Lovelyz’s Yein: From Her Profile to the Dating Rumor with BTS’ Jungkook


Lovelyz's Yein

Lovelyz’s Maknae, Jung Yein!

Lovelyz’s Yein is the maknae from the girl-group Lovelyz. She joined the group in 2014,  after just three months as a trainee, which is a fast debut, in general. Yein debuted with Lovelyz on November 5, 2014, with single “Good Night Like Yesterday” from the album Girl’s Invasion. Before she joined Lovelyz and Woollim Entertainment, she was a former from JYP Entertainment. She’s the Beautiful Maknae from Lovelyz.

Profile and Facts of Lovelyz’s Yein

Lovelyz's Yein

Lovelyz’s Yein Full Profile

Name: Jeong Ye-in (정예인)

Stage Name: Yein (예인)

Birthday: June 4, 1998

Place of Birth: Incheon, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 166 cm

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Singer, Member of Lovelyz

Position in Group: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae

Yein’s Facts :

  • She is a former of JYP Entertainment trainee
  • She’s didn’t debut while with JYP, and ended up becoming a trainee under Woollim Entertainment
  • Yerin is maknae in her group, and she and everyone else called her as ‘Lovelyz’s Beautiful Maknae’
  • Yerin’s hobbies are shopping and listening to music
  • When in middle school, she studied at an International school
  • After she graduated from middle school, she didn’t go to the next level
  • Among all the members, Yein is fluent in English
  • As a student, she went on an exchange program to Canada for a month
  • Yein had been injured during training so she couldn’t joined to the beginningof the WoW promotions
  • She appeared on the Incheon K-pop Concert 2017 VCR with a former Wanna One member, Ong Seongwoon, to promote Incheon
  • Yein prefers beer over other alcohol drinks, she limits herself to two cans of beer.
  • She’s ‘white addicted’
  • Yein has been called ‘Deer/Elk’, because of her big, doe-like eyes
  • She joined the Cheerleader Team for Seo Jang-hoon’s team when she was in middle school
  • She was fitting model when she was in school, and her favorite type of clothes is street fashion
  • She can do ballet, modern dance, and traditional dance
  • Yein’s close friends with Pristin’s Kyulkyung, Cosmic Girl’s Cheng Xiao, and Eunwoo

Yein’s Dating Rumor with BTS’s Jungkook

Lovelyz's Yein

In 2016, Yein was reported to have a relationship with BTS’s Jungkook. At first, netizens said in an online forum that Yein and Jungkook seemed to be dating, based on some envidence that was discovered. This rumor arose after a spread of photos seemed to show them using items suspected of being paired goods. They both are also often seen wearing the same clothes, such as a thick red jacket with long sleeves with white and blue stripes. Previously, this news had come up due to their photos being mixed into one, and they looked similar. In addition, netizens said that they stared at each other by hiding.

Then, on November 5, 2016, Lovelyz’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, made a statement saying the two weren’t dating, and the rumors weren’t true.

Yein and Donghae, What’s Up with Their Relationship?

Lovelyz's Yein

Is there a special relationship ;between Yein and Super Junior’s Donghae? Many fans think that they’re in a relationship, but in actuality, that’s not true, either. People have a drawn the wrong conclusions about them. The whole rumor started on June 14, 2018, when the members of Lovelyz were invited as guest stars on Super Junior’s TV program, Super TV.

Lovelyz's Yein

Shindong represented the Super Junior Team, while Yein was the representative for her group for a spinning game. Shindong got to the first turn for the game, and when all of the Super Junior members were counting how many times Shindong spun, Yein suddenly felt they were counting wrong. Then, Donghae realized it and he looked very angry as he approached her. When he got closer to her, though, Donghae stared at her like he had feelings for Yein, and they looked really cute.

But when it was Yein’s turn to spin, Donghae asked to her to repeat the spin and then Yein complained, saying ‘What?’ Not only that, when they were playing the game of pushing one of the group members in a chair toward a target, Yein got a turn, then Donghae pushed her to go past the midpoint the target.

Their closeness at the time did look like they were having a relationship, but their status is only as a Junior and Senior.

Yein’s Ideal Type

Lovelyz's Yein

Lovelyz’s maknae, Yein, does has many talents, such as she can do tricks on a trampoline, act, and sing. However, does she also have an ideal type for someone who could be her boyfriend? She says her ideal types is ‘A man with his own charm, who has his own style, vision, and dreams’ and usually she’s attracted to men without double eyelids. In other words, Yein likes a man who is confident and is comfortable being himself.

Yein has also been also called a golden maknae, and the same as BTS’s golden maknae, Jungkook, when she smiles. But is Jungkook her ideal type?

Yein Acting in Web Drama

Lovelyz's Yein

Besides her work as a singer, Yein started her career as actress two years ago, on August 9, 2017. At the time, she has been cast as the lead female in web-drama, The Blue Sea, and her character’s name was Jo Haeji. Yein played in the drama alongside model Goo Jaesong (as Seong Gisoo) and the rookie artist Yoon Jin (as Haeji’s older sister, Jo Eunhee).

The web-drama tells the story of a mysterious young man who lost his memory. Jo Eunhee is a femaloe soldier in the navy, who works with Seong Gisoo to carry out a special mission under UDU (Underwater Demolitons Unit). Seong Gisoo is a navy lieutenant who is also a professor in the department of an unassigned officer who was the first person to figure out the identitiy of the young man who had lost his memory. The Blue Sea was aired on Naver TV in October, 2017. Here’s the videos of her acting on The Blue Sea!

Even before she was given the lead role in The Blue Sea, Yein had already debuted in the drama Criminal Minds, which aired the same year. However, in that drama, she didn’t act as in a lead role, but instead became a cameo. It was a result of her appearance as a cameo that she got the offer to act in other dramas.

Lovelyz's Yein

Yein Chose BtoB’s Eunkwang to be Her Virtual Husband

Lovelyz's Yein

Lovelyz was a guest star on the MBC FM ‘Idol Radio’ on December 10, 2018. During the program, the group talked about their new song ‘Lost N Found’. They convey the purpose of their new song, saying the song contained wishing and feeling for someone to someone else. Lovelyz’s members also talked about their lives and desires in the program.

Afterwards, the topic shifted to Mijoo, who was currently participating in the TV program ‘In-laws in Practice’. Then, one by one, the Lovelyz members were asked about who their chosen figure would be to become their virtual marriage partner. When it was Yein’s turn, she said she chose BTOB’s Eunkwang to be her virtual husband. Ilhoon asked for her reasons, and Yein answered that Eunkwang is a person who can make anyone happy, and is funny, cute, and good at singing.

Then Ilhoon asked her to give a message for Eunkwang, who, at that time, was carrying out his military service. And here’s Yein’s message!

All lovelyz members cheer you up. It’s been cold lately, so makes you wear warm clothes so that it stays warm during your training. We’ll support you, good luck!”.

How sweet she is!

Yein’s Sister

This  maknae is the youngest member of her group, but she isn’t the youngest child in her family. Everyone knows that she has a younger sister, who is currently 17 years old. Her sister’s name is Jung Hyo-in, but photos with Yein and her sister are hard to get, because in Korea an identity is very important.

Yein’s Instagram

Latest News

On November 30th, Yein’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, announced that they made a comeback with their new album.