LUCY’s Choi Sang-yeop: Profile, Pre-Debut, Superband, Etc.

Choi Sang-yeop’s Performance on Stage

lucy band

A band is all about live performance. If you think that K-pop groups have amazing performances on stages, think about how K-pop bands rock it! They have instruments in their hands, sing the songs live, and the fans sing along. Woah, the concert aura of a band singing their song live is really beyond amazing.

So, the same goes for Lucy. Almost all members of Lucy have had experience in performing on stage before they debuted. Choi Sang-yeop who has released songs for K-drama soundtracks also has experience in performing in front of a crowd in public. No wonder that Lucy’s performances are really cool even though they just made a debut in 2020!

Let’s check out Lucy’s live performances on stage!

There are also some videos that only focus on Choi Sang-yeop!

What do you think about Lucy’s performances? Choi Sang-yeop looks a little bit different from when he wasn’t a member of Lucy, right? You can also share your thoughts in the comments!

Choi Sang-yeop on Day6’s Kiss the Radio, Collaboration with Young K, Etc.

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Not only performing in a music show just like any other idol but Lucy also performed and became a guest star on a radio program. One of the radio programs that you can listen to or even watch is Day6’s Kiss the Radio. The radio program by KBS is hosted by Young K of Day6. There is a fixed segment each day of the week. One of the days was the segment for bands like Hoppipolla, Lucy, and ONEWE.

So, if you miss Lucy, you can watch Day6’s Kiss the Radio where they became the guest star. Lucy did some covers of popular Korean songs and performed their own songs, too.

lucy dekira

They became close with Young K who is the bassist and vocalist of Day6. Young K who has a project of covering songs on a YouTube channel called Young One asked Lucy to collaborate with him. They sang a song called “Maniac” by Conan Grey. Check out the cover below!

This just shows how powerful Lucy is!

Choi Sang-yeop and His Guitar


We talked about how cool Choi Sang-yeop is when he’s performing on stage. But, we haven’t really talked about his looks with the guitar. As a guitarist, Choi Sang-yeop looks ten times cooler when he is playing the guitar. Just Choi Sang-yeop himself is already handsome, so what about him with the guitar?

Well then, check out the pictures of Choi Sang-yeop with his guitar below!

lucy sang yeop
choi sang yeop
lucy choi sang yeop
choi sang yeop

What do you think about the guitarist Choi Sang-yeop? He’s so cool, right?

Choi Sang-yeop’s OSTs: “Baby, Baby,” “Cheer Up,” Etc.

choi sang yeop

Before he became a member of Lucy, Choi Sang-yeop sang a lot of soundtracks for some K-dramas. Let’s check out Choi Sang-yeop’s OSTs below!

Choi Sang-yeop’s Beautiful Gong Shim OST

beautiful gong shim

He started his debut as a singer when he sang for the soundtrack of the Beautiful Gong Shim drama in 2016. This drama starred Namgoon Min and Bang Minah as the main roles. The story is about a girl who is always being called ugly. She then meets Dantae and Joo-wan who help her.

The song called “My Face Is Burning” was released in Part 3 of the Beautiful Gong Shim OST.

What do you think about the song? You might as well watch the drama if you think that it’s interesting.

Choi Sang-yeop’s Laughter in Waikiki OST


The popular comedic drama called Laughter in Waikiki also has Choi Sang-yeop’s voice for one of their soundtrack songs. If you don’t know what the story is about, it’s about three men who live miserable lives. Then, all of a sudden, they have a baby in front of their house, and they need to take care of the baby while trying to suffer.

The drama aired in 2018, and Choi Sang-yeop’s song called “Cheer Up” or “You’re Doing Well” was released in Part 3 of the OST. Let’s check out the song below!

What do you think about the song? It’s really good, right?

Choi Sang-yeop’s Last Minute Romance OST

drama last minute romance

Just like the name, the story tells about a romance at the “last minute.” It’s about a girl who is diagnosed with a disease. Her life is not that long, but she still hasn’t found someone to love and hasn’t experienced being loved. That’s why she puts out an ad to search for a man who looks like her favorite actor to be her lover.

Let’s check out the soundtrack by Choi Sang-yeop with a song called “Somebody” below!

What do you think about the soundtrack? You can check out the drama if you want to know more about the story!

Choi Sang-yeop and Lucy in the Run On OST

run on

Run On is a drama that you can watch on Netflix. It also aired on JTBC from December 2020 until February 2021. The drama tells about a runner athlete who is involved with an English translator. Together, they fight for their dreams while growing a romantic relationship.

Let’s check out the soundtrack sung by Lucy below!

What do you think about the song? The feeling is different when Choi Sang-yeop sings the soundtrack by himself and with his bandmates, right?


And, that’s a wrap for the article about Choi Sang-yeop. Hopefully, you learned a lot about his charms and specialties. He was appointed to sing on soundtracks for K-drama for a reason, right? That’s because his voice is just so soothing and smooth. And, besides his amazing vocals, his guitar skill is superb, too. So, which of his charms do you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!