List of WINNER Songs You Must Have On Your Playlist

Details About the WINNER Songs You Must Have On Your Playlist

Inner, the popular boy-band from South Korea, has faced ups and downs in the Korean Music industry to become a successful boy-group. The group was formed through the YG Entertainment survival show Who Is Next, late in 2013 and officially debuted in 2014 with their first full-length album. Despite their long hiatus and the departure of member Nam Tae-hyun, however, Winner managed to return as one of 2017’s biggest acts with a new sound and style, and a new formation as a foursome.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of WINNER’s best songs, which you will want to add to your playlist.  Keep reading!

2014 – Empty

Empty is the group’s very popular debut song. It was released as part of their very first full-length album, called 2014 S/S, on August 12, 2014, by the group’s record label, YG Entertainment. Empty and Color Ring are the two lead tracks for the album.

The members contributed in writing the lyrics and composing the most of the album’s songs. With the help of other producers, such as Choice 37, B.I., and Airplay, Winner’s members produced the majority of the music for the album themselves.

The album is highlighted because it includes genres that are generally not found in K-pop releases, including acoustic and alternative rock.

Winner held their debut stage performing Empty and Color Ring through the South Korean Music Show M!Countdown. As a rookie group, they won their first Korean music show only about a week after their debut, making them the fastest boy group to win on a music show. They received their first win just five days after their debut stage on M! Countdown and achieved their another win on a major music show, KBS Music Bank, just ten days after debut. In addiiton to their music show wins, the group was also topping music charts.

2016 – Baby Baby

Baby Baby is another of the group’s most popular songs. It is a very soothing song to listen to when someone is feeling lonely. The song is a track from their extended play album EXIT : E, which was released on February 1, 2016, 18 months after their debut. EXIT : E was their first extended play album, and also their last album with Nam Tae-hyun, who left the group on November 25, 2016.

The album consists of five tracks, including the double title songs Baby Baby and Sentimental, Pricked, Mino and Taehyun’s duet, and I’m Young by Taehyun. Baby Baby was described as a song with an infusion of the blues, and Sentimental is a rhythmic, minor pop track.

As with their first album, the members contributed heavily in songwriting and production for the songs on EXIT : E. Former member Taehyun was the main composer for both title tracks, Baby Baby and Sentimental.

Baby Baby is basically a mixture of old-school soul and American southern rock. It’s certainly not a trendy sound in South Korea at the moment. The mellow sound and melody feel completely timeless and without ties to any specific culture.

With an old-school, soft rock feel, Baby Baby mixes in elements of soul music. The song is about the feeling of loneliness and the desire to be with somebody whether that be friends, family, or other important people. The song is perfect to listen to at night when someone is feeling lonely or just feeling down. Winner said that the message they wanted to convey through this song is that if you’re feeling lonely, just know that you are not the only one, there will always be someone next to you.

2017 – Really Really

After experiencing some ups and downs as one of their members departed from the group, Winner came back with a new album and with a new formation as a four-member group. On April 4, 2017, Winner released the album Fate Number For, which is their first single album and also marked their first comeback as with the group’s new configuration, after the departure of Nam Tae-hyun in 2016.

A lot had changed for WINNER since their last album, Exit : E. Following the departure of Nam Taehyun from the group in November, the single album Fate Number For emphasizes the act of making a new beginning with four members.

Winner held a live show through M! Countdown on April 4 and talked about the stories behind their comeback and future plans, revealing other events planned for their fan club. They held their first comeback stage on MBC’s Show! Music Core on April 8, which was the band’s first-ever appearance on the show since their debut. They also performed live on Inkigayo the following day.

The main tracks of the album are Really Really and Fool. Really Really became a massive success soon after its release. The relaxed house track, Really Really, and the reflective Fool marked the first new music the group put out since their last album in 2016. The piano melodies and building harmonies of Fool recall the sentimentality of the group’s incredibly popular debut album, 2014 S/S, while Really Really has a propulsive dance beat which was a radical change from their usual sound, which is typically pop-rock.

The rollicking black-and-white music video for Really Really was directed by Dave Meyers, the man behind Kendrick Lamar’s imagery-filled Humble video. Meyers previously worked with Winner’s label-mate, CL, on her Lifted music video last year.

Meanwhile, Fool took a much darker, literal interpretation of the song’s lyrics, offering an antithesis to the feel-good times featured in the Really Really video. The lyrics of the song describe a feeling of sadness because of a mistake someone has made in a relationship.

2017 – Love Me Love Me

Since the release of the massively successful Really Really, Winner has adopted a surprising, dance-oriented sound. Our Twenty For is the second single album by the group. It represented their second comeback in 2017, after releasing their first single album, Fate Number For, in April, and was the second in a series of music releases related to the number four. This single illustrates the youth, passion, and special friendship of Winner and also symbolizes the average age of Winner’s members, which is 24.

Love Me Love Me and Island are the title tracks of the album. Love Me Love Me is a disco song with a catchy hook, and Island is a tropical house track, which talks about romantic feelings with the unique theme of the islands and with interesting lyrics.

Love Me Love Me features a mid-tempo rhythmic beat and disco vibe, yet is still a mellow track. They blend their smooth vocals effortlessly, with a melodic style of sing-song hip-hop. It’s a very refreshing summer song.

The breezy dance-hall sound of Island follows in the addictive footsteps of their last song, Really Really, which brought the group to their peak on the World Digital Song Sales chart. 

Members Kang Seung-yoon, Song Mino, and Lee Seung-hoon worked with Future Bounce and Bekuh Boom to write the two tracks. Island shows Winner exploring Hawaii, but moves things away from the resorts to showcase the beauty of nature, by way of vibrant shots of the island’s scenery. 

2018 – Everyday

Winner’s next comeback to the world of Korean Music was with their brand-new album, called EVERYD4Y, which was released on April 4, 2018, by YG Entertainment. It’s the group’s second studio album, and was released four years after their debut album, 2014 S/S, in 2014. It’s their first studio album after the departure of Nam Tae-hyun. As with their previous albums, the members were credited for writing the lyrics and composing the majority of the album’s songs with the help of other producers such as Airplay, Millenium, Future Bounce, and others.

Everyday is the lead track of the album, and it’s described as a mixture of pop and chill trap with delicate lyrics. The album features a total of twelve tracks, including two special bonus songs in Korean from their Japanese single album Our Twenty Four, Raining and Have A Good Day, Mino’s solo song, Turn Off The Light, and La La were previously introduced at the 2016 EXIT Tour in Seoul.

The Music Video for Everyday was directed by Grammy-winner Dave Meyers, who directed Missy Elliott’s Lose Control music video. This is the second time Winner collaborated with Myers, as he also directed the video for their hit song, Really Really. The music video was shot at a mansion in Malibu, California.

On April 8, 2018, Winner made their comeback stage through the Korean music show, Inkigayo. They also performed on MBC Show! Music Core on April 14, 2018. Winner took their first trophy for Everyday on April 12, 2018, through M!Countdown.