Everything About NCT’s Lucas: Age, Height, Variety Shows, and More!


Meet Lucas, The Charismatic NCT Member That Will Make Your Heart Flutter!

Not long after he debuted, he managed to steal a lot of girls’ hearts with his hilarious actions. He is the kind of guy that will always make us smile, not only because of his charming face, but also because he is a cute weirdo. Who is the guy that we’re going to talk about? If you have guessed Lucas, then you’re right! He is the weird NCT guy that has a lot of charms.


On April 5th, 2017, SM Entertainment officially introduced Lucas as one of SM Rookies trainees. In January 2018, SM officially stated that Lucas will be joining the group as the new NCT member. His real name is Wong Yuk Hei and his stage name is Lucas. He’s a Chinese from Hong Kong, who was born in Hong Kong on January 25th, 1999. Although he was born in Hong Kong, he actually has some Thailand blood in him, inherited from his mother’s side, so basically, he’s half Chinese and half Thai.

As Lucas was born in the same year as NCT’s Mark, he thought that he was going to participate as a member of NCT Dream in the song titled “Chewing Gum,” but he didn’t, which made him feel quite sad. Even so, he was featured in NCT’s Ten music video titled “Dream in A Dream” that was released for SM Station in 2017.

A year after that, he officially debuted as an NCT member after he was included in the NCT U sub-unit for the single titled “BOSS.” At the beginning of 2019, along with other Chinese members and Ten, Lucas debuted with WayV, a sub-unit of NCT in China. They debuted with the song titled “Regular.”


With his fun personality, he has been promoting his group in many variety shows and it has made him quite popular. He also has a really stunning visual and looks a little bit like his senior from SM Entertainment, SHINee’s Min-ho. He’s also funny and has entertaining skills. That’s why a lot of people love seeing him on TV, especially when he talks about how he learned Korean.

If you’re curious about more facts about him, let’s take a look at the information below!

Profile and Facts of NCT’s Lucas


Real name: Wong Yuk Hei

Stage name: Lucas

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Date of Birth: January 25th, 1999

Age: 20 years old

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Nationality: Chinese Hong Kong

Agency: SM Entertainment

NCT sub-unit: NCT U, WayV

Interesting Facts:

  • Lucas is very confident about his face and his body.
  • Lucas has a younger brother and he has said that his younger brother is not as handsome as he is.
  • Lucas had no intention of participating in an SM audition at first, but he passed anyway.
  • Due to his Korean language skill, that is still lacking, Lucas has a habit of mixing languages and fans call it Lucas Language.
  • Lucas really wanted to join the NCT Dream sub-unit for the song titled “Chewing Gum.”
  • He is NCT’s Kun’s roommate and is very close to him.
  • Lucas and some NCT members have tattoos.

Lucas’ Filmography

Reality Shows

  • Real Men (2018)
  • Law of The Jungle in the Maldives (2018)
  • Knowing Brothers (2018)
  • Happy Together (2018)

Music Videos

  • Dream in A Dream – Ten (2017)
  • Boss – NCT U (2018)
  • Yestoday – NCT U (2018)
  • Black on Black – NCT 2018 (2018)
  • Regular – WayV (2019)

NCT’s Lucas, The King of Variety Shows

Just like a lot of his sunbae or seniors in SM Entertainment, Lucas also has various skills that make him interesting to watch in reality shows. Even when he appears in a show without his other band members, he can still enjoy himself and quickly adapt with the others in the show. In a lot of variety shows, he has talked about the cultural differences, how hard it is for him to learn Korean, how he got accepted in the SM audition, and a lot more. By watching him on TV, we can find out his other charms, among which is the fact that he is also a funny guy who has an adorable personality.

Let’s take a look at a short clip of his appearance in some of the variety shows that he has been in!

Lucas in Real Men

On September 3rd, 2018, it was announced that Lucas and other celebrities, like Kim Jae-woo, Monsta X’s Shownu, VIXX’s Ravi, Narsha, WJSN’s Eun-seo, and many more, will be joining Real Men 300, a variety show where celebrities train as army soldiers for a period of time. In this show, Lucas will get the taste of how it is to be in the Korean army. He trained in the 3rd Infantry Division in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province. Lucas was reported to have a fit physique as he did 80 push-ups and sits ups, which demonstrated that he is strong enough to join the show.


However, this show is not a joke, and not anybody can join in. Even though it is a variety show, Lucas and the other celebrities have to follow the rules and all the training that they have to undergo, even though it is somewhat hard for them.

Let’s see some clips of Lucas in Real Men!

Lucas in Law of the Jungle

Not only he is as strong as an army soldier, but Lucas can also adapt to the wildlife, which we can see from his appearance in the Law of The Jungle episode, filmed in the Maldives.


In the beginning, he said that he had a lot of ambition and fire in his heart. He also said that he wasn’t scared of mosquitos since he is a powerful king kong. The cuteness of Lucas and his own language!

Lucas in Knowing Brothers

In Knowing Brothers, Lucas was invited as a guest along with Got7’s Bambam, (G)-IDLE’s Yuqi, and Joon Park. They are all born and raised outside Korea and they talked about how they have adapted to live in Korea, how they learned the language and also talked about the culture in their own country.


Not only that, but Lucas also talked about how he passed the SM Audition in Hong Kong. Let’s check out the short clip below!

Lucas in Happy Together

Lucas really has good skills for a variety show and has created impressing moments in every episode of the variety shows that he has been in. After being a guest in Real Men, Knowing Brother, and Law of The Jungle, he got invited to be a guest in Happy Together, in October 2018, along with actress Park Eun-hye, actor Im Chang-jung, and WJSN’s Bo-na.


Since this was the first time an NCT member to join the show, he felt honored and the other members also felt proud of him. In this show, he talked about how handsome and how confident he is, and also his background story in Hong Kong. His handsome face made everybody in the studio amazed, even Park Eun-hye could only see him, just like the rest of us!

Let’s see a short clip of him in Happy Together!

Lucas’ Photoshoot

Even though Lucas’ personality is that of a cutesy weirdo, as we can see it in any reality show or V Live video, he can also switch to serious mode, which makes all the girls’ hearts flutter. He already has a stunning visual appearance, but he looks even more stunning when he is on a photo shoot.

He posed amazingly for the photo shoot, and he also appeared as a model on the runway for the Kye brand, on October 19th, 2018.


Let’s take a look at some photoshoots of him! Psst, don’t forget to take a breathe since his visual is so gorgeous!


SM Station

In November 2018, Lucas participated in SM Station Season 3 collaboration with Jonah Nilsson, a Sweden musician, for a song titled “Coffee Break.” The song was originally released in July 2018, by Jonah Nilsson featuring Richard Bona. Lucas does the rap part where the lyrics are about flirting with a girl that he likes. The song is of the Jazz genre, and we can clearly hear the amazing piano sounds by Jonah Nilsson.

Just imagine being the girl in this music video. Many of us would faint if Lucas looks at us the way he did at that girl.

Lucas’ Latest News


In January 2019, SM officially debuted the sub-unit of NCT in China, WayV. This sub-unit includes Kun, Win Win, Ten, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang. Lucas was introduced as one of the members of WayV on January 4th, 2019. WayV’s official YouTube channel released all the members’ individual teasers and Lucas’ teaser was him telling a story about his dream when he was a kid. He told us that his dream was to become an independent explorer. He said that it was because he had already met a lot of people and has gotten to know a lot of different stories, and he has gotten curious about what is it that waits for him out there.

On January 17th, 2019, SM officially released the debut song of WayV titled “Regular.” The music video has a futuristic theme that represents a lot of technology features, quite close with what NCT stands for; Neo Cultural Technology. The members said that they had prepared for the song and the music video for too long and that they felt sorry for the fans for making them wait for such a long time.


In the end, we can’t help but fall in love with the weird-but-confident guy named Lucas. He always knows how to steal everyone’s hearts with his cute yet hilarious actions. He’s really a rising star that will shine brighter and brighter in the future. Let’s keep supporting Lucas in WayV and in the other NCT sub-unit!