From Lovelyz’s Mijoo To IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon; Here Are The List Of K-Pop Female Idol Who Have Extra Personality That Will Make You Laugh

Red Velvet’s Wendy

Despite her calm and shy exterior, Red Velvet’s Wendy is actually a prankster and the master of random dances among the Red Velvet members!

She often shows her witty and funny sides and fans have even made a compilation of her funny traits:

Not only that, but she also didn’t shy away when she was challenged to do the random crazy dance on a variety show.

During the Fact Check segment of Red Velvet’s appearance in JTBC’s Idol Room, Jung Hyung-don and Defconn (MCs) challenged Wendy and called her out on her claim: “I am the dancing queen of Red Velvet.”

Even though Wendy denied their accusation and said she didn’t remember ever saying that, the two MCs were ready with video evidence of her words. Joy was ready to support Wendy and she said, “Even if it’s the same dance, Wendy has her own way of performing it.”

Jung Hyung-don then asked where Wendy will place herself as a dancer in SM. When she could not answer, the other Red Velvet members were asked the order of the best dancers in their agency. They chose BoA on the first rank, followed by TVXQ’s Yunho, SHINee’s Taemin, and GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Hyoyeon. Then the two MCs teased Wendy by saying, “And Wendy’s fifth, right? Let’s name them the SM Five.”

To prove Wendy’s ability as a dancer, Idol Room had prepared a challenger who is none other than the maknae of NCT and Red Velvet’s junior, Jisung. Red Velvet members were happy to see their junior present and greeted him warmly. When asked about Wendy’s dancing ability, Jisung joked by answering, “She sings really well. But the dance …?”

Then, the two of them were involved in a fierce dance battle to see who is the better dancer. In the end, Jisung made everyone laugh when he said, “I used to connect Wendy with singing, but now I know why she became a part of SM Five. I think she can become SM Four,” and Wendy’s surprised expression at that moment only made everyone laugh harder.

In a more serious statement, Wendy said, “Before, I was not a dancer. Recently I started to enjoy dancing. I say to myself, even if I’m not good at it, I have to enjoy it for myself and that’s what’s important,” and Jisung is ready to remember those words.

Watch the exciting dance battle between Wendy and Jisung in the video below!


TWICE’s Dahyun

It’s no secret that Dahyun is known as the most striking and weird member of TWICE. Despite her cute face, Dahyun is able to pull off a joke that would make everyone roll with laughter.

Dahyun became a member of TWICE on July 7th, 2015, after passing through the reality show Sixteen under JYP Entertainment. The girl who was born on May 28th, 1998, was known to bring the “eagle dance” to a church, a video that went viral at the time.

The girl who is often called Dubu is also famous for being super funny. Her hilarious actions have been proven on several Korean variety shows.

Like when she was a guest on SBS’ Running Man, her super cool dance made Jihyo and the others unable to stop laughing.

In MBC’s Weekly Idol, TWICE members were given a turn to dance to the song “Gashina” by Sunmi. Everything went normal until Dahyun showed the moves that made everyone laugh.

And who can forget Dahyun’s signature “eagle dance” that made her the talk of the town during TWICE’s early debut days? Certainly not us!

And the OG video:


EXID’s Hani

Ahn Hani or familiarly called Hani is famously known as the visual of EXID due to her extreme beauty for which she is and even compared to barbie dolls. But behind her graceful and pretty face, who would have thought that Hani is not the type of woman who’s carefully guarding her image.

After all, the sexy and beautiful image that she projected at the beginning of her popularity turned out to be inversely proportional to her original nature that is easy-going, outspoken, and quick-wit. This nature began to show when she started appearing in variety shows in Korea. Even so, the public seems to have been fascinated by her nature which made her even more popular.

Here are some of Hani’s behaviors that are guaranteed to make you laugh and may even make you become a fan:

Once on a TV show, Hani spread her legs wide just like a man. She has a habit of opening her legs to sit more comfortably on variety shows. This habit of hers became more famous after Kangnam pointed it out, and has contributed to her nickname Hani Hyung.

Her habit was often scolded by EXID’s manager, who always reminds her to sit properly during variety shows. But, it seems that her man-like attitude has landed her a spot in various variety shows as a host.


Her personality and image have even landed her a role as one of the MCs on MBC’s Weekly Idol. There’s no way Hani could be an MC on Weekly Idol if she is not funny.

For those who like to watch the program, you will often see her hilarious and uncanny behavior.

She also does not hesitate to show an ugly face in front of the camera. When one of the hosts asked her to put on an ugly face, Hani casually did it.

On top of everything else, she is also not afraid to show her eating habits in which she often does mukbang and eats in a big portion.

So, those are the six K-Pop female idols who are not scared to throw away their pretty facade and unveil the crazy personality on the inside! What do you think about this list? Which one do you think is the funniest? Kindly comment below and tell us your thoughts!