Everything About Loona’s Chuu: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Activities, etc

Loona’s Chuu’s Appearance in web-drama, Dating Class

loona chuu

In May 2019, it was first announced that Chuu would have her first acting experience by playing the lead in the web drama Dating Class. She would play Han Eun-sol’s role, along with many artists such as KNK’s Seoham, fromis_9’s Jang Gyu Ri, Oh Se-young, Kim Min-chul, and Kim Dong-gyu. The drama told a story about a student romance and was aired on May 10, 2019, on Olleh TV and tvN D STORY’s YouTube and Facebook accounts.

In the drama, she also did her signature apple heart aegyo.

After finishing the show, she shared her feelings in an interview.

“I didn’t particularly think that I had to act after debuting,” she said. “I did get vaguely ambitious while watching the friends around me practicing acting in preparation for their entrance exams. I felt motivated and thought that it would be nice to act in the future.”, added she.

She said that other members told her that her drama character fits her because of her bright personality. Even though it was close to her character, she still felt nervous about her debut acting.

“The atmosphere on set was good, but I got too nervous and messed up my lines. I kept getting it wrong, so I kept saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ because I felt bad. I even said, ‘I’m sorry,’ in my sleep. But I became more and more accustomed to the set, looked up words I didn’t know, and wrote them down in my notebook. I stopped saying ‘I’m sorry’ in my sleep after the first day of filming.”

She also becomes confident when she rate her acting to be 70 out of 110, although she realized she still has many things to learn.

“Through my first acting experience, I became more interested in acting. I want to try it again if I get another chance. I have a lot of interest in the fantasy genre. I remember changing my phone after watching My Love from the Star because I enjoyed it so much. School genres like ‘Compulsory Dating Education’ are good too, and I want to try the fantasy genre. I want to work harder and satisfy everyone with my acting.”, she closed.


Loona’s Chuu Opens Up a Youtube Channel

loona chuu

Chuu showcased her eco-lifestyle as she opened up a Youtube channel called ‘Protecting the Earth, the Chu Can Do it’.

‘Protecting the Earth’ is the exclusive YouTube content of Chuu, supported by DIA TV, created to protect the environment. For this purpose, the channel will contain her own eco-friendly practice.

In the trailer video of the first content, Chuu received an e-mail from her future self, living in 2070, showing the earth suffering from fine dust, abnormal temperatures, natural disasters, and the fear of global warming. Her future self asks her to protect the future environment.

The first content was released on January 7, 2020, and received warm responses from fans.

Check out her first video below!


Loona’s Chuu’s Vocal Skills

loona chuu

Chuu has an overall stable voice, and she could do a true high pitch or a false high pitch pretty well. With this skill, she often took charge of high-pitched ad-libs in the songs. It is no wonder that she has this impressive skill since she dreams of being a singer since childhood.

Check out her impressive vocal below!


So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the owner of an angelic smile and Loona’s powerful main vocal, Chuu! What do you think about her? Let us know your thoughts on the comment box below!