What is Your LOONA’s Favorite Ship? Check Out Their Relationship And Chemistry, Here!

LOONA's Ship

From 2JIN To HyeWon: Who’s Your Favorite LOONA’s Ship?

LOONA is a South Korean girl group which is also famous for having many members. If you haven’t know before, LOONA is popular for their top songs, such as “A Different Night”, “PTT (Paint The Town)”, “Flip That” and many more. Beside become a K-Pop girlgroup who has a lot of ahievements, their fans also really appreciate for the members’ chemistry.

In this article, there’s a detailed information about LOONA and their members chemistry. For ORBITs, you may get new information about LOONA’s ship and how close they are with each other!

LOONA’s Ship And Their Chemistry


When it comes to chemistry, they had a great connection with each other, so many fans appreciated their work hard by the member’s relationship from the beginning of their journey until now. Have you ever known that LOONA also has ships just like any other K-Pop group?

Here are LOONA’s ships that you should know :

LOONA’s Members LOONA’s Ship Name
LOONA’s Heejin and Hyunjin 2JIN
LOONA’s Vivi and Haseul ViSeul
LOONA’s Yeojin and Choerry Yeorry
LOONA’s Jinsoul and Kim Lip Lipsoul
LOONA’s Chuu and Yves Chuuves
LOONA’s Olivia Hye and Go Won Hyewon


LOONA’s 2JIN (Heejin x Hyunjin)


LOONA’s 2JIN is Heejin and Hyunjin. They are both the most famous ships and arguably get the first position in LOONA’s ship. They were both a contestant in YG’s Entertainment, ‘MIXNINE’.

In the end, they reunited in the same agency and the same group. Do you think it’s LOONA’s 2JIN’s fate? The two are close to each other and trained together to finally debuted.


But, there’s one thing that fans regret because, during ‘MIXNINE’, there’s evil editing that makes LOONA’s Hyunjin seems to hate Heejin after she gets eliminated.

There are so many similarities between LOONA’s 2JIN and that’s how they became the most favorite ship by ORBITs!

LOONA’s ViSeul (Vivi x HaSeul)


In the 2nd rank, there is LOONA’s ViSeul. The two of them are LOONA’s Vivi and Haseul, so they are both are in the unnie line and really take care of the members very well.

The similarities between them are they are both the shortest member in the and can speak English too.


Being the oldest member in the group also brings benefits to other members, because LOONA’s ViSeul can attract attention and affection to one another.

Although there are not many similarities between LOONA’s ViSeul, they complement each other’s shortcomings.

What do you think about LOONA’s ViSeul’s relationship?

LOONA’s Yeorry (Yeojin x Choerry)


In the 3rd rank, there is LOONA’s Yeorry which is Yeojin and Choerry. They have another nickname, which is YeoChoe. Their ship name of course is taken from a combination of names each other

LOONA’s Yeorry both have brown eyes and debuted with brown hair. As time goes by, they both bleached their hair. They are also often seen with one another, one of which is when they travel around and they sit next to each other.


LOONA’s Yeorry also has something in common when it comes to hobbies. They are both having the most interest in nail art and LOONA’s Yeorry also is in the same sub-unit in ODD EYE CIRCLE.

What do you think about LOONA’s Yeorry’s relationship?

LOONA’s Lipsoul (Jinsoul x Kim Lip)


In the 4th rank, LOONA’s Lipsoul, Jinsoul and Kim Lip, occupy this position. They also have other nicknames, which are KimSoul and JinLip. Both have quite a lot in common, which is born in South Korea.

LOONA’s Lipsoul has dyed bleached their hair to be blonde and looks like a twin with this look. LOONA’s Lipsoul are part of the sub-unit ODD-EYE CIRCLE because they have a similar cool sides and in the vocal line.


LOONA’s Lipsoul’s blood type B and have the same representative colors. While each member’s previous few ships didn’t have that much of an age gap, LOONA’s JinSoul is the ’97 line and Kim Lip is the ’99 line.

What do you think about LOONA’s Lipsoul’s relationship?

LOONA’s Chuuves (Chuu x Yves)


In the 5th rank, LOONA’s ship also looks cute and soft. Many people are falling in love with LOONA’s Chuuves, which are Chuu and Yves. Other nicknames for this ship are JiSoo, Yvuu and YvesChuu. Fans also made another nickname with Eevee and Pikachu, which was very cute for these two.

Just like the other LOONA’s ship, Chuuves also have similarities, one of which is brown eyes and brown hair when it comes to appearance. They are also in the same sub-unit with yyxy. LOONA’s Chuuves are also in the same representative animals, LOONA’s Yves as swan and LOONA’s Chuu as penguin.


Some of the similarities above also have some differences, such as their blood type and age. LOONA’s Chuu was born in ’99 line and her blood type is B, LOONA’s Yves is older because she was born in ’97 line and her blood type is A.

What do you think about LOONA’s Chuuves’ relationship?

LOONA’s Hyewon (Olivia Hye x Hyewon)


In the 6th rank, LOONA’s Hyewon is one of the top LOONA’s ships that fans talk about the most. They are LOONA’s Olivia Hye and Hyewon. These two members were born in South Korea and introduced in 2018 and included in the sub-unit yyxy.


Both LOONA’s Olivia Hye and Hyewon are in the rap line and are sensitive. Although this two are one of the most-talked LOONA’s ships, they also have some differences, because LOONA’s Olivia Hye hates mint chocolate ice cream, but Hyewon hates it.

What do you think about LOONA’s Hyewon’s relationship?

Well, that was all for the information about LOONA’s ship that you should know. So, do you have any favorite ships from above? If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!