Get To Know LOONA’s Maknae, Yeojin: Profile, Facts, Debut, Web Drama

Loona’s Yeojin Focus Fancam

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You don’t want to miss out on Yeojin’s focus fan-cam. Here’s some of Yeojin’s focus fan-cam that you need to watch~ Check this out!

In 2020, LOONA comeback with their third EP called “[12:00]” with the title track “Why Not?” on October 19, 2020. Yeojin comeback with short blonde hair, which really suitable for her. She also wore a cute baby doll outfit. Her dance is so good, and fans talk about her kick in the choreography.

On December 24, 2020, M2 uploaded Yeojin’s focus fan-cam singing to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You. She looks so beautiful with a Santa outfit and earmuffs! Check out the video above!

After a year of debut, LOONA comeback with a song called “Butterfly”. Yeojin still had medium hair back then in 2019.

The comment section is full of positive comments. Let’s take a look to fans comments of Yeojin’s Butterfly focus fan cam here:

  • Ugh, the pure talent she exhibits from this performance, like if anyone says that Yeojin is outside top 4 as a performer and dancer in Loona is catching hands straight up she isn’t dancing in 10-inch platforms for you guys to underrate her dancing skills!
  • To think up until 6 months ago, our smol bean had no big stage experience, and now she’s killing it in her super high boots and her rockin bun.
  • I’ve also been waiting for this fan cam since I was born.
  • IT’S WHAT SHE HECKIN DESERVES!!!!!! TINY GODDESS YEOJIN HEAL OUR SOULS *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ This is her prettiest bun hairstyle yet!! I love love half updos, and she looks so elegant, totally like a true princess here~ SHE’S SO PRECIOUS AND TALENTED BEAUTIFUL BABIE

Loona’s Yeojin Appearances in Web Drama

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Yeojin has starred in a web drama called Woomanna. The web drama starring the members of LOONA and has released 3 seasons so far. The web drama tells the story of a series portraying the heart-warming first love experiences of campus students and their beginnings. Yeojin had a minor role. Fans are captivated and amazed by Yeojin’s acting.

Check out Loona’s Yeojin act in the web drama here:

Fans responds after watching Woomanna, which starred by Yeojin:

  • I bet this wasn’t even hard to act because they’re like this in real life, too … I love their relationship.
  • I swear they’re not acting at all, lmao
  • Same HaSeul, I want to annoy YeoJin because she’s too cute, but also, I will protect her because she’s too precious. YeoSeul 😍💕

Also, fans’ comments are hilarious after watching Episode 3 of Woomanna. A fan said that the girls deserved an oscar. Others said, “Wtf Yeojin perfectly described what having sisters is like.”, “Why does Yeojin have a personality of a grandma lol.”, “Yeojin as your younger sister would be great she’s so cute goshhh“, etc.


That’s all about Yeojin’s profile, facts, and also her appearance in the web drama. She is also a great dancer and vocalist of the group. What do you think of LOONA’s Yeojin? You might want to give a listen to LOONA’s song after reading the article, right? Don’t forget to share and give your thoughts!