Lovelyz’s Jisoo: Profile, Scandal, and More!

Latest News

In November 2018, Woolim Entertainment announced Lovelyz comeback at the end of the year. The very first individual image teaser has been released and is a picture of Mijoo and Jisoo.

The group’s 5th Mini Album, Sanctuary, has been released and the second individual image teaser and the tracklist were revealed on November 22, 2018, with six new songs and the title track Lost N Found (찾아가세요).

On November 24, 2018, Lovelyz dropped their sneak peek preview for the mini album and released the Music Video teaser on November 25, 2018, before the Music Video for Lost N Found (찾아가세요) was released on YouTube the next day.

Now, let’s take a look back on the news highlights that happened to Jisoo in May 2018. There was sad news about Jisoo when she almost fell down on the stage after performing on a campus festival.

The video, which a fan uploaded to YouTube, got reactions from netizens worried about  Jisoo’s health condition. The event was held at Myungji University and Lovelyz was performing on the stage. When the song was over and the group was leaving the stage, it seemed Jisoo couldn’t hide her expression as she started to lose her stability and seemed about to faint.

The crowd who cheered for Lovelyz become worried as Jisoo fell on the stage, but another group member held her up and helped her walk off the stage.

Lovelyz agency didn’t take any action with regard to Jisoo’s condition, and the fans were furious since it seemed like the agency wasn’t taking care of her.  They started leaving comments in online community sites, “Why they leave the artist performed when they already sick? They are human too.”, “Oh my god, poor Jisoo. She needs to rest!”, “Someone please feed Jisoo and let her take time to rest. She deserves it.”

Before that performance, Lovelyz was having a comeback with title track That Day. They must have a busy schedule that didn’t have enough time to rest while promoting with the group. Maybe that’s why Jisoo seemed so exhausted and almost faint on the stage.



That’s all the information about Lovelyz Jisoo and the updates about her current condition right now. It looks like she’s all right and doing well with her activities while promoting with the group. Let’s hope for all the best to Jisoo’s career in the future and wish that she’s living her life to the fullest!