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Lovelyz’ Awards and Nominations


A year into their debut, Lovelyz was nominated in several music award shows, such as the Melon Music Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and Mnet Asian Music Awards. Though not winning in any categories, Lovelyz was still able to make their name known. On the other hand, their first win on music shows only occurred in their third year, through their second repackaged promotion, Now, We. The joyous moment was definitely rewarding for the group and made them even more eager to give their best to Lovelinus, their fan club.

Here’s the list of Lovelyz’s awards and nominations below!

2015 – K-pop Top 10 Artists on Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards (Winner)

2015 – New Artist Award on the Melon Music Awards (Nomination)

2015 – Bonsang Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2015 – New Artist Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2015 – Popularity Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2015 – Hallyu Special Award on  theSeoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2015 – Best Audience Rating Stage on the MBC Music Show Champion Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Best New Female Artists on the Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Artist of the Year on the Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Most Popular Artists (Singer) on the Asia Artist Awards (Nomination)

2016 – New Artist of the Year on the Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Popularity Award on the Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Global Popularity Award on the Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Best Dance Performance – Female Group on the Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Song of the Year on the Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Popularity Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Hallyu Special Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2016 – Bonsang Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2017 – Popularity Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2017 – Hallyu Special Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2017 – Bonsang Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2017 – Music Chart Winner on SBS’ The Show (May 16)

2017 – Most Popular Artists (Singer) on the Asia Artist Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Most Popular Artists (Singer) on the Asia Artist Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Disk Bonsang on the Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Global Popularity Award on the Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Popularity Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Hallyu Special Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Bonsang Award on the Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Popularity Award (Female) on the Soribada Best K-Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Global Fandom Award on the Soribada Best K-Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Bonsang Award on the Soribada Best K-Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Music Chart Winner on SBS’ The Show (November 28)

2018 – Music Chart Winner on SBS’ The Show (May 1)

Lovelyz’ Concerts and Tours


Arguably considered as a B-list girl-group in South Korea music industry, Lovelyz has been actively holding concert after concert throughout the course of their career. Their first concert, Lovelyz in Winterland, is already in its third installment and has been held not only in their own country, but also in Japan and Singapore, proving that their music is what makes them popular.

Here  the complete list of Lovelyz’s concerts and tours, below!

January 13 – 15, 2017 – Lovelyz in Winterland (Seoul, South Korea)

July 29 – 30, 2017 – Lovelyz 2017 Summer Concert Alwayz (Seoul, South Korea)

August 5 – 6, 2017 – Lovelyz 2017 Summer Concert Alwayz (Tokyo, Japan)

December 2017 – Lovelyz 1st Showcase in Taiwan (Shanghai, Taiwan)

February 2 – 4, 2018 – Lovelyz in Winterland 2 (Seoul, South Korea)

February 10 and 12, 2018 – Lovelyz  in Winterland 2 (Tokyo and Osaka, Japan)

February 14 – 17, 2019 – Lovelyz in Winterland 3 (Seoul, South Korea)

March 17, 2019 – Lovelyz in Winterland 3 (Jurong, Singapore)

Did Lovelyz Do Plastic Surgery?


Though having many members in one group, Lovelyz members are relatively easy to be differentiated among based on their appearance, because each of them has a unique characteristic that made them stands out individually. However, when it comes to plastic surgery, are Lovelyz members totally free of it? Let’s do our investigation!


The first Lovelyz member whom we’ll observe is none other than its leader, Baby Soul. Known for having a round face, it looks like Baby Soul has never done anything to reconstruct her face shape. However, we do notice Baby Soul’s nose looks sharper in its bridge and wider in its nostrils, possibly either the cause of a nose job or merely the contouring of her makeup. As for her eyes, Baby Soul has maintained their natural shape and more than often decorates them with eye makeup that accentuates her beauty.


We move to Jiae, one of the group’s visuals. Ever since her school days in SOPA, Jiae has been recognized for being the ulzzang, as her beauty shines even in her bare face. Comparing her past and present appearance by her photos isn’t hard, because the female idol has hardly changed. If anything, the makeup that Jiae usually wears enhances her appearance to be more gorgeous.


Not many people know that the third Lovelyz member, Jisoo, hides a dorky charm behind her classy appearance. As soon as she debuted in the music industry, her pre-debut photos spread massively on the internet forums, causing some curiosity among the public because she looks exactly the same. As you can see, Jisoo already had the big, monolid eyes that often fascinates people, as well as her tall and proportionally-shaped nose and U-shaped jaw. Therefore, we believe that, just like Jiae, Jisoo has never had plastic surgery to improve her facial features.


The dazzling Lovelyz’ visual, Mijoo, was just like another girl who went through puberty, as she used to have chubby cheeks during her middle school days. Mijoo’s eyes had natural double eyelids with large beans, and her nose was already pronounced in its bridge, if round in its tip. Compared to her past appearance, we believe that Mijoo has undergone a nose job in order to make its tip sharper and more ideal, and the fat on her cheeks has gone as she matures, making her face slimmer. However, many people think that Mijoo may also have done surgery on her chin, because its shape looks somewhat unnatural in V-shape.


The face of the group, Kei, is also unable to escape the allegations of plastic surgery. Looking like a living doll, many people think that Kei’s face is beyond artificial. However, after examining her past and present photos, we believe that the reason behind Kei’s slightly different appearance is due to  makeup and contact lenses which emphasize her image as a pure and innocent idol. According to the fans, Kei also often wears tapes on her eyes, which made her face look more mature than usual, hence the artificial vibe that somehow emanated from her.


Similar to Jisoo, not many people know that Jin is actually one of the funny members in the group, as her calm demeanor is totally different from her unique traits. Throughout the years, Jin’s appearance hasn’t really changed much, as she maintained her medium-sized eyes with the fresh gleam which she was born with, along with her beautiful nose in its ideal shape and the thin lips that curl when she smiles, showing her dimples. To conclude, we are assured that Jin has not done any procedures on her face as her appearance is exactly the same as her early days.


Being the second-youngest member makes Sujeong have lots of youthful charm that is too irresistible. During the beginning of her career, many fans called her Bbangdeok, simply because the idol had chubby cheeks which made her adorable. As she matured, Sujeong lost the baby fat and squishy cheeks, and gained muscles in her abs, establishing her new image as a girl crush among other female idols. By looking at her past and present photos, we believe that Sujeong is a natural beauty who has changed to be a grown-up woman, showing her full charisma with different sides of her.


Finally, the last member, Yein, also indirectly proves that her face has never been touched by the knife of a plastic surgeon through the pre-debut photos that have been spread since her debut with Lovelyz. As we can see, Yein originally had the big monolid eyes, along with her pretty, straight ,and tall nose. Though she was wearing glasses in the old photos, Yein’s eyes were still noticeable and looked exactly the same as they do now. Thus, we acclaim that Yein joined the natural beauty forces in Lovelyz along with Jiae, Jisoo, Kei, Jin, and Jisoo.

Lovelyz’ Diet Tips


In mid-February, 2016, a screenshot of Lovelyz in Wonderland was spread on the internet forums. It was revealed that the ladies in Lovelyz really had a strict diet regimen that doesn’t allow them to eat snacks. Footage of the broadcast program showed Lovelyz members’ facial expressions instantly darkening as soon as their manager entered the room, not too long after they took out the snacks that had been stashed to be eaten. During an interview with the producers of the show, Kei said that their manager caught them eating toast secretly and throw the plates away, instantly.


Through an interview with media outlets, each of Lovelyz members shared their personal diet tips.  The leader, Baby Soul, revealed that she eats less flour and carbohydrates, and only eats cherry tomatoes for dinner, and she rides the spin bike in the dorm for 30 – 50 minutes every day, which led her to lose 10 kg. On the other hand, Jiae said that eating cereal with fruits, eating half portions of her meals, and dancing or walking around the neighborhood certainly helped her to lose 10 kg, as well.

The fox-like member, Jisoo, said that diligent workouts and practicing on her trainer’s coaching and experts’ tips, as well as eating as little as possible, is her method. Mijoo, as one of the group’s visuals, revealed that walking frequently, aerobics with dance practice, short weight training, and eating salad or nutritious food for her breakfast and little food for dinner definitely works on her goals to maintain her body shape.


Arguably the most popular member of the group, Kei, exposed the secret of her thin figure was to eat protein (eggs, chicken breast, etc.) and move a lot, while practicing simple yoga stretching every morning. On the other hand, Jin said that she eats salads and fruits and loves swimming, considering the sport to be her exercise to keep her body in shape.

The two youngest members of the group, Sujeong and Yein, also gave similar statements regarding their diet regimen. Sujeong personally chose aerobics, weight training, squats, and lunges, while taking care of her meals by eating salad regularly. Yein usually walking short distances often, does squats, and stops eating as soon as she feels full or just eats less.

After hearing Lovelyz’ diet tips, which member’s method would you want to apply on your regimen, dear readers?

Lovelyz’ Instagram Feed


Currently promoting back and forth in South Korea and Japan, Lovelyz members often update about their activities and share their selfies on the group’s official Instagram account (@official_lvlz8). Created on December 1, 2015, Lovelyz’s Instagram account has been verified and made approximately 1,101 posts, gained 264,000 followers, and follows no one. Here are the top 10 posts of Lovelyz’s Instagram feed that you must see!


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러블리즈 화이팅!!!!!

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Lovelyz’s Latest News


In mid-February, 2019, Lovelyz held their third winter concert, Lovelyz in Winterland, at Yonsei University Grand Hall, Seoul, South Korea. The concert was held for four days, from February 14 to 17, and showcased not only the group’s famous hits like Ah-Choo, Hi~, Destiny, WoW!, Twinkle, and Lost N Found, but also their b-side tracks such as Bebe, Like U, Emotion, Rewind, and First Snow. Reportedly, two members gave solo performances each day, as well as the random units performing other artists’ songs.


During the final part of the concert, each member of the group expressed their feelings toward their fans. Sujeong said that she was emotional and thankful because the third winter concert already occurred, and addressed the fans as the main characters of the event, while Jisoo reminded the fans that Lovelyz is an idol group that the fans are able to reach, “We are doing our best to return the energy you have given us. We will always be by your side, so please continue to be with us next time and the time after that as well”. The beagle member, Mijoo, gave her thanks to a Japanese fan by comically combining Korean and Japanese words into a single sentence, causing the whole venue to laugh. The concert finally concluded with the ballad track Good Night Like Yesterday.


On February 3,  2019, Lovelyz was involved in a live broadcast accident. At the time, Mijoo did a live broadcast with Yein to communicate with the fans. Instead of receiving heartwarming and encouraging messages from the fans in the chat box, Mijoo spotted lots of malicious comments from haters who tuned in to the broadcast. The rude comments such as, ‘Cr-a-zy-bi-tch’, ‘You are a failure’, ‘So Ji-ae’s face is nice (the expression insinuated that they were surprised about Jiae’s face)’, as well as requesting weird things, like to display her toes when she had bare feet, suck her feet while showing them to the camera, and asking whether she is an elderly woman giving out New Year’s pocket money, were able to be found.


These spiteful comments made Yein, who was out of the frame and did not realize that the camera had been turned on, lose her patience and instantly swore at the haters, “What are those b*stards b*tching about”. Mijoo was surprised to hear Yein curse, so she told her to keep silent while looking back at her.

The footage of this incident was already deleted on V Live after Mijoo ended the live broadcast. However, copies of the video began to spread online. The next day, Woollim Entertainment put out an official statement, saying that after concluding the promotions in Japan, the members of Lovelyz were resting at home and that the incident happened during their everyday conversation. In addition, they are sorry to the fans and promised to be more careful in the future.


The Lovelyz’s live-broadcast incident surprisingly did not put a negative light on the group, because many netizens supported Yein’s act of cursing at the haters. They commented, “The time has passed for girl-groups to just sit still even when they hear offensive remarks” and “It is the fault of those who swore at Lovelyz”. On the other hand, the fans added that this wasn’t the first time Lovelyz has had to deal with sexual harassment because some ‘fans’ came to see Mijoo after her filming for Happy Together, in their drunken state and shouted at her. On another occasion, a ‘fan’ told Sujeong to stop eating and to lose weight during a live broadcast. Certainly, these unforgivable acts must be responded to, because the longer they let these ‘fans’ do what they want, the wilder and ruder they will be to the girls.

Hopefully, their agency will report these ‘fans’, so that Lovelyz will greet the fans at ease, don’t you agree, dear readers?