Long Hair vs Short Hair, Which One Do You Prefer For CLC’s Yeeun?



This performer, who is a fan of Nicki Minaj, made a great comeback again. She still has short hair, and the length is even shorter than in the group’s previous comeback. They stuck with the edgy concept, which really suits them. This song has similar, but different beats than before, with a very heavy, yet deep beat drop during the chorus of this song.

This song again talks about beauty. The music video shows how the members each show their confidence in their own way.

Yeeun appeared with long blonde here, but we assume that just extensions. What do you think about her look here?


Check out the music video and focus cam below!

That’s all about gorgeous Yeeun. With long hair, she gave out more cute vibes and with short hair, she gave off charismatic and sexier aura. Now it’s your turn to decide, which hairstyle did you love the most? Comment down below and don’t forget to share! Also keep supporting our girls, CLC!