LOONA’s Hyunjin: Profile, Fun Facts, Wallpaper, etc.

LOONA’s Hyunjin’s Instagram Feed


Though she doesn’t have a personal Instagram account yet, she often shares posts and appears on LOONA’s official Instagram @loonatheworld. Created on August 31st, 2016, LOONA’s Instagram has more than 1,387 posts and 503,000 followers. Here are the top 10 of LOONA’s Hyunjin’s Instagram Feeds that you must see!







LOONA’s Hyunjin’s Latest News


In December 2018, Hyunjin was mistreated at the ending show of MAMA 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. At that time, LOONA greeted the fans happily as it was their first MAMA attendance as a full group. However, a miscommunication occurred as a random fan threw a golden rose at Hyunjin, which she thought as hers because there was nobody else other than LOONA members around her. After Hyunjin picked it up, the random fan shouted at her, “Jisung! Give it to Yoon Jisung of Wanna One!”

Hyunjin and Jinsoul who stood beside her looked very confused after hearing the random fan’s request to give it to another idol. Even so, she still told Jinsoul to pass the flower to Wanna One’s Jisung. Loona fans, who are known as Orbits, started using the hashtag #윤지성팬_사과해 (Jisung’s fan go apologize) to ask him to apologize for his fans. Many Wanna One fans came forward to apologize for the random fan’s rude behavior, as well as attempting to find the particular fan. Orbits also reacted hard about Hyunjin’s mistreatment that should not happen again in the future.


Currently, Hyunjin is promoting with other LOONA members as they came back to the South Korean music industry with “Butterfly.” Her fancam performance videos on Mnet’s M Countdown that were uploaded on February 21st and 28th, respectively, gained 29,000 and 10,000 views

On February 21st, Hyunjin and Heejin reunited with ITZY’s Ryujin, whom they met on survival show MIXNINE. The LOONA members congratulated Ryujin whose group had their first win in M Countdown.


Many fans are happy to see the trio Jin embracing each other warmly, reminiscing the girls’ journey as participants of MIXNINE who later encounter each other as members of idol groups.