NCT’s Lucas’s Gaslighting Dating Scandal, Shocking Evidence, Apology, and SM’s Response

lucas dating scandal

The Handsome and Charming Idol From SM Entertainment Allegedly Got Into Controversial Action

Lucas is an idol member of the boy groups NCT and WayV under SM Entertainment. He is originally from Hong Kong with Thai and Chinese descent from his parents. Lucas indeed has charming and beautiful visuals, and he got scouted through a global audition as a model. Then, he was trained to be able to sing, rap, and dance as a trainee of SM Entertainment.

In August 2021, Lucas was struck with controversial dating issues after someone who admitted to being his ex-girlfriend spoke out on Twitter. The issue made him enter a hiatus from his activities. Let’s get to know Lucas’s dating scandal in this Channel-Korea article! Keep reading!

Lucas and His Gaslighting Dating Scandal

lucas dating scandal

Lucas was impacted with bitter news in his career journey as an idol whether it’s true or not. He got accused by someone on the Twitter account @ooooshiiim who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend. She wrote that Lucas dated her, would visit her apartment or book a hotel from time to time, and he would gaslight her into paying for cigarettes, food, and other things while they were dating because Lucas didn’t want to use his debit card to avoid being tracked by his manager.

Lucas said to her that he deserves to be treated by her since he makes time to see her. It’s how the gaslighting began. Next, she paid for all that Lucas needed and gave expensive gifts to him.

This ex-girlfriend also said that Lucas is cheap and said he is the one who developed an interest in her and asked for her number. Then, suddenly, he asked to break up after everything because of his busy schedule. Moreover, she expressed that they broke up without any negative feelings, but all problems started with him.

She said the unnecessary message from him made it worst. Lucas said that he broke up with her because she looks like an idol fan. Meanwhile, on her side, she did everything to fulfill his requests while dating and never took a picture with him. Even her friends did not know about it.

Lucas’s Ex-Girlfriend Accused Him With Evidence

lucas dating

The woman behind the Twitter account @ooooshiiim uploaded plenty of evidence that Lucas was her special person at that time and about his awful behavior.

Here’s some evidence of their chat:

lucas dating

Here are some photos sent by Lucas while they were dating:

lucas dating
lucas dating

Fans Found the Evidence To Be Possibly Fake

lucas dating

Fans spotted that the evidence may not be properly right. The voice note that the ex-girlfriend posted was taken from the platform Bubble where Lucas communicates with his fans. Fans analyzed that the sound is quite similar with the statement saying “I just got out of the shower.”

Do you believe it?

Lucas Responds With an Apology Letter and Hiatus

lucas dating

On August 25, 2021, Lucas posted his apology letter about this dating scandal both in Korean and Chinese on his Instagram. He apologized to all that had been hurt by his wrong actions. If he is given an opportunity, he wants to say sorry genuinely in person. Lucas also apologized to the fans that had always given him support and cared for him. Then, Lucas knew that this had already made fans upset.

lucas dating

So, for now, he will take time to look back at his past actions and reflect on himself. He admitted his mistakes and clumsy, irresponsible actions as an idol. He again apologized for his actions and promises it will not happen again in the future. He decided to postpone his activities and review his past actions.

Lastly, Lucas apologized for creating a burden for the members, company staff, business staff, and TV show staff. He said sorry.

SM Entertainment Responds to Lucas’s Gaslighting Dating Scandal

lucas dating

SM Entertainment also released an official statement on their platform. SM apologized for worrying everyone regarding the personal problems of their idol Lucas.

They will take this issue seriously and decided to postpone all activity involving Lucas in the upcoming future. This includes Lucas and WayV’s Hendery‘s single “Jalapeno” which was supposed to be out on August 25, 2021.

SM Entertainment stated that Lucas is strongly reflecting on all of this that caused disappointment and pain to many parties. SM Entertainment expressed that they will take responsibility for managing their artist better.

That’s all about NCT and WayV’s Lucas’s dating scandal. Keep sending positive support to him because everyone makes mistakes in their life. What do you think about this incident? Give your comment below, and don’t forget to share it on Twitter, too!