Get to Know Loona’s Go Won: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Personality, Etc.

Loona’s Go Won Becomes the Godmother of Elon Musk’s Daughter?

loona gowon
In 2020, random news caused shock among netizens. In various articles, it was said that the artist Grimes, who was a part of the Loona yyxy album, said that she wanted Go Won to become the godmother of hers and Ellon Musk’s son, X Æ A-12 Musk.

It all began when Grimes directly commented on Twitter, but this tweet appears to have been deleted at this time. Afterward, in May 2020, Grimes replied to a comment on Instagram asking if indeed Go Won is the godmother of her son, to which she replied “Yes.”
This was met with a hot reaction from netizens and even foreign media. Previously, Elon Musk also said that he was a huge fan of Loona back in 2018, as his wife, Grimes worked together with the group for the song “love4eva”.
In responding to this rumor, BlockBerry Creative remained silent. They neither confirmed nor denied the reports.
It appears that they were also equally confused with this news as they commented, “Elon Musk and Grimes are so famous, but suddenly… Go Won? What are they talking about? It’s a funny situation for us to comment.” They went on saying that the two were working together previously, “They didn’t work face to face. Grimes was featured on the track. They have ties so fans have reasons to talk so much about this situation. We are like ‘wow, Elon Musk, daebak!'”

Along with the agency’s confused reaction, the netizens also left comments such as:
“It’s so funny,”
“Forget anything that happens to Loona before, this is the craziest,”
“They didn’t deny it, I can’t believe it.”
Hmm…what do you think about this situation?


Loona’s Go Won’s Vocal and Dance Skills

Go Won’s singing voice is much different than when she’s speaking. When singing, her tone is unique and high tone, almost like autotune. Due to the nature of her voice, many people joke about whether it is her true voice. Perhaps because of her voice nature, helium gas does not make a big difference in her voice.

But since she usually only has a few lines in songs, many fans are questioning whether she has a part or not.

In terms of dancing, her dance is pretty neat and concise. She confessed that at first, she felt her dancing skills were insufficient compared to other members because she didn’t go through a long trainee period and only learned to dance for several months at a dance academy before joining the company. But after joining Loona, she started to receive professional training and dance lessons for each album released. And as a result, her skills are growing.

Through concerts and various stage experiences, she was perfectly immersed in the choreography, and she can own the stage.

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the fairy of Loona, Go Won! What do you think about her? Share your excitement with us by commenting in the box below!