Everything About Loona: Profile, Facts, Discography, etc.

Loona’s Sub-Units


As was briefly mentioned in the previous section, Loona revealed its members one by one in each month, which were later grouped in sub-units. Over the span of a year and a half of the pre-debut project, Loona had established three sub-units, which Channel-Korea has summed up below.

Loona 1/3


After releasing a quarter of its members, Loona finally revealed their first sub-unit Loona 1/3. Contrary to what most fans expected, the fourth member, Yeojin, did not participate in the sub-unit in order to focus on her studies, whereas the fifth member, who was yet to be revealed, Vivi, joined along with Heejin, Hyunjin, and Haseul. The quartet is described as the combination of girls present on planet earth and depict the most realistic and practical sceneries that can easily be found on the streets or in school.

Loona 1/3 released their first mini-album Love & Live on March 13th, 2017, and contains five tracks, namely “Into the New Heart” (guitar by TRAX’s Kim Jung-mo), the title track “Love&Live,” which is written, composed, and arranged by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), “You and Me Together,” “Fairy Tale,” and “Valentine Girl.” Love & Live album has successfully sold more than 2,992 copies and peaked at #10 on Gaon Weekly Album Chart and #36 on Gaon Monthly Album Chart.


A month later, Loona 1/3 released their repackage album Love & Evil with three additional tracks “Sonatine,” “Rain 51db,” and the remix version of either “Love&Live” or “You and Me Together,” which are only available on the physical CD. Written, composed, and arranged by Swetch, Noh Ju Hwan, and Meng-i, “Sonatine” features mystical melodies accompanied by the piano, whereas “Rain 51db” is an homage of the 90s song that is the signature of girl groups S.E.S and Fin K.L. Love & Evil album has successfully sold more than 1,927 copies and peaked at #10 on Gaon Weekly Album Chart, #65 on Gaon Monthly Album Chart, and #12 on Billboard World Album Chart.



After Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry were revealed to the public, in their own releases, Loona’s second sub-unit ODD EYE CIRCLE was formed. The trio is placed in between the earth and the cosmos and starts looking at three moons (ODD) which lead them to be either mutative or varietal, represented by the odd side of their eye.

Loona ODD EYE CIRCLE released their first mini-album Mix & Match, which emphasized their control in love relationships, on September 21st, 2017. The album contains five tracks, namely “Odd,” the title track “Girl Front” that is written, composed, and arranged by Ollipop, Hayley Aitken, Park Ji-yeon and Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), and Jaden Jeong, “Loonatic,” “Chaotic,” and “Starlight.” Mix & Match album has successfully sold more than 3,669 copies and peaked at #16 on Gaon Weekly Album Chart and #10 on Billboard World Album Chart. “Loonatic” was also released in English version on October 23rd, 2017, as the second single of the album.


Loona ODD EYE CIRCLE released the repackage album Max & Match on October 31st, 2017. The album contains four new tracks, namely “Add,” the title track “Sweet Crazy Love” that is written, composed, and arranged by Daniel Kim, Charli Taft, Thomas Sardorff, G-High, and Park Ji-yeon (MonoTree), “Uncover,” and “Odd Front.” Max & Match album has successfully sold more than 3,941 copies and peaked at #22 on Gaon Weekly Album Chart and at #11 on Billboard World Album Chart.

Loona yyxy


Combining the sweet melody of 1/3 and the electronic sound of ODD EYE CIRCLE, Loona yyxy (pronounced as wai wai by wai) is the final sub-unit of the group that consists of Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye as its members. The quartet is also known as ‘Edenism’ due to their placement in utopia, a place beyond the earth of 1/3 and middle earth of ODD EYE CIRCLE. Despite their heavenly place, the Eden girls decide to deny the rules by doing the forbidden quest in order to find their identities.

Loona yyxy released their first mini-album beauty&thebeat on May 30th, 2018, which comprises the emotions of each girl, namely faith, hope, love, and anger. The album contains five tracks, namely “Dal Segno,” the title track “love4eva” that features Canadian singer Grimes and is composed by E-Tribe, “Frozen,” “One Way,” and “Rendezvous 18.6y.”

beauty&thebeat album has successfully sold more than 18,138 copies and peaked at #4 on Gaon Weekly Album Chart and #6 on Billboard World Album Chart, being Loona’s sub-unit best-selling to this day. In 2019, there was a rumor that Loona yyxy will release their repackage album after the promotion of Loona’s repackage album [X X] ended. Though the rumor has not been confirmed by the agency, we do hope that Loona yyxy’s repackage will be released sometime in the future!

List of Loona’s Discography


August 2018 becomes the new beginning of Loona as they started first activities as a twelve-member girl group. Prior to their debut, Loona released a pre-debut track “favOriTe” on August 7th. Different to their previous songs as soloists and sub-units, Loona exudes their strong and daring charisma with passionate choreography accompanied by the fully-boosted bass in the song.

Contrary to “favOriTe,” Loona’s debut track “Hi High” that is included in the mini-album [+ +] is a synth-pop track that shows the girlish charm of each girl as they meet each other in one universe. In the music video, all the girls are seen running and aiming to reach the sky, showing Loona’s determination to tackle their goal as a rookie group in the South Korean music industry.

Besides “Hi High” and “favOriTe,” the album also contains other tracks, such as the intro “+ +,” “Heat. Perfect Love,” and “Stylish.”  [+ +]  album has successfully sold more than 52,823 copies in South Korea and 1,000 copies in the US, and peaked at #2 on Gaon Weekly Album Chart, #4 on Billboard World Album Chart and Billboard Heatseekers Albums, #20 on Billboard Independent Albums, and #120 on Syndicat National de l’Edition Phonographique France, making it as the second best-selling girl group debut album in 2018.


Six months later, Loona geared up for their repackage album [X X], in February 2019. The album contains six new tracks, namely the intro “X X,” the title track ‘Butterfly” that is written, composed, and arranged by G-high (MonoTree) and Jaden Jeong, “Satellite,” “Curiosity,” “Colors,” and “Where You At.”

The music video of “Butterfly” went viral as soon as it was released due to its new approach that has never been applied in South Korean music. Instead of showing the group, the screen time of “Butterfly” mostly displayed women from various races and cultures while the song encourages women to be spiritful in finding their identities. In addition, [X X] album charted high at #4 on World Album Chart and topped iTunes Pop Album Chart in 26 countries.

List of Loona’s Filmography


The first Loona variety show is none other than Loona TV that has been broadcasted since the revelation of its first member Heejin. Each episode of Loona TV that shows the members’ activities and behind the scene of their filming lasts for only a minute and usually airs every week on YouTube and Instagram. The fans are able to see all Loona members gathered as a full team in episode 400 where they talk about their favorite episodes.

Not only they are talented in singing, but some Loona members, such as Heejin and Choerry, have also showcased their acting skills in the web drama The First Time We Met. The plot revolves around each girl’s one-sided love story and relationship with her crush that slowly develops in the latter episode.

Loona made their first appearance on Celuv Tv’s I’m Celuv that is hosted by Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea and Lee Hyun. Despite being their first variety program, the girls could be seen to be very relaxed thanks to Jea and Lee Hyun’s supportive manners that made them at ease. In I’m Celuv, Loona is interviewed as well as being made to join the hilarious dance battle of groups of two.

Besides I’m Celuv, Loona also appeared for the first time on JTBC’s Idol Room with fromis_9, Arirang’s After School Club for Chuseok special episode, and KBS’ K-RUSH3 Idol Master.

Korean fans are able to tune to Loona’s interviews through radio stations as well, such as NCT Night Night hosted by NCT’s Jaehyun and Johnny and Lee Guk-joo’s Young Street.

Loona got their first commercial film as a full group as they were chosen to be the brand ambassador of Lotte Department Store. Clothed in luxurious dress, each member shows her attractive charm in promoting the application of the brand.

Loona’s Awards and Nominations


Soon after their official debut as a full group, Loona was nominated in various award shows right away, be it in their own country or on an international scale. One of the most prestigious awards that they have won is the Best Korean Act given by MTV Europe Music Awards. Certainly, the award becomes the girls’ motive to do even better and win more awards for Orbits, their fan club, who have supported them morally and physically. Below you can check out the list of Loona’s awards and nominations!

2018 – Most Popular Artists (Singer) – Top 50 on Asia Artist Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Artist of the Year on MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Female Rookie Award on MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Genie Music Popularity Award on MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Best New Artist (Female) on Melon Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Best New Female Artist on Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Artist of the Year on Mnet Asian Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Best Korean Act on MTV Europe Music Awards (Winner)

2019 – Rookie Artist Award on Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2019 – Popularity Award on Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2019 – Most Anticipated Female Rookie Idol on Korea First Brand Awards (Winner)

2019 – New Artist Award on Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2019 – Popularity Award on Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2019 – Hallyu Special Award on Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

Loona’s Concerts and Tours


As a rookie group who has done pre-debut projects since 2016, Loona consistently held showcases, fan meetings, and concerts for their solo members and sub-unit activities. However, as a group, Loona officially has held three concerts to this date, namely Premier Greeting Line&Up in June 2018, LOOΠΔbirth Debut Concert in August 2018, and LOOΠΔVERSE in February 2019. It is really possible that Loona might hold a concert tour which includes not only countries in Asia but also in other continents, such as Europe and America. We do pray for such large-scale tour to happen!