Are Rumors About Loona’s Disbandment True?

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Everything You Need to Know About the Rumors Regarding Loona’s Disbandment!


You’ve probably seen this hashtag often. Well, this hashtag spread through social media because of Loona’s current situation. Many media reported that Loona have disbanded. However, there are some people who say that the media was trying to give untrue rumors. This condition, of course, has made many people confused, especially Orbits (Loona’s fan base) who have supported the group since their official debut.

We fully understand the confusion Orbits have, and this is the reason why this article exists. In this article, Channel-Korea will take you deeper into the circulating rumors, and how true they are. We will also provide you with the behind-the-door truth about what is happening to the group and its company.

The Current Condition: No Official News About Loona’s Disbandment


So, there is only one main question: Have Loona already disbanded? Until now, there has been no official news announced by Blockberry Creative (Loona’s agency) that Loona have officially disbanded. So Orbits, please calm down for a bit.

If there’s no official news about the disbandment, then why are the media reporting that the group has already disbanded? In the next headline, you’ll see the reason why these rumors have been intensely circulating online media.

Loona Are Not Disbanding


As written in the previous headline, it has been stated clearly that Loona aren’t disbanding. The spread of disbandment rumors wasn’t caused by Loona, but was caused by external factors outside the group. While other groups’ disbandments were due to a lack of promotions and the expiration of the members’ contracts, Loona’s disbandment rumors were caused by the agency’s financial issues.

It has been reported that Blockberry Creative is currently dealing with financial problems. The agency doesn’t have enough funds to support the group, while thinking of ways to resolve the company’s internal issues. What are those issues? Check out the explanation below.

On September 28th, 2021, the whole story of Blockberry Creative’s financial crisis was published by Korean media. These media reported that the agency owed several billion KRW to other companies and outsourced staff. The company also has lists of ballooned payments to external suppliers who have previously worked with the group and its members.

Apart from the external parties, Blockberry Creative also faced conflicts with its internal staff. It was reported that the company failed to pay the salaries of its employees. Worst of all, these staff members are very crucial to the production and promotion of Loona’s projects. This problem caused Loona’s hairdressers, make-up artists, and stylists to stop working. This fact was proven by the staff; because many of them have admitted that the company hasn’t paid them well. However, the rest of the staff members remained silent regarding the situation.

One of the staff who publicly acknowledged this was the choreographer for “Paint The Town”, Kim Hwa-young. Hwa-young posted a picture on her Instagram account and told her followers that she hasn’t been paid since 2020.


She even remembered that the company had promised to pay for her work long ago. However, the company acted like she was invisible — no payment has been made by the company to Hwa-young.

She pressured the company to solve all its problems as soon as possible. In addition, she once emphasized to the company that she would continue working for the group because the members have worked really hard. She felt that she still had to be responsible for creating dance choreography for Loona.

These problems have been going on for more than a year. The news about these problems has been circulating for only the last few months, but in fact, the problems have been there since much earlier than many people thought. Because the recent situation has become much worse than before, Blockberry Creative decided to postpone all of its ongoing processes. However, the decision was only taken recently, even though the debt had been piling up for years. This condition makes Loona’s disbandment possible at any time, especially if the company doesn’t immediately resolve these financial problems.

Loona Members’ Opinions About the Disbandment Rumors


By now, you already know about the situation in Blockberry Creative. The company staff and Loona members knew this too, much earlier than we did. So, did the members give their opinion about this situation and their group’s future?

Until now, there have been no comments made by the members, either through live streaming or through social media posts. However, one of the members, Chuu, once revealed that the company hadn’t paid her for the past few months.

Orbits’ and Public Figures’ Opinions About Loona’s Disbandment Rumors


As the company’s situation has gone public, many K-pop fans and observers have become aware of this situation. K-pop fans, especially Orbits, fear that the disbandment will happen sooner than they thought. To keep the group existing, they showed their online presence to help the group and the members. This was the exact reason why the #SaveLOONA hashtag took over many social media platforms.

Following the news, Orbits reached out to people who they thought could help the group. Orbits initially asked Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, as well as the world’s richest man, to help the group. Many Orbits thought that Musk needed to buy the company, to solve the company’s financial matters and prevent the disbandment.

The Orbits contacting Musk wasn’t really a random thing, since Musk is a fan of Loona and member Gowon is his child’s godmother. Moreover, Musk’s ex-partner Grimes once worked with Loona’s subunit yyxy. She contributed to the intro of “love4eva”, one of yyxy’s singles. Here are Orbits’ tweets asking Musk to help Loona. Some of these tweets and memes are hilarious, though.

A known Orbit, called Kim Chi also expressed his concern about the situation. However, he didn’t reveal it directly. The American drag queen expressed it by offering help for the group. This is the tweet sent by Kim Chi.

We’re not sure if Kim Chi really meant to help the group, or just randomly (or jokingly) tweeted to get attention from Orbits. That tweet was responded to positively by Orbits. Some of them begged him to help Loona, and some of them even asked him to become the head of the group’s company.

Until today, there has been no further news on whether Kim Chi has done anything to prevent Loona from disbanding. One thing is for sure, Orbits are doing and will always do whatever it takes to prevent the disbandment.

That’s all about Loona’s disbandment rumors that you need to know. We hope that Blockberry Creative can resolve its financial problems soon. We also wish that whatever decision will be made regarding Loona’s future, it will be the best decision for the members, the staff, and the Orbits.