Will Lovelyz Disband? Check Out the Official Explanation, Here!

Lovelyz's Disbandment: Lovelyz's Group Teaser Photo for The First and Only Single Album "Lovelinus"
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Everything You Need to Know About Lovelyz’s Disbandment!

Many K-pop groups have tried to survive for more than five years, including Lovelyz. Those who have followed K-pop for a long time probably know that Lovelyz is an iconic group. There are some popular albums released by the eight-piece group, one of them is Girls’ Invasion with two amazing lead singles, “Hi~” and “Amusement Park”.

Despite the success they’ve had, we rarely hear news about Lovelyz these days. After they released their seventh EP Unforgettable, it would seem that the group has disappeared. So, what has happened with Lovelyz and the members? In this article, we invite you to learn about the current condition of Lovelyz, with the reality and facts behind the doors.

Lovelyz Officially Disbanded in November 2021

Lovelyz's Disbandment: Lovelyz's Fancam When Performing "Destiny", Their Fifth Single at Joongbu University Festival
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It has been official that Lovelyz disbanded on November 1st, 2021. The next headlines will provide you with explanations of all the things related to the disbandment decision that you need to know.

The Real Reasons Behind Lovelyz’s Disbandment

Lovelyz's Disbandment: Lovelyz's Group Teaser Photo for Their Seventh Extended Play (EP) Album "Unforgettable"
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The reason for this disbandment was revealed through a video uploaded by Lee Jin-ho. Through his video, the reporter explained the reason why the group decided to disband. He said that the members and Woollim Entertainment (Lovelyz’s agency) have been in contract renewal discussion for several months before the disbandment.

At the beginning of the discussion, only a few members had made their decision to not renew their contracts. Therefore, the company felt optimistic about the group, because there was still a big chance for Lovelyz to stay as a group. It wasn’t revealed who the first members were that decided not to renew the contract, though.

Time passed by, and the discussion was still in process. During the discussion, there was a request from the members who wouldn’t renew their contract. Those members wanted to release one last album, in case the group would disband soon after they left the company. The album was meant to serve as a means to end the group’s activities beautifully, thus giving them a chance to say farewell to Lovelinus (Lovelyz’s fan base).

The group then started to work on the last album. However, in the midst of finalizing the last album, opinions began to split between the company and the members. Woollim Ent. disapproved of the making and release of the future album. The members were very disappointed, because they had been working hard for the album. This conflict was revealed as the main reason behind the members’ failed negotiation.

Due to this conflict, the members have a strong reason to leave. Even the members who were willing to stay have changed their minds and decided to leave after the split occurred. Rumors said that if the conflict didn’t happen, the album could be released soon, and would be the perfect ending to 2021.

The Official Statement from Woollim Ent. About Lovelyz’s Disbandment

Lovelyz's Disbandment: Lovelyz's Group Photo After Performing "Twinkle" in SBS Inkigayo
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Following this reason, 7 out of 8 members were reported that they wouldn’t renew their contract. The report was publicly revealed on November 1st, and the contract would be officially expired soon on November 16th. On the next day (November 2nd), Woollim Ent. gave its official announcement about the group. Actually, the official statement from the company didn’t specifically use the word “disband”. However, the announcement has emphasized clearly that there’ll be no future activities from Lovelyz. This was the official statement released by Woollim Ent.

“Our exclusive contract with Lovelyz will expire on November 16th, 2021. After a long and in-depth discussion, the seven members decided to start their new step elsewhere. The seven members have decided to prepare for a new chapter in their lives and we respect and will support their decision.”

The statement received so many comments from K-pop fans, especially from Lovelinus. On that day also, the members released their own individual handwritten letters to Lovelinus. All members wrote their own letters, and their points were all similar. They thanked the company, the members, and Lovelinus, and they also wished for a better future. They also hoped that Lovelinus can support them all, whatever their journey will be.

These are some letters written by the members.

Lovelyz's Disbandment: The Handwritten Letter Made by Lovelyz Leader Baby Soul After Lovelyz's Official Disbandment Announcement
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Lovelyz's Disbandment: The Handwritten Letter Written by Mijoo After Lovelyz's Official Disbandment Announcement
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Lovelyz's Disbandment: The Handwritten Letter Written by Lovelyz Maknae Yein After Lovelyz's Official Disbandment Announcement
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Lovelyz Members’ Future Steps in the K-pop Industry

Lovelyz's Disbandment: Lovelyz's Backstage Photo After Performing "Candy Jelly Love"
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It has been mentioned from the previous headlines that Lovelyz are officially disbanded. The official announcement also stated clearly that each of the members will make their own path. So, in this headline, we’ll see their future steps in the K-pop industry.

Out of 8 members, 7 members of Lovelyz have ended their contract with Woollim Ent. The only member that decided to renew the contract is the leader Baby Soul. She will continue her activities as a solo artist under the company. Also, she won’t be using the name Baby Soul again for her promotion. The oldest member will use her birth name as her stage name, Lee Su-jeong.

The main dancer Mijoo was the first member to find a new agency. She has officially joined Yoo Hee-yeol’s agency Antenna Entertainment as a solo artist. Actually, Mijoo was rumored to have joined the company long before Lovelyz’s official disbandment. It was because Mijoo has participated in many variety shows. Her friendly personality and fresh humor made her known as a comedian, not as a Lovelyz member. Following her success in such shows, Lovelinus expect Mijoo to be a successful comedian under the new company.

The maknae Yein has officially joined the Sublime Artist Agency to restart her career. The agency is well known as the home of popular K-pop artists such as Rain, GOT7’s Jackson and Youngjae, and Song Kang-ho. In January 2022, the agency confirmed that Yein was preparing herself for her solo debut.

Kei, the main vocalist of Lovelyz was reported on December 3rd that she has signed a contract with a label. The label is Palmtree Island Label, and she will be promoting soon as a solo artist and as a musical actress.

The third oldest member Seo Ji-soo recently signed her contract with Mystic Story. She officially signed her contract on January 4th, 2022, as an actress. Meanwhile, the second oldest member Yoo Ji-ae has officially joined YGKPlus, a model management company owned by YG Entertainment. To this day, news about Ryu Su-jeong and Jin still haven’t been heard. The two vocalists haven’t confirmed joining any K-pop company or agency.

Lovelinus’ Opinions About Lovelyz’s Disbandment

Lovelyz's Disbandment: Lovelyz's Backstage Photo After Performing "Hi~"
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After Lovelyz disbanded in November last year, Lovelinus reacted and gave their opinions. Most of them expressed their sadness. Some of them also lamented the lack of company promotion for Lovelyz during their active days as a girl group.

Some of them also retold the story of how Lovelyz’s songs have impressed them. Although the members’ career as Lovelyz has ended, Lovelinus keep expecting the members to shine and be more successful with their new paths. These are some popular reactions from Lovelinus.

“Why did this group have to end like this….“

“Geez, I hope they at least release one last album….”

“I only wish the best for all personnel….”

“I wouldn’t be this sad if they were promoted as long as they were ignored…. :(”

That’s all the things that you need to know about Lovelyz’s disbandment. As their fans, we can only hope that the members will pursue a new successful career in their respective companies. So, please keep supporting them, and also, don’t forget to read the other interesting articles on Channel-Korea!