Get To Know LOVELYZ’ Jin: Profile, Solo Debut, Hiatus, and More

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Learn More About LOVELYZ’ JIN

Hello, readers! We are coming back with another batch of information for you about the Korean Entertainment world. And today, in this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed rundown of everything there is to know about our beloved idol from the popular Korean girl group LOVELYZ, JIN.

Channel-Korea will share with you details about LOVELYZ’ JIN’s profile, her latest news and a lot more. So, if you don’t want to miss it, stay tuned with us and keep scrolling down! And now, let’s get started!


LOVELYZ’ JIN Profile and Facts

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Park Myung Eun, or mostly known by people by her stage name Jin, is one of the members of the popular Korean girl group LOVELYZ. She was born in Seoul, South Korea on June 12th, 1996. Her zodiac sign is Gemini and her blood type is B. Jin’s height is 165 cm (5’5”) and her weight is 45 kg.

Jin was born in Seoul, but actually, her parents are from Busan, so that makes her dialect sound like she was actually born in Busan. She picked up her parents’ accent. According to the interview for Ilgan Sport’s DrunkDol, her dialect comes out when she’s on the phone with her mother.

Jin and LOVELYZ’ Jisoo are sharing a room, according to interview with Ilgan Sport’s DrunkDol. And also, Jin is quite tolerant of alcohol. She can drink a bottle of soju or two cans of beer. She once said that when they make a lot of money, she wants to start a business with her parents. Jin likes to be called “Myungeun-ah” by other people.

Jin’s favorite colors are white and black, and her favorite foods are spaghetti, her mom’s seaweed soup, her dad’s galbijjim, and tteobokki. Jin dislikes sashimi. JIN loves some of the characters from cartoons and animations, like Snoopy and Toy Story. She even has Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls.

According to the other members, they have said that Jin has a 4D personality, and she has the most variety of skills and is also the most awkward member. LOVELYZ’ Mijoo even said that Jin does things that no one can understand. Jin’s ideal type is someone hardworking who looks cold outside but is actually warm-hearted inside. Jin’s role models are Lee Sung-kyung and Park Bo-ram.


Beginning as a Solo Artist


Jin’s position in LOVELYZ is the Main Vocalist. Before she debuted with LOVELYZ, she had already been a trainee since her middle school years. And then, Jin went to Korea Arts High School and became a vocalist in her school band while she was still at it. After her four years of training at Woolim Entertainment, she debuted as a solo artist in 2013 with a single called “Gone,” as in this song, the actors for the Music Video are EXO’s Xiumin and Korean actress Kim Yoo-jung.

In the other hand, she performed with INFINITE’s H in INFINITE’s That Summer 2’s concert in 2014. And in INFINITE’s Man in Love Performance for Gayo Daejun, Jin was the one who danced with Hoya.


Debut With Lovelyz


Jin first debuted as a solo artist. And then, in 2014, she debuted as a member of the Korean Idol group, LOVELYZ with the release of their debut album, Girls’ Invasion that came out on November 17th, 2014. Woolim’s director said that Jin got her stage name from him, and it was from the Japanese video game that he played before.

Jin’s debut with LOVELYZ took place on November 12th, 2014, at the K-ART Hall in Olympic Park as a debut showcase and then made their debut stage on the next day on Mnet’s M! Countdown. Before all of that, LOVELYZ released a pre-release digital single called “Good Night Like Yesterday” on November 5th, 2014.

In their debut stage, according to New Yang Nam Show 170406 in, Jin got a stomachache because she had excessive gas in her stomach before performing, and it was found out after being examined. Jin is also the last member of The Three Musketeers, the longest trainees to become LOVELYZ members (Jin, Baby Soul, and Jiae). Jin once got caught after secretly using messenger that was prohibited by Woolim’s CEO after debuting.


Jin’s Hiatus Controversy

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On June 21st, 2018, Woolim Entertainment announced that LOVELYZ would be releasing their special digital single titled “Wag-Zak.” But then, they also announced that Jin wouldn’t be taking part in the promotions due to health issues. According to, fans believed the agency and supported its decision to put their beloved Jin’s recovery first.

But then, however, some fans have alleged evidence that Jin wasn’t dealing with just a health concern, but was actually involved in a car accident. This controversy began when a twitter account named @ZionPark_ claiming to be Jin’s cousin, tweeted that Woolim Entertainment was lying about Jin’s condition. But then, the tweet had been removed.

Of course, at first, fans wouldn’t believe what that account said. According to, the fans also criticized that twitter account for trying to cause controversy and did the same thing mentioning a former member of PRISTIN, Kyla. That account did the same thing that Kyla’s brother did regarding Kyla’s hiatus.

And then, however, this situation changed when another fan discovered a newsletter from Jin’s church that she has been hospitalized from a car accident, under the section “Church Member’s News,” it listed “Hospitalized: Member Park Myung-eun/S Hospital (Car Accident).”

This made fans’ suspiciousness grow up as Jin’s legal name is Park Myung-eun. Finally, the fans decided to request an official update from Woolim Entertainment for Jin by trending the hashtag ‘#울림에게_피드백을_요구합니다’ (Requesting Feedback from Woolim).

Woolim Entertainment didn’t give an official statement about this controversy, but then, the support for Jin and the other LOVELYZ members still continued. After, in July 2018, Jin was ready to greet her fans again.



Solo Digital Singles

  • “Gone” (2013)

LOVELYZ’ Discography

  • Girls’ Invasion (2014)
  • R U Ready? (2017)


Latest News

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On June 15th, 2019, the Official Instagram account of Lovelyz posted some pictures that showed they celebrated Jin’s birthday. Jin looked so blessed and happy in these posts.



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On May 20th, 2019, on their official Twitter account, they tweeted and pinned the latest info about their latest mini-album. They also posted some pictures.


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