LUCY’s Jo Won-sang: Profile, Pre-Debut, OST, Etc.

Jo Won-sang’s Debut


Jo Won-sang and the other members of Lucy might not have finished as the winners of Super Band, but they still caught the attention of people. With their awesome performances in the last few episodes, they managed to gain a lot of fans. They also signed with an agency called Mystic Story.

However, the original line-up, Lee Ju-hyuk, Sin Gwang-il, Shin Ye-chan, and Jo Won-sang was different from the new line-up. Lee Ju-hyuk was supposed to be the vocalist, just like in Super Band. But he already had his own band and he decided to go back there. So, Cho Sang-yeop, another contestant of Super Band filled the position.

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Super Band ended in July 2019 with 14 episodes. However, Lucy took time to officially debut. It took almost a year for Lucy to release their debut single album titled Dear, on May 8th, 2020.

Let’s check out the music video of “Flowering” below!

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Jo Won-sang’s Performances on Stage


We have seen the pre-debut era of Jo Won-sang before he was known as a bassist from Super Band and Lucy. We also have seen the story of how Lucy was formed. Especially after they performed in Super Band and finished in second place. But we haven’t really seen any performances of Lucy after they debuted.

Even though they just made their debut in 2020, it doesn’t mean that their performing skills are lacking. Then again, Jo Won-sang has performed as a bassist even before he debuted in Lucy. The same goes for the other members who were all indie musicians. So, their live performances are just as great as what they did in Super Band.

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Or even better, because their chemistry has grown even deeper.

Let’s check out the live performances of Lucy after they debuted as a band officially!

What do you think about their performances? It would be really great if we can see their performance live, right? Let’s just wish that we can see their concert or events in the future!

Jo Won-sang’s OST with LUCY


In Lucy, Jo Won-sang is in charge of the bassist position. But not only that, because he is also the composer of the band. He composed the songs that they released for their albums, and even the songs that became part of a soundtrack. Yep, Lucy’s alluring voice and music attracted people a lot, no wonder they made a soundtrack for a drama.

Lucy filled the soundtrack for a drama titled Zombie Detective. The drama is starring Choi Jinhyuk and Park Juhyun. The story is about a man who turns into a zombie and follows the life of a human. The drama aired from September to October 2020.

Let’s check out the soundtrack from Lucy, “I Don’t Wanna Hurt You”!

Just like the title, “I Don’t Wanna Hurt You” really tells a lot about the story of the main character, right? You can check out the drama as well if you’re curious!

The next soundtrack from Lucy is for a drama titled Run On. This drama aired on JTBC and Netflix. It tells a story about a runner who meets a translator accidentally. They develop a romantic relationship as they struggle with their life problems.

Let’s check out the Run On soundtrack by Lucy, “Run to You”!

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Jo Won-sang in “Day6’s Kiss The Radio”

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“Day6’s Kiss the Radio” is a radio program hosted by Young K, the bassist of Day6. Yep, you’ve heard it right. This program is hosted by one of the famous K-pop bands these days. Day6’s Young K has always been known for his talent in writing and composing songs. The lyrics that he has made are all great and speak to you like a story.


Young K and Jo Won-sang’s positions are almost the same. They both produce their songs and are bassists in their respective bands. We are lucky enough to see their interaction almost every week because Lucy became a fixed guest in the “Day6’s Kiss the Radio” program.

The program had a fixed segment with a permanent guest each day a week. On Wednesday, it’s the day for bands like Hoppipolla, ONEWE, or Lucy. So, we can see the performance of Jo Won-sang and Lucy members in “Day6’s Kiss the Radio”!

Let’s check out some live performances of Lucy in “Day6’s Kiss the Radio”. They did some covers of popular songs and performed their own songs too!

What do you think about their performances in “Day6’s Kiss the Radio”? You can stay tuned every Wednesday to keep up with Lucy’s performances!

Jo Won-sang and His Bass

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We talked about how great Jo Won-sang as a bassist is, but we haven’t talked enough about his bass. As a bassist, he looks even more handsome with a bass in his hands. Let’s check out Jo Won-sang’s moments with his bass!

lucy jo wonsang
lucy jo won sang

What do you think about Jo Won-sang the bassist? He surely looks ten times hotter while playing bass, right?


Well, it’s a wrap for Jo Won-sang’s article. We really learned a lot about the talented bassist of Lucy, right? They just made their debut in 2020, and there are still much more things that they can achieve ahead. We have seen Jo Won-sang and his bandmates singing a soundtrack for a drama. It would be much cooler if they can sing more soundtracks for a drama, right? Let’s just wish them good things!