LUCY’s Jo Won-sang: Profile, Pre-Debut, OST, Etc.

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Meet the Talented Bassist from the Band LUCY—Jo Won-sang

Are you a fan of K-pop and tired of stanning a K-pop group? Whether it’s a boy group or girl group you are going crazy over, you probably sometimes come to a point where you feel like you need to shake things up a little bit and breathe some fresh air from the K-pop industry. Well, if that is the case, then you have come to the right place!

From F.T Island to Day6, Korea really has talented bands with super talented members too. Not only that, but they are also handsome and captivating! The band that we are going to talk about today is Lucy.

Lucy got popular because of a survival show titled Super Band from JTBC. The band consists of 4 talented members: Jo Won-sang, Cho Sang-yeop, Shin Gwang-il, and Shin Ye-chan.

Let’s talk about member Jo Won-sang!

Jo Won-sang’s Profile

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We want to introduce you to a lot of charms from Jo Won-sang. But first, check out his profile to get to know him better!

Full Name: Jo Won-sang

Given Name: Won-sang

Stage Name: Wonsang

Korean Name: 조원상

Nicknames: Doghead, Large Dog

Birthday: August 15th, 1996

Nationality: Korean

Height: 184 cm

Blood Type: A

Family: Parents, older brother

Position: Bassist, producer

Debut Year: 2020

Agency: Mystic Story

Group: LUCY

Jo Won-sang’s Facts

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After checking out his profile, let’s explore all of the other interesting scoops about Jo Won-sang by checking the list of his facts below!

  • Jo Won-sang loves animals very much. If you go to his Facebook page, you will find it filled with pictures of animals.
  • Jo Won-sang also likes raccoons a lot.
  • When he talks, Jo Won-sang has a cute tone.
  • Coldplay commented on Jo Won-sang’s team’s arrangement of “Adventure of a Lifetime” on Twitter. Jo Won-sang couldn’t believe it when he found out and thought that it was just a dream.
  • Fickle Friends and Tennyson also commented on the arrangement of their songs on Super Band.
  • Weeekly’s Jihan is Jo Won-sang’s cousin.
  • Jo Won-sang, Shin Ye-chan, and Choi Sang-yeop all have blood type A.
  • Lucy’s name came from a dog that lived in Jo Won-sang’s studio during the Super Band era.
  • Not only he can play the bass, but Jo Won-sang can also play the guitar and the piano.

Jo Won-sang’s Pre-debut

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We have seen a lot of things about Jo Won-sang, starting from his profile to his interesting facts. Now you probably wonder how did Jo Won-sang end up debuting as a member of a band? Especially, since bands in the K-pop industry aren’t really the same as K-pop groups. So, it must be interesting to find out how did he get to the place where he is right now.

Let’s check out the full story of Jo Won-sang’s pre-debut era!

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Jo Won-sang was born on August 15th, 1996. He lived with his family that consists of parents and an older brother. His father is the CEO of Holyco, a decorating company in Korea.

As a child, Jo Won-sang always wanted to be a meteorologist. However, he realized that studying is not his specialty. So, he gave up before even trying to move further. In fact, Jo Won-sang landed his interest in music instead. He decided to learn to play the bass when he got older.

After Jo Won-sang graduated from middle school, he enrolled in the Seoul of Performing Arts High School. It is a school attended by K-pop idols and trainees from K-pop agencies. The school focuses on performing arts compared to regular schools. So, Jo Won-sang who had decided to explore and further advance his passion for music could study while doing what he likes.

cho wonsang

In his school, he became friends with some popular K-pop idols such as Joy from Red Velvet. Jo Won-sang also graduated in the same year as ex-member of BAP ZELO, Hayoung from APINK, Yerin from GFriend, etc. Even after he graduated, Joy once became his make-up artist when he performed.

When he was still in high school, he was cast by YG Entertainment, but he didn’t accept the offer. That could be because Jo Won-sang’s intention in music wasn’t to be a K-pop idol, even though he was friends with some.

cho won sang

Even though he rejected it, seems like he didn’t regret it because later, after he graduated, he formed a band. The band he formed in 2016 consisted of Park Jinhwan from Yenevara and Im Junhyeok the former member of DAY6. They performed as an indie band on some stages.

However, the band named Be Blossom disbanded a year after that, in March 2017. That could be because Junhyeok joined a survival program later in the same year, The Unit.

Nevertheless, it was a meaningful experience for Jo Won-sang. Even though it didn’t last long, his composing skills got significantly better. Little did he know, but much greater things were waiting for him ahead!

Jo Won-sang’s in Super Band

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In 2019, Jo Won-sang joined a reality show that aired on JTBC titled Super Band. The show was about a survival program that had 121 participants who focused on different musical skills and instruments. There were participants who focused on vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussions, etc. Most of the participants were indie.

Super Band had talented judges such as Yoon Jong-shin, Yoon Sang, Lee Suhyun from AkMu, Kim Jong-wan, and Joe Hahn from Linkin Park. They were judging the participants’ performances in each episode.

joe hahn superband

Since they came individually, they were asked to form a band and collaborate with other participants to perform.

In the first round, Jo Won-sang’s team performed “Adventure of a Life Time” by Coldplay. In the second round, Jo Won-sang’s team sang a song by Jamiroquai, “Virtual Insanity”. In the third round, Jo Won-sang’s team performed “You in the Vague Memory” by Hyun Jin-young. In the fourth round, Jo Won-sang’s team performed “Swim” by Fickle Friends.

The semi-final round decided the formation of a band. Jo Won-sang teamed up with the band called Lucy. It was the same line-up he performed with in the fourth round, Lee Ju-hyeok, Sin Gwang-il, and Shin Ye-chan.

lucy superband

They went to the final round. However, the result didn’t turn out well. They ended up in the second position.

Let’s check out the performances of Jo Won-sang and the bands in Super Band!

What do you think about the pre-debut era of Jo Won-sang? He had a great talent even before he debuted officially, right?