Long Hair vs Short Hair, Which One Do You Prefer For TWICE’s Jeongyeon?

Long Hair

The end of 2018 might be the last year of TWICE’s Jeongyeon with her short hair. For the next comeback and event, the hairstylist decided to change how Jeongyeon looks from her short hair to long hair.


After a long period of wearing short hair, TWICE’s Jeongyeon appeared in public with long hair and obviously made their fans very happy with her new looks.


Well, let’s take a closer look at TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s new look with her long hair below!

Dance the Night Away

In July 2018, TWICE made another comeback with their expanded reissue named Summer Nights with the title track, “Dance The Night Away.”


The song was written by Wheesung for TWICE’s comeback in the summer season. This comeback had a different vibe as each member had fun at the beach for their music videos.

“Dance The Night Away” is TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s first appearance with long hair since she had never changed her hairstyle previously.


On April 22nd, 2019, TWICE reported the release of their 7th EP titled Fancy You after they held a Japanese tour ‘#Dreamday’ a few months ago.


Fancy You is the most recent comeback of TWICE in 2019. This era is superior since Jeongyeon finally has long hair and it is their best-selling work with 3,750,000 copies sold from a Korean girl group.

The amount of their sold records surpassed the 20 years old record of the legendary K-Pop girl group, S.E.S.

Check out TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s long hair in the Fancy You era below!