 2016
Back to 17
Let Me By Your Side
Chasing Dream With Childlike Heart 2017
Guest appearances
The Last Game (remake; Kim Min-kyo) 2014


Radio Programs

  • 2013: KBS-R 2 ‘o’Clock’ (17.12.2013, together with DO, Baekhyun and Chen).
  • 2013: MBC-R Live on Air (17.12.2013, together with DO, Baekhyun and Chen).
  • 2013: (SBS) Cultwo Show (16.12.13, together with DO, Chen and Baekhyun).
  • 2013: Midday Hopeful Song (8/29/2013, Luhan, Chanyeol, Kris, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Tao and Kai).

Formerly EXO’s Member, Luhan’s Achievements & Awards


Luhan has been dubbed by foreign media as the Chinese counterpart of popular pop star Justin Bieber, due to his massive popularity and dedicated fandom in China. Therefore a term known as ‘the Luhan effect’ entered the lexicon as a way to describe the singer, dancer and actor’s ever-growing popularity and influence in China today. Here you can see the complete list of Luhan’s achievements and awards:

  • In a survey conducted by Mnet’s Idol King, he came in first.
  • He is a shareholder in a Chinese company called Daling, which offers online purchase services.
  • He has a wax figure in the wax museum, Madame Tussauds, in Beijing.
  • He became the first celebrity born after 1990 to be named ‘Artist of the Year’ by China Newsweek.
  • Luhan was selected as one of the five male gods of China.
  • He entered the Guinness Book of Records for having the most comments on a post on his Weibo account. This record was established on September 10 2012 by the singer’s post celebrating his favourite football team, English Premier League side, Manchester United. It first achieved the record after registering a staggering 13,163,859 comments. As of September 2 2015, the same post had clocked up 100,252,605 responses (and counting), having risen by an unbelievable 87,088,746 comments.
  • He has set 3 Guinness World Records awards in total, two for having the most comments on a Weibo publication (2014 – 2015) and one for the largest number of fans wearing deer antlers in one place (at his first concert in Beijing, 2016).
  • Luhan has appeared as one of the five faces of China on the site and in Forbes China in 2014 he ranked 37th in terms of revenue for China and as the most influential person.
  • Luhan won the ‘Most Valuable Star’ award along with Li Bingbing in 2014 at the Baidu conference. The prize is based on the estimated popularity through Internet searches, mentions and votes. He also won the prize of ‘Asian Idol’ at the end of the year ceremony of iQiyi.
  • Luhan’s influence even extends to Australia as SBS PopAsia records how he was adored by fans when he was filming the Chinese version of reality show Running Man ‘down under’ in 2015.
  • He was on the list of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015 by Top Beauty World, occupying 9th place.
  • He was among The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016 in the magazine TC Candler, taking 69th position.
  • He became the first artist in mainland China to receive platinum disc recognition (which is only awarded to the best album sales worldwide) for his first album, Reloaded. The album was also awarded at the 4th V Chart Awards (from Billboard China) in 2016, hosted by YinYueTai.
  • The Beijing local, who has now over 40.9 million Weibo followers, has become the highest ranked male celebrity in China, and was #2 on the 2017 Forbes China Celebrity List.
  • He was ranked #35 on The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017, along with his former teammates Sehun (#09), Kai (#38) and Kris Wu (#60).
  • In 2017, he ranked 2nd on the list of Chinese entertainers.
  • His estimated annual income is 30 billion Korean won.
Year Nominated Work Award Category Result
2014 2014 Baidu Moments Conference Most Valuable Male Star Won
iQiyi All-Star Carnival Night Asia Popular Idol Award Won
Tudou Young Choice Awards Person of the Year Won
Baidu Fudian Annual Most Popular Male Artist Won
2015 2014 Sina Weibo Night Weibo Male God of the Year Won
Weibo King Won
20 Once Again 5th Beijing International Film Festival Newcomer of the Year Won
22nd Beijing College Student Film Festival Most Popular Actor Won
Best Newcomer Nominated
12th Guangzhou University Student Film Festival Most Popular Actor Won
2016 Reloaded QQ Music Awards Best Digital Album of the Year Won
Best Male Singer of the Year Won
Reloaded Music Radio Global Chinese Golden Chart Media Recommended Album of the Year Won
All-round Artist of the Year Won
“Medals” Top 20 Songs of the Year Won
Reloaded 4th V Chart Awards Best Album of the Year Won
Best Male Artist – Mainland Won
Tencent Star Awards Asia All-Round Artist Award Won
iQiyi All-Star Carnival Asia All-Rounded Artist Won
2017 XXVII Asian Music Gala Album of the Year Won
“Winter Song” Fresh Asia Chart Festival 2017 Top 10 Songs Won
“What If I Said” Won
“On Call” Won
“Skin to Skin” Best Music Video Won