Long Hair vs Short Hair, Which One Do You Prefer For TWICE’s Jeongyeon?


Best Hairstyles of TWICE’s Jeongyeon

One of TWICE’s members, Jeongyeon, has always looked pretty although the hairstyle she had chosen at the time of their debut was a short one. She has the shortest hair among the other members and had the same hairstyle for a long period of time until she could change her hairstyle into a long one.

What kind of hairstyle do you think would suit TWICE’s Jeongyeon the most? Let’s check out this article below to learn more about TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s hair transformation!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Iconic Short Hair

The member of TWICE who was born on November 1st, 1996, Yoo Jeong-yeon, debuted with short hair and became the most recognizable member of TWICE who has a different hairstyle from the other members.


Although she has the shortest hair in the group, TWICE’s Jeongyeon still looks as pretty as the other members and she has her own charm with her iconic short hair.


TWICE’s Jeongyeon was a trainee in JYP Entertainment and joined Sixteen which is a television program based on a survival show that was aired in 2015. TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s first appearance on Sixteen was still with her long hair but she debuted with her group, TWICE, the same year with a different look.


TWICE’s Jeongyeon with her iconic short hair made a memorable debut with “Ooh-Ahh.” Check out a fan cam focus from TWICE’s Jeongyeon while performing their debut single “Ooh-Ahh” below!

Her Debut with “Ooh Aah”

TWICE made their debut under JYP Entertainment on October 20th, 2015, with a single titled “Ooh Aah.” The group consists of 9 members and all of them have their own individual charms as well.


During their debut era, TWICE’s Jeongyeon had a short hair with a rose pink hair color. In the music video teaser TWICE’s Jeongyeon also looked pretty with her brand new hairstyle.

Cheer Up

TWICE made their comeback on April 25th, 2016, by releasing their second EP, Page Two, and performing a new song, “Cheer Up.”


The song became a top hit and charted at number 1 on Gaon Digital Chart that brought TWICE to win Song Of The Year at Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards as the song, “Cheer Up,” became the best-performed single.

Have you noticed that TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s hair has become shorter in the “Cheer Up” comeback?


For the next comeback, TWICE released their 3rd EP titled Twicecoaster: Lane 1, with their new track, “TT.” The single was released on Halloween and received the highest selling in 2016 with 350,852 copies sold by the year-end.


Within 1 year and 7 months, TWICE released 4 EPs and a special album which sold over 1.2 million copies. In this comeback with “TT,” TWICE has a cute concept while each member is cosplaying a cartoon character. TWICE’s Jeongyeon turned into Pinocchio since she has a short hair but it also suits her and she looks really cute, doesn’t she?

In this comeback with “TT,” Jeongyeon’s hair color turned into a brighter one and she then had blonde hair.

Knock Knock

TWICE released a special album after their 1st tour on February 20th, 2017, titled Twicecoaster: Lane 2 with their new track, “Knock Knock.”


In this comeback Jeongyeon’s hair from blonde transformed into a light brown balayage style which showed her feminine side. It could also be seen that her hair has grown longer from the previous comeback.


Three months later, on May 15th, 2017, TWICE released another EP with the title Signal.


In this comeback, the music video concept for “Signal” is a story of an alien who has come down to Earth and has given each TWICE member a supernatural talent, such as hypnotizing, invisibility, speed, and many more. TWICE’s Jeongyeon has the ability to freeze the time.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s hairstyle was made into a curly one and then a straight bob. It looks like her hair has grown even longer, doesn’t it?

One More Time

“One More Time” is TWICE’s first original Japanese single that was released in October 2017.


In this comeback, TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s hair has become darker and it has changed to brown hair color. TWICE’s Jeongyeon still has short hair in this Japanese debut while TWICE had their best era in 2017.


On October 30th, 2017, TWICE finally released their Korean album titled Twicetagram and this time in full length. The music video was filmed in Canada, a month before it was released.


TWICE’s song “Likey” was composed by Jeon Gun and Black Eyed Pilsung which also participated in other tracks as lyricists. In this comeback, TWICE’s Jeongyeon still looks pretty and cute with her short hairstyle with bangs and a little curl.

Do you like TWICE’s Jeongyeon hair in the “Likey” era?

Heart Shaker

At the early Christmas on December 11th, 2017, TWICE made another comeback with “Heart Shaker” from their EP titled Merry & Happy.


In this comeback, TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s hair was still brown but as you can see from their music video, the member who has a sister who is also a celebrity, Gong Seung-yeon, had blonde hair color in the music video. It seems that her teaser photo was taken after filming the music video had ended, doesn’t it?

Candy Pop

TWICE made their other Japanese comeback with the release of the music video “Candy Pop” on January 11th, 2018. They also made their first concert tour in Japan titled Twice Showcase Live Tour 2018 “Candy Pop” starting on January 19th, 2018.


In this comeback, TWICE made their music video with a concept of anime and made the music video for “Candy Pop” look cuter than usual.

What do you think about this new concept of TWICE’s music video with “Candy Pop?”

What is Love?

TWICE released their 5th EP on April 9th, 2018, titled What Is Love?


TWICE’s music video for What Is Love? tells us a story about a girl who just fell in love and doesn’t have any idea of what she has to do about love. In this music video, TWICE’s Jeongyeon has blonde hair color and each member has to roleplay as a character from a famous movie.

What do you think about TWICE’s comeback with What Is Love?

Wake Me Up

On May 16th, 2018, TWICE released their 3rd Japanese single “Wake Me Up” which was certified double platinum with the RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) along with their second headline tour Twice 2nd Tour: Twiceland Zone 2 – Fantasy Park.


The music video of “Wake Me Up” is filled with a colorful and cute concept while the members become cheerleaders just like a few concepts before with the music video for “Cheer Up.”

In this comeback, TWICE’s Jeongyeon still has blonde hair with her short hair. Do you think that she needs a change for another comeback?

Yes or Yes?

TWICE made a comeback during the Halloween season this year with “Yes or Yes?” that was released on November 5th, 2018, along with their 6th mini-album.


TWICE’s Jeongyeon made her appearance with a new look having a long hair and balayage brown greyish. In this comeback, TWICE’s Jeongyeon appeared first on the music video and acts as a driver who is heading to a secret town.

Do you think Jeongyeon suited this comeback very well?

The Best Thing I Ever Did

TWICE made another comeback early Christmas by releasing the single “The Best Thing I Ever Did” (올해 제일 잘한 일) that was released on December 12th, 2018.


This is another appearance of Jeongyeon with medium-length wavy hair as her hair has been growing longer and longer in each comeback, but she still has the same hair color as the previous comeback.

This era is probably the last time we see TWICE’s Jeongyeon with short hair.