Long Hair vs Short Hair, Which One Do You Prefer For TWICE’s Jeongyeon?

Netizens’ Reaction To Her Long Hair

On March 6th, 2019, TWICE’s Jeongyeon made her first appearance in public with long hair through an update on TWICE’s Instagram official account.


TWICE’s Jeongyeon greeted her fans by uploading a selca on Instagram stories and made everyone who saw her new looks with a long hair comment positively, such as, “She looks more like her sister, so pretty,” “I’m crying she’s so pretty TT,” “The long hair is so my type!” “Heol, this is seriously too beautiful,” “Yoo Jung Yeon TT Princess~.”


Back in the days when TWICE were promoting Dance The Night Away, Jeongyeon had a little bit longer hair than usual and she had already attracted their fans’ attention with her new look.


Some comments about TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s new hair read, “Her small head size can pull off any style though,” “OMG, she looks like an actress with long, dark hair!”


However, there are also some of the netizens who don’t like her appearance with long hair. A few comments of the netizens who dislike TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s long hair are, “She looks better with shorter hair… only short hair… ㅠㅠ She made it look so cool ㅜㅜ,” “Not trying to hate but she looked prettier with short hair… doesn’t match long at all ㅠ what explosive response is she talking about??” “I personally find her better with short hair and short cuts ㅋㅋ She had such a pretty yet boyish charm when she went blonde with a short cut.”


Which hairstyle do you think would suit TWICE’s Jeongyeon? Short hair or long hair?

K-Pop idol members have a different style as they prepare a comeback due to their concept. As we can see, TWICE’s Jeongyeon mostly appeared with short hair for a long time since she debuted and her transformation received many different responses from her fans. Anyway, don’t forget to keep supporting TWICE in the future!