Let’s Take a Look at NCT’s Lucas’ Appearance in the Variety Show ‘Knowing Bros’!

lucas knowing bros

Lucas, The Handsome Guy From NCT With A Weird Side You Will Love!

Who doesn’t know Lucas? Since the day he was introduced by SM Entertainment as one of the SM ROOKIES, he’s already stolen a lot of girls’ hearts. Now that Lucas has made his debut with NCT and WayV, he’s become more and more popular not only for his singing and dancing, but also his hilarious behavior on reality shows!


Among all the members in NCT, Lucas is one who is most often invited to participate on reality shows like Real Man, Law of the Jungle, Knowing Brothers, and Happy Together. Lucas’s weird personality has become one of his charms and makes everyone laugh. He also is a flower-boy type of guy and will make your jaw drop with his attractive visual.

Let’s take a look at Lucas’s appearance in the reality show Knowing Brothers!

Lucas in Knowing Brothers


In episode 141 of Knowing Bros, which aired on August 18, 2018, Lucas made an appearance as one of the guests along with Park Joon-hyung from g.o.d, Yuqi from (G)I-DLE, and Bam Bam from Got7. All four of these idols have something in common, all of them are foreigners. Even though Joon Park is an ethnic Korean and was born in Seoul, he grew up in the US. Because none of them were natives, Lucas and other guests were talking about the struggles of adapting to Korean culture and how they learned Korean.


Lucas Showing His Quirky Side

Most NCT fans might already know about Lucas’s quirky side, but seeing him showing his weirdness on reality shows make us laugh even more. Let’s take a look at some Lucas’s quirky side on Knowing Bros!

When the other guests talked about how they learned to speak Korean, Lucas said the most important thing he learned to say was how to order food on the phone. Can you guess what he says? He just says “Hello, this is SM.” when he wants to order delivery food.


Lucas once said that he passed the SM audition in his country without doing any preparation. He didn’t sing or rap, he only made 3 iconic poses that showed his charms. Since Lucas has long legs and also nice body, he just struck three poses that got him accepted right away!


Lucas also talked about his family, from his parents to his siblings. He said that his father met his mother when he was on a trip to Thailand, and he asked for her phone number right away. The Knowing Brothers cast and the guests were shocked by what Lucas said after that, that his mother replied she didn’t have a phone back then, so his father bought her a phone. What a gentleman!


Since Lucas is so handsome, the show’s cast was curious about whether Lucas had siblings or not and, if so, were they good-looking like Lucas? Again his answer made everyone laugh. He said that he does have a brother, but he’s not as good-looking as Lucas. What a savage man!


When doing the questions segment, Lucas asked the cast members and the guests if they knew what was his hobby was when he was in high school that always made him go to the bathroom? The members and guests were wondering what the reason was when suddenly one of the cast members guessed the answer. Can you guess what was it?


Lucas always went to the bathroom because he wanted to check himself out in the mirror! He is really proud of his handsome face!

Funny Moments

Along with Joon Park, Bam Bam, and Yuqi, Lucas introduced himself as a foreigner from Hong Kong., He also revealed that he’s half Thai from his mother. He went on to say that he could speak several languages, including Cantonese, Chinese, English, and a little bit of Thai. Since Bam Bam is also Thai, everyone wanted them to speak together in Thai, but after a short conversation between them, Bam Bam said that Lucas’s Thai wasn’t very good, which made everyone laugh!

There was a moment in the show where the guests got a chance to introduce a famous dance from their country. For example, Bam Bam showed the ABC dance that is popular in Thailand, the dance was also demonstrated by Lisa from Black Pink. Yuqi showed the Dai dance which is popular in China. What about Lucas, you ask? Well, he showed viewers the dance from our lovely city, NCT!

Indeed, despite his handsome face, he’snot shy about showing the weird side that makes him more hilarious and charming!

Were you entertained by seeing Lucas on Knowing Brothers? It’s true that Lucas was born to be an entertainer since he’s such a funny guy. You can watch the full episode to see more of Lucas’s hilarious moments on Knowing Brothers. Let’s just hope that Lucas will be a guest star in another reality show that will lave us laughing again.