Is Jin Yi-han Married? Let’s Look into the Love Life of Jin Yi-han!

Yin Ji Han

Jin Yi-han’s Love Life

Issues of dating among celebrities, especially actors and actresses, often color the world of South Korean entertainment. One of these actors is the handsome Jin Yi-han, who cannot escape rumors about his personal life, although, as an actor, of course Jin Yi-han is familiar with that. Whose names have been linked with this awesome actor?

Jin Yi-han and Ha Ji-won

Rumors have circulated that Ha Ji-won and Jin Yi-han might have a special relationship. These rumors emerged when the keywords “Jin Yi-han Ha Ji-won lover” became a top search on the internet at the time. Jin Yi-han finally addressed the rumors, saying he was surprised when he saw the gossip appear. He explained that Ha Ji-won and he were just ordinary friends and colleagues, playing in the series Empress Ki.

“I was also very surprised,” Jin Yi-han said. “I don’t know why the rumors can emerge. The rumors aren’t true at all,” he continued.

In Empress Ki, Jin Yi-han and Ha Ji-won acted the roles of a teacher and student. They did have strong chemistry on screen together, so that may be why many fans want them to date. “My age with Ha Ji-won is the same, that’s why we are close friends,” he added.

“Maybe because we were the same age then filming together every day and often talking, that’s why people think we have a special relationship.”

When asked if he and the actress Ha Ji-won were still in touch even though filming ended, Jin Yi-han agreed. “Until now, we often send messages to each other through Kakao Talk and ask how we are doing,” he said.

Jin Yi-han’s Ideal Woman

The ideal woman should look better without make-up.
She should be a charming person.
The ideal woman should look good, but shouldn’t spend a lot of time on it.

With reference to character, the ideal woman is one you’re always comfortable with.
She has to appreciate you, not just your money.

So girls, does that sound like you?