Up-Close with Lovelyz’ Sujeong: Profile, Body Goals, Relationship with BTS’ V, etc.

Lovelyz Sujeong

Learn More About Lovelyz’ Lead Vocalist, Sujeong

Are you familiar with the company that managed Infinite, Woollim Entertainment? If you are, then you must have known that Woollim Entertainment has their first girl group, Lovelyz, debuted back in 2014! Lovelyz is an 8-member girl group which consists of Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong, and Yein. Sujeong is the lead vocalist of Lovelyz who has a sweet voice. Do you know that she used to work together with BTS’ V for a while? Today, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about the lead vocalist of Lovelyz, Sujeong. So stay tuned!

Lovelyz’ Sujeong’s Full Profile

Lovelyz Sujeong Profile

Full name: Ryu Soo-jung

Stage name: Sujeong

Date of Birth: November 19th, 1997

Height: 168 cm

Blood type: B

Zodiac: Scorpio

Facts About Lovelyz’ Sujeong

  • Sujeong is the lead vocalist of Lovelyz. She is also considered as “The Brain of Lovelyz” as well as the crybaby of the group.
  • Her hometown is in Daejeon. She has an older sister who’s an artist.
  • Sujeong’s nickname is Ryuvely.
  • Her hobby is playing the guitar. She has a personal talent in which she can imitate Doraemon’s voice.
  • Sujeong’s favorite color is pastel pink.
  • She eats the most among the members of Lovelyz. She likes Western food, Korean food, and Chinese food. Her favorite foods are nachos, chicken feet and cheese, chicken, braised spicy chicken, and chicken feet.
  • Sujeong is a big fan of Girls’ Generation. She even auditioned at Woollim Entertainment with a cover of Girls’ Generation’s “Oh!”
  • She has composed some songs that she hopes can be included in one of Lovelyz’ albums someday. She also has participated in writing the lyrics for “Hide and Seek” which was included in one of Lovelyz’ albums titled R U Ready?
  • Sujeong participated in a TV program called Idol Drama Operation Team alongside 6 other idols and created a 7-member girl group called Girls Next Door.
  • Sujeong appeared in the TV program King of Masked Singer as “Kongjwi and Patjwi.”

Collaboration and OST Discography

Lovelyz Sujeong Discography

Besides being active as a member of Lovelyz, Sujeong also has worked alone, either as a featuring artist or collaborating with other artists. You can see the discography of her works outside Lovelyz here!


Title Artist Album Year
Bump Infinite H Fly Again 2015
Summer Starts Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul) Summer Starts 2016


Original Soundtrack

Title Artist Album Year
Clean with Baby Soul The Second Last Love OST Part 2 2016
Deep Blue Eyes Girls Next Door Idol Drama Operation Team OST Part 2 2017

BTS’ V and Lovelyz’ Sujeong’s Relationship

Lovelyz Sujeong BTS V

Sujeong used to be chosen as the MC for MTV’s Best of the Best alongside V of BTS. Because they used to work together as the MC for the program, it seems that they started to build a friendship and started to get close. However, right now, there is no news that says they are still close in particular. Maybe they are still close as friends, but they didn’t want to disclose their friendship as much to the public.

What do you think about their relationship? Do you think that they are still friends since they worked together as the MC for MTV’s Best of The Best?

You can check out a few videos of their MC-ing here:

#BodyGoals and Tiny Waist

Lovelyz Sujeong Body Goals

Despite her baby face appearance, Sujeong has a pretty waistline that could make every girl envious of her!

This fact was first revealed while Lovelyz had an event in Pohang on April 12th, 2018. At the event, Lovelyz performed various songs, such as “Twinkle,” “Triangle,” and “Amusement Park” on the stage. However, Sujeong’s waistline is what caught people’s attention, and even more when the fan cams and photos taken by the fans were distributed on the internet!

Before, Sujeong was famously known for her tall figure, but she had not shown off her waist and hip line. At this event, she wore jeans and a cropped button-up shirt that showed off her pretty waistline that she had been hiding all this time. Seeing the fan cams and photos of Sujeong, many netizens suggested fashion jean brands to hire her as their brand model seeing her pretty body line.

You can see some photos of Sujeong at the event here:

Lovelyz Sujeong Pohang


Lovelyz Sujeong Pohang


Lovelyz Sujeong Pohang Event
Lovelyz Sujeong Pohang Event

What do you think about this? Do you also think that Sujeong has a pretty waistline?

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Lovelyz Sujeong Plastic Surgery

For idols, it is so easy to get caught in plastic surgery rumors, including Lovelyz’ Sujeong. However, has she really done plastic surgery? Let’s take a look at her photos!

At the earlier period of her career as a member of Lovelyz, Sujeong had an innocent image because she had chubby cheeks, for which the fans later called her Bbangdeok. However, she became more mature as time went by and lost her baby fat, getting slimmer day by day. Not only that, but she also gained muscle which gave her the ideal body and the pretty waistline, giving her a new image as a girl crush. Judging by the comparison between her photos in the past and the present, it seems like it’s not because of plastic surgery, but rather she is just natural beauty. Maybe you could say that puberty has hit her right!

What do you think about this? Do you believe that she is a natural beauty, or do you believe that she has undergone plastic surgery after all?

Latest News of Sujeong

Lovelyz Sujeong Latest News

Recently, Sujeong has been busy after Lovelyz made their comeback with their 6th mini-album, Once Upon A Time, in May 2019! The title track for their comeback is “Beautiful Days,” and you can watch the music video here:

While promoting their comeback, Sujeong has been actively sharing her activities with the fans on Lovelyz’ official Instagram account! She has been sharing photos of her behind the stage of music shows while promoting Lovelyz’ most recent song. You can see a few of her posts on Lovelyz’ Instagram account here:



If you want to find out more about her updates, you can visit Lovelyz’ official Instagram account on @official_lvlz8_!

What do you think about Lovelyz’ Sujeong? Are you starting to take an interest in her and want to find out more about her activities? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the vocalist of Lovelyz, Sujeong in the comment section below!