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Let’s Meet the Beautiful and Multi-Talented First South Korean Girl Group Under Woollim Entertainment – LOVELYZ

Lovelyz is the first girl group from Woollim Entertainment. The group consists of eight members, including Baby Soul, Yoo Ji-ae, Jin, Lee Mi-joo, Kei, Jung Ye-in, Ryu Su Jeong, Seo Ji-soo. Lovelyz debuted with the release of their first mini-album titled Girls’ Invasion, which was released on November 17th, 2014, with the title track being the single “Candy Jelly Love.” But unfortunately, Ji-soo had to wait a long time for her official debut along with other members, because she tripped over a rather sensitive problem. Before their official debut, Lovelyz released a digital single titled “Good Night Like Yesterday.”

In 2015, to be exact on March 3rd, Lovelyz released the repackage of their first album Girls’ Invasion. On this album, Lovelyz relied on the song “Hi” as their title track. After promoting the song “Hi,” they continued the promotion of another song called “Amusement Park” on the Korean music program. Then, on August 27th, Woollim Entertainment announced Lovelyz will come back with eight members with a new album titled Lovelyz8. After releasing a teaser of pictures and videos, finally, on October 1st, Lovelyz officially made a comeback with their latest song “Ah-Choo.” Also on this album, Ji-soo was able to debut with other members after Lovelyz debuted in November 2014. Closing the end of 2015, Lovelyz re-released their third single album titled Lovelynus. The single album was released on December 7th with the leading single “For You.”

On April 25th, 2016, Lovelyz launched their second mini-album titled A New Trilogy. The music video “Destiny” used as a reliable song was launched on the same day on the Youtube site. In November, Lovelyz revealed that they will hold their first solo concert titled “Lovelyz in Winterland” on January 13th-15th, 2017, at the Samsung Card Hall. When holding their first concert, Lovelyz also revealed that they would come back in February.

After successfully organizing their first solo concert, Lovelyz officially made a comeback on February 26th, 2017, by releasing their second studio album titled Are U Ready, with the leading single “Wow.” But, Yein could not participate in the promotion in this comeback because she suffered an ankle injury during training to prepare for Lovelyz’s comeback. Yein joined the other members on March 23rd, on the Mnet M! Countdown stage. Not long after, they made a comeback with the song “Now, We,” which is part of their second repackage album. After almost three years, Lovelyz finally won their first trophy on SBS MTV’s weekly music program The Show on May 16th. That same year, Lovelyz launched their third mini-album titled Fall In Lovelyz, which was released on November 14th, 2017, with the leading single “Twinkle.”

On April 10th, 2018, Woollim Entertainment revealed that Lovelyz will release their fourth mini-album titled Heal. The mini-album contains six tracks with the leading single “That Day” and was officially released on April 23rd.

Woollim Entertainment Confirms That Lovelyz Will Make Their Comeback In November!

Woollim Entertainment has confirmed Lovelyz‘ comeback in November!

There’s been talk about the girl group’s return since early this month, and on October 30th, Woollim Entertainment commented, “Lovelyz have confirmed their comeback on November 26th, KST.” It has been reported that Lovelyz will most likely release a mini-album, and they have just wrapped up shooting the album jacket.

The girl group recently released their 33rd song, the instrumental album Muse on Music, but their last promotions were for “Wag-Zak,” which was also their first summer song.

Lovelyz Take Out the Teaser for Lost Found Songs or Come Find It (찾아 가세요) from the Sanctuary Album!

In this purple-colored clip, the members can be seen spending quiet nights before gathering the next day.

The album Sanctuary was released on November 26th, 2018.

Lovelyz Release the “Lost N Found” Music Video!

Korea Times

K-Pop girl group Lovelyz released a synth-pop confection on Monday, November 26th in the form of “Lost N Found.”

The eight-membered act returned to their signature sound with the new song, which incorporates the sort of bright synths, scratching guitar riffs, quirky electronic beats, and sweet melodies that Lovelyz has come to be known for. All at once ambient, melancholic and playful, the soul-searching “Lost N Found” is the girl group’s third single of 2018, following “That Day” and “Wag-Zak.”

The new single serves as a backdrop to the girl group’s sleek moves in a music video that drapes them in flowing, romantic outfits. In line with the title, each of the eight members appears to be hoping, or searching, for something, and at the end, each of them appears to find what she needs. Different from most K-Pop videos, the act appears in the music video holding microphones covered in elegant decorations.

“Lost N Found” is the lead single from Lovelyz’s fifth EP, Sanctuary. It follows the April release of their EP Heal.

Lovelyz is signed under Woollim Entertainment and debuted under the label in 2014.

Lovelyz Lost N Found Stage Performances

Lovelyz Members Become Victims of Harassment by Fans

One member of Lovelyz, Yoo Ji-ae, was reportedly a victim of sexual abuse from her fans. The incident occurred when they did a fan signing in early December.

Reported by Allkpop, at that time, Lovelyz was promoting their latest album titled Sanctuary. A fancam video that shows the occurrence of the harassment, is indeed just emerging and becoming the talk of netizens.

It was mentioned, during the photo session, there was a fan who asked Yoo Ji-ae to lift her leg. Hearing that, Yoo Ji-ae’s face immediately turned angry. Not only Yoo Ji-ae, but the fan also asked Mijoo to do the same. Mijoo fell silent and showed an angry expression to the fans concerned.

Another member, Yein also gave a warning about the behavior of the fans. Until now there has been no response from Lovelyz and the agency regarding the incident.

Lovelyz Experience Sexual Harassment, Woollim Entertainment Will Act Firmly!

Woolim Entertainment, as the agency that oversees Lovelyz, Infinite, and Golden Child, will take decisive action regarding the utterances of hate intended for their artists.

Launching Allkpop, Woolim Entertainment gave an official statement that they will be taking legal actions against anyone using malicious comments, cases of sexual harassment and false information circulating on social media.

“In the future, we will not show mercy to anyone who acts without thinking or spreads evil slander both online and offline,” the agency wrote as reported by Allkpop.

Woolim Entertainment also requested cooperation from fans to jointly look after their idols. If there are cases like the ones mentioned above, fans can report and send evidence to Woolim’s email, [email protected]

The official statement came days after Lovelyz members, Mijoo and Yoo Ji-ae faced sexual harassment on the spot during the promotion. As previously reported, Yoo Ji-ae from Lovelyz has just been sexually assaulted by a male fan during a fan signing event held on December 14th, 2018.

In the video circulating, there was the sound of a male fan who told Yoo Ji-ae to lift her leg when the group held a photo session. Hearing this, Yoo Ji-ae looked confused and felt uncomfortable, remembering that she was wearing a short dress even though it didn’t really show her body shape.

Besides Yoo Ji-ae, Mijoo also received similar treatment from the fanboy. The expression on her face immediately changed and she glared at the place where the fanboy was sitting. Luckily the fans entertained Jiae and Mijoo by shouting, “Ji-ae unnie. Ji-ae unnie. Make sure you eat well.”

Lovelyz just released their latest album titled Sanctuary last November. Lovelyz also appeared at various events to promote the album, including fan signing events attended by fans.

Lovelyz Apologizes For Cursing at Haters in the Background During Live Broadcast

Lovelyz has apologized after a member was heard swearing during a live broadcast.

On February 3rd, Mijoo held a Naver V Live broadcast to communicate with fans. As Mijoo noticed malicious comments in the chat box, an unidentified member commented out of frame, “What are those b*stards b*tching about,” failing to notice that the camera had been turned on. Surprised, Mijoo responded, “Unni,” while looking back at the member.

Although the footage of this incident was deleted on V Live after Mijoo ended the live broadcast, copies of the video began to spread online.

In response to this matter, Woollim Entertainment issued an official statement the next day, on February 4th. The agency stated, “After ending their promotions in Japan yesterday, [the Lovelyz members] were resting at home. The situation happened unintentionally during their everyday conversation. We’re sorry to have worried fans, and the agency will be more careful in the future as well.”

Lovelyz Comeback Prediction

According to account predictions circulating on Twitter, Lovelyz is rumored to be starting their comeback in the first half of 2019. But, it is only a prediction and does not necessarily have to happen. So, just wait for the latest news and the appearance of Lovelyz members!