Get to Know Loona’s Go Won: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Personality, Etc.

loona gowon

The Loona Fairy—Go Won

It is understandable that Loona has become one of the rookie groups that has been successfully attracting public attention. Besides carrying a unique concept and super complicated theory, each of the 12 members of Loona is captivating and seems to have her own natural charm. One of them is the 11th member of the group, Go Won. Dubbed as being the fairy of Loona, Go Won is often synonymous with a classy aura that surrounds her and not to mention, her ethereal beauty.

Are you curious to know more about her? Let’s get to know her better through this article below!


Full Profile of Loona’s Go Won

loona gowon
  • Stage Name: Gowon (고원)
  • Birth Name: Park Chae-won (박채원)
  • Birthday: November 15th, 2000
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • Subunit: LOONA yyxy


Loona’s Go Won’s Facts that You Need to Know

loona gowon
  • Go Won is from Incheon, South Korea.
  • Go Won studied at Incheon Airport Middle School, Haneul High School and later transferred to Bakmun Girl’s High School.
  • Go Won was the 11th member of Loona to be revealed.
  • Go Won was officially introduced on January 15th, 2018.
  • Before joining Blockberry Creative, Go Won practiced at a dance academy called Lp Dance Academy.
  • Go Won made her debut on January 29th, 2018, as a member of Loona with the song “One & Only”
  • In the group, Go Won represents the color of dark green and the animal butterfly.
  • Go Won has two siblings (an older brother and sister).
  • Go Won has silver teeth.
  • Vanilla, Park Go Won, Go Chaewon, Ack Chaewon, ChaCha, and Gi Chaewon are some of her nicknames.
  • Go Won wanted to try a magical concept.
  • Go Won would like to dye her hair purple.
  • Go Won used to cook chicken nuggets although they were mostly burnt.
  • Go Won’s charm is in her sense of humor, as Olivia Hye said.
  • Go Won used to study at Incheon Haneul Academy, but she left to focus on her idol career.
  • Go Won is said to resemble WJSN’s Cheng Xiao and Bona.
  • Go Won was a trainee for a month before she debuted.
  • Go Won is a fan of Sejeong Gugudan.
  • Go Won idolized girl group Oh My Girl and she can’t choose a bias because she loves them all.
  • Go Won has received many Oh My Girl albums and merchandise from fans.
  • Her dog’s name is Bbomi.
  • Playing Nintendo, keeping a diary, and shopping for clothes and makeup are some of her hobbies.
  • Go Won enjoys The Hunger Games trilogy.
  • Her image in the group is to be classy (classy in Korean is ‘gosang’ and her real name is Chaewon so that’s what made her Go Won).
  • At the first fan signing event, she tried to keep it as cold as her concept, but the moment she saw the fans, she melted.
  • Go Won named her specialties as time flowing slower than others, fake laughs, and fake smiles.
  • She enjoys to annoy Yves and Chuu and steal Olivia Hye’s food.
  • When asked to name three things she likes, she said: her puppy (Bbomi), spicy rice cakes, and babies acting cute.
  • She hates insects.
  • She is often hungry.
  • She loves Tteokbokki so much.
  • Her hobby is watching model houses and she prefers a house with an antique atmosphere.
  • Her voice is her plus point.
  • Her favorite perfume scent is the peach scent.
  • If she was a month (in the context of the calendar), she would be July because she is such a warm person.
  • She said summer is better than winter because it gets cold a lot and hot is better than cold.
  • Cooking is one of the activities that she enjoys.
  • After her debut, she revealed that cooking has been her hobby since the fan signing event.
  • She missed the rib kimchi that her mother made.
  • She likes foods with cheese and she is not good at eating spicy ones.
  • She envied Chuu’s tireless energy.
  • She can move her eyebrows freely.
  • She is the only member who has kept bleaching her hair after her debut.
  • She is good at Nintendo.
  • She is good at crying in silence.
  • She is a member who watches TV a lot at the hostel.
  • If she is surprised, she has a habit of holding her head.
  • She naturally thought of wanting to become an idol because she watched concerts often.
  • When she was in school, she once said that her dream was to be an archery player.
  • If she had a phrase to describe herself, it would be ‘the last leaf’.
  • In 2018, she made a resolution to make a foam cake (meringue).
  • The phrase she wants to hear the most from her fans is “I love seeing Go Won!”
  • She prefers Seollal to Chuseok and dogs to cats (especially Maltese dogs).
  • If she goes on a blind date, she would wear a long skirt.
  • It is said that she sleeps in one position when she sleeps.
  • Yves, Chuu, and Olivia Hye are her roommates.
  • She is the type that goes to bed late and wakes up late.
  • Her motto is “It will work somehow.”


Loona’s Go Won’s Official Debut with Loona

loona gowon

Before their debut, Go Won was a student of Incheon Haneul High School, and she had been famous for being fair and pretty. Every time she passed from the cafeteria, the other students stared at her, and boys lined up to take pictures together even before her school transfer to Bakmun Girl’s High School.

In the fall of 2016, Blockberry Creative, a subsidiary agency of Sunlight Polaris, announced that they would debut a 12-member girl group through an 18-month debut project. Starting from October 2016, the members will be revealed one by one along with the release of a single album for each member.

She was the 11th member of Loona to be revealed and was officially introduced on January 15th, 2018. Together with three other members, Yves, Gowon, and Olivia Hye, Chuu teamed up to make Loona’s subunit yyxy.

She debuted with Loona on August 19th, 2018, through the release of their extended play [+ +] (2018), and the title track “Hi High”. They held their first debut showcase LOONAbirth within the same day. The debut was met with huge success.

Loona’s Go Won’s Visual and Personality

loona gowon
Go Won has big eyes that hold a unique and mystical feeling, so she can pull off the cute styling like a medieval princess perfectly. Her aura may look different depending on the makeup, but if she puts on dark makeup for the stage, the unique dreamy and mystical image of her is strong. While her soft aura is emphasized in everyday light makeup. She has a very versatile style.

She has also been praised for having a pretty forehead that even the members envy. Her lips are heart-shaped, so if she laughs, her mouth forms a heart instantly. The fans sometimes use ‘>♡<‘ as an emoticon to refer to her. Meanwhile, when talking or laughing, the corners of her mouth rise slightly. It has become a very unique visual trait of hers.

loona gowon
In terms of personality, she has a shy and introverted nature, and she said that she didn’t know if her friends were also interested in celebrities because she belonged to an ordinary aviation club when she was in school. In a radio broadcast, she revealed that she was so shy that she couldn’t eat with the members.
When the members were eating, she was only eating energy bars little by little, so the members misunderstood that she had no appetite at all. While in truth, her words and actions were just slow. She eats a meal every three hours. She prides herself on the ability to have a slower time flow than others.

However, after getting used to all the girl members and staff, her personality became very bright and active. She talks a lot, and she naturally makes fun of the members and does pranks.


Loona’s Go Won’s Solo Release

loona gowon

As part of Loona’s debut project, each member released a single to introduce their unique colors to the public. Go Won was the 11th member of Loona that got introduced. She released a single album titled Go Won on January 30th, 2018. Two songs make up the album: “One&Only” and “See Saw”.

Go Won’s title song “One&Only” is a song about self-love as she explained, “No matter how insignificant my existence in the world may seem like dust among so many people, it will not be a coincidence that I met me in the universe,” and as translated in the lyrics:

Ah When I close my eyes and open my mouth and kiss me

Oh, when I open my eyes,

I see the real me.

One & only

My one & only

My one & only love

That I’m the only one who can shine in my heart

One & only

It’s okay to say that I’m living

Meanwhile, “See Saw” is a duet song with Chuu. The song contains the uniqueness of two Loona members. It is a fun song with powerful vocals.


Loona’s Go Won as a Member of Loona’s subunit yyxy

loona gowon

Go Won is part of the latest four members to be introduced as Loona members, along with Chuu, Yves, and Olivia Hye. Following the previous members, they formed the subunit Loona yyxy (이달 의 소녀 yyxy) on May 30th, 2018, with the mini-album Beauty & The Beat and the title track “love4eva”. The album talks about the love of youth that shines brightly.

The title song, “love4eva” is about a sudden unrequited love. The song is a sweet song with each member showcasing her unique vocals.

Check out their song below!