From Lovelyz’s Mijoo To IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon; Here Are The List Of K-Pop Female Idol Who Have Extra Personality That Will Make You Laugh

These K-Pop Female Idols Will Make You Laugh with Their Extra Personality

Having a slim body, glowing face, and great talents—being a K-Pop idol is certainly the dream of many girls. However, who would have known that behind the calm and charismatic appearance on-stage when they are performing, some female K-Pop idols have an extra and dramatic personality that is waiting to be unleashed. In the variety shows and events where these female idols are guests, you are going to be laughing out loud because of their silly behavior.

So, who are these female K-Pop idols who have an eccentric 4D personality? Scroll down this article below to find the curated six female idols that secured their place in this list!


Lovelyz’ Mijoo

Usually, idols only show the cute and beautiful side when attending an event. But unlike other female idols, Lovelyz’s Mijoo more often presents dramatic poses that sometimes invite laughter from the fans and audiences. When asked about the reasons behind the funky poses, the idol born on September 23rd, 1994, said that she wanted to appear in a different style and stand out.

As can be seen from the fan-cam compilation below, while the other members are posing gracefully toward the fans and the camera, Mijoo appears with her crazy and over-the-top pose, earning her the title of Ruler of Arrival Photos due to her signature pose upon arriving at a TV station.

When Mijoo was invited as a guest in JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, she explained how she earned that title. She introduced herself as “cutie, funky, crazy, healthy Lovelyz’s Mijoo” in the show and was met with loud laughter from the cast members.

Her pose photos and videos on the way to KBS’ Music Bank have become famous due to the contrast between her extra pose and other idols’ usual finger hearts or hand waving.

Mijoo explained the reason behind her unusual pose, “Usually, all of the article titles are the same, like ‘Pretty Mijoo’ or ‘Mijoo is as bright as always.’ But I wanted to live every day differently. I asked myself, ‘I’m going to be active for years, do I really have to do the same poses for that long?’ ”

Then, she graced the cast with her signature best poses, starting from her dramatic arrival pose to other extra poses. Her bright energy and great confidence brought a good atmosphere to the set.

Mijoo is also the main dancer and vocalist of Lovelyz. When her group was on hiatus since the last comeback in 2019, she had been busying herself with various variety show appearances.

Although she’s a good dancer, she often shares her crazy side by doing some random dance moves as people are often fascinated by her creative dance moves and chaotic energy. Like the one time where she and other Lovelyz members were guests on TVN’s Super TV in which she had a dance battle with kings of variety idols like Super Junior’s Shindong and Yesung. And even then, they give up and declared Mijoo as the random dance winner. They said that she was “from another dimension” and “a rare specimen” and applauded her confidence to appear that way.

Or that time when she danced energetically in KBS2’s Happy Together episode, even becoming the thumbnail and highlight of the episode.

Or that time when she danced sexily without fear or shyness in front of her seniors on JTBC’s Singderella.

Whatever it is, Mijoo’s arrival seems to always successfully bring laughter to the viewers. She indeed is a variety queen.



Jisoo, the visual of BLACKPINK is famous for her nickname 4D. Who would have known that behind her cute and smiley persona, she actually has the craziest personality among all the BLACKPINK members?

Out of the blue, she always makes the weirdest facial expressions and gestures when she is caught on screen.

One scene where she cuts onions even became a meme and made it to 9GAG, a famous website for memes.

Not just once or twice, she was also caught red-handed by the camera at a music award show when she put a drinking bottle on her shoulder. This scene also became famous as her signature 4D talent.

On top of that, Jisoo is also known as BLACKPINK’s mood maker. As the only member with an extrovert personality, Jisoo is a member who is acting up a lot. But it was her actions that kept BLACKPINK alive.

She often entertains BLACKPINK members with her behavior. All BLACKPINK members, starting from Jennie, Rose, and Lisa agreed that Jisoo was the BLACKPINK mood maker. Jennie even wanted to date Jisoo if she were a man because Jisoo often made her laugh.

Not only for BLACKPINK, it seems that she is also the mood maker for everyone she’s encountered, be it her close friends or even a respectful senior, like that one time she made BIG BANG’s leader, G-Dragon, laugh to her joke.

This event was caught during the movie Kwon Ji-yong Act III: Motte, which is a behind-the-scenes documentary focused on G-Dragon preparing for his last solo concert before his military registration. The documentary captures him in a state of anxiety when he gets his style and is ready for his concert.

BLACKPINK appeared in the behind-the-scenes to support their senior and role models. They and G-Dragon greet each other.

Although it’s certainly scary to talk to someone who has revolutionized the entire genre of music, Jisoo shows great confidence and social skills when she comfortably makes small jokes with G-Dragon while watching him with his makeup artist.

“You apply the same makeup as me,” she said in a friendly tone.

Other BLACKPINK members laugh at this, but G-Dragon considers this remark meaningful.

“This is my first smile today,” he said.

Jisoo then couldn’t help but cheer him a little bit more and asked if he saw a copy of Kwon Ji-yong’s solo album.

“Can I take this? Can I?” she asked.

Even though G-Dragon is his senior, Jisoo comfortably talks to him and jokes with him, lifting his mood.

This shows that Jisoo is like an unstable radioisotope, no matter who he is, there will be chemistry!


IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

It’s hard to pick one member as the craziest among the IZ*ONE members. The group is filled with many girls with 4D personalities. There is the calm-but-crazy Sakura, cute and psycho Yena, and even sweet and witty Wonyoung. But, among those girls, Chaeyeon stands out the most due to her cute and funny personality as can be seen by the compilation of her funny videos below:

On top of everything else, she also has a very contagious smile that will make everyone laugh along with her. Her laugh is wide and loud, and she doesn’t shy away to show it.

Check out her laughter compilation below!