Look at Funny Moments of Lee Kwang-soo’s Appearance on ‘Running Man’!

  1. Ep. 37 – Running Man fan signs RM style


In Running Man’s first year, the members were deployed in various remote locations and asked to sign an autograph for a fan. The first to get 30 signature cards can move to the next mission location. As expected, Ji Suk Jin has the worst results but Lee Kwang Soo’s situation is a lot funnier.

Other members quickly complete their signature cards and join the other members so they can pick them up and go to the next location. When Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Suk arrived at Lee Kwang Soo’s location, he was still not finished and had more than ten people in front of him.

He shouted for Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Suk to wait for him but when the fans realized that the National Commander and MC are in the car, they took Lee Kwang Soo’s card and took it to the other members in the car for them to sign. Only a few fans stayed in front of Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Kwang Soo was speechless and a fan said, “Your popularity rate is hopeless. There is nothing you can do.” PD decided to add to the chaos by saying Lee Kwang Soo couldn’t complete the mission because the cards were taken.

  1. Ep. 169 – The Butterfly Choose Kwang Soo


The members all looked silly with helmets on their heads at the opening. When PD began explaining the mission, the butterfly landed on Kim Jong Kook’s head. Once a rebellious boy, Lee Kwang Soo jumped at the opportunity to hit Kim Jong Kook’s head, claiming he drove the butterfly away. The Commander, of course, vowed to take revenge.

The variety gods did not take long to give Jong Kook a chance when the butterfly landed on Kwang Soo’s nose. Jong Kook saw it and immediately touched Kwang Soo’s face making the maknae fall to the ground.

6. Ep. 169 – Lee Kwang Soo and His Crazy Partner


Even when asked to pair up with random Korean citizens, he still ended up pairing with the craziest people. In episode 169, Lee Kwang Soo’s “ahjumma acting partner” was in the process of skinship, while¬†he was touring for selfies with members and guests. At one point, he even made an innocent gesture trying to pop a balloon but it turned out to be a little too mature for Korean viewers.

7. Ep. 162 – No Care Idol


When Mblaq’s Seungho and Leejoon were cooperating with Kwang Soo, the members were ridiculing him for being left behind in the visible department. But Kwang Soo, of course, doesn’t fall in love and tells everyone that he is very much “a part” of the group…

However, on a water mission, while Mblag members were passing by, Lee Kwang Soo was left to fight for the last place against Ji Suk Jin. Lee Kwang Soo looks at his two teammates to cheer him up but Leejoon is busy chatting with the other players, while Seungho finds staring at the water more interesting than watching Kwang Soo.

8. Ep. 135 – Even Jackie Chan Bullies Him


You know you are a royal family when even Jackie Chan innocently answers questions about you and turns out it’s funny. In Episode 135, Jackie Chan’s chemistry with the members begins to appear and they start talking about old Chan films. Lee Kwang Soo obscures some of Chan’s old films. When Yoo Jae Suk asked Chan how old is Lee Kwang Soo according to him, Chan said 45, which made everyone laugh.

9. Ep. 126 – The Pants Give Up


Even when Lee Kwang Soo did some silly missions and was fixated on finishing them, crazy things still happened, such as his trousers really falling, so that at the end of his turn, he finds himself turning a bathrobe into a pair of pants.

10. Ep. 141 – Lee Kwang Soo and a Giraffe


In episode 141 (Animal Kingdom), members were given a challenge at the zoo. Eun Ji Won’s challenge was to get 3 giraffes in a frame for five seconds without moving. After delaying, he ran out of time and Lee Kwang Soo began to disturb him.

A veteran variety show, Eun Ji Won realized that Lee Kwang Soo was a giraffe on the show. He asked Lee Kwang Soo to stand near the giraffe and keep quiet, so he only needed 2 more in the frame. What happens next is unbelievable.

Three giraffes stood motionless as they stared at Lee Kwang Soo. One particular giraffe stood longer than the others just making eye contact with the RM giraffe. Later, Lee Kwang Soo experienced a meeting closer to his own mission as he fed the giraffe and gave the animal a kiss. This, more than anything, confirms that Yoo Jae Suk was right when he said that Lee Kwang Soo was a giraffe.