List of the Best K-Pop Duos: Leessang, Dynamic Duo, Bolbbalgan4, etc.

Learn More About Korean Duos, Their Relation, and Best MVs

Among the many Korean K-Pop idol groups with many members, some groups are consisting of only two members. Some of these K-Pop Duos are legendary, especially the ones with hip-hop background. Recently, there is a series of newly debuted K-Pop duos. Some of them gained instant success and became established in the Korean music industry, while others disbanded and disappeared not too long after their debut.

Korean duos are unique in terms of the members’ relation. Some are blood-related, like brother and sister or sister and sister while others are close friends who share a common passion for music. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything about K-Pop duos. So, stay tuned!


The hip-hop duo Leessang was formed in 2002 by Gary and Gil. They managed to release 8 albums, among them: Leessang of Honey Family, Jae, Gyebal, Asura Balbata, and Unplugged. Leessang spent three years of their early career in indie music and went to the mainstream music industry with their third studio album.

Gary met Kil when he joined a hip-hop group called X-Teen in 1997. They left the group and joined another group called Honey Family. Gary, Gil, and another Honey Family member, DIggity, formed another hip-hop group, Leessam Trio in 2000. Due to personal reasons, Diggity left the group, prompting Gary and Gil to change their group name into Leessang, roughly translated as double Lee.

Leessang released their first album, Leessang of Honey Family, in 2002. They collaborated with female singer Jung In and released a single titled “Rush.” Jung In collaborated with the duo Leessang for many singles almost as if she was the unofficial third member of Leessang.

Leessang’s most famous MVs should be “Girls Who Can’t Break Up,” “Guy Who Can’t Leave.” As always, if they need a female voice, they call Jung In to borrow her voice. Gary’s fluent rapping vocal, Gil’s husky voice, and Jung In’s unique voice are perfectly combined into easy-listening music. Lee Hyori has appeared as a female model in the MV.

The duo Leessang parted ways, although informally, in 2017. Their latest album, Unplugged was released in 2012. Each member managed their own agency, Gary with Magic Mansion and Gil with Yangban Nation. Previously, Leesang was under the management of Leessang Company. All of the staff members were dismissed but the company itself wasn’t closed down. Before their parting, Gary and Gil were busy with each of their variety shows. Gary spent a lot of time with the variety show Running Man, while Gil was active in MBC’s Infinite Challenge and Mnet’s Show Me the Money 5.

Gary got married to a non-celebrity woman on April 5th, 2017. He released his latest album titled Purple Bikini on August 2nd, 2019. Currently, Gary is busy recording and broadcasting his own YouTube channel, Kang Gary. His YouTube channel has more than 241.000 subscribers and he seems to enjoy his life as a vlogger.

Gil got into trouble several times for his drunken driving problem. After his third drunken driving case in October 2017, he was sentenced to two years probation and 80 hours of community service.

Dynamic Duo

Gaeko and Choiza started their careers in the music industry with the hip-hop group Kod in 1998. The duo met another rapper, Curbin, and decided to form a hip-hop group called CB Mass. CB Mass debuted with their first album, Massmediah, in 2000. CB Mass disbanded in 2003 after a dispute between Choiza, Gaeko, and Curbin. Gaeko revealed the reason for the break-up through his rap lyrics in Dynamic Duo’s first album. He said that the former member became greedy and found more interest in money rather than music.

Dynamic Duo gained popularity with their album Taxi Driver. The album has a record as the best selling Korean hip-hop album. Two of their most popular singles in the album are “Insomnia” featuring Bobby Kim and “Ring My Bell” featuring Naul. Dynamic Duo formed their label record, Amoeba Culture in 2006.

One of Dynamic Duo’s popular MVs was “Ring My Bell.” “Ring My Bell” was released in their debut album Taxi Driver. The MV was funny and entertaining as it was inspired by Jacky Chan’s old martial art movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow.

Dynamic Duo performed at Off Route Fest in Nanji Hangang Park on October 05 – 06, 2019. Gaeko and the other performers were Miguel, Simon Dominic, Kid Milli, and Jay Park to name just a few.

Dynamic Duo is scheduled to perform at their concert on December 7 – 8, 2019. The concert is called Dynamic Duo Duty Free concert and it will be held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.


Bolbbalgan4 is a young duo consisting of Ahn Ji-young as main vocal and Woo Ji-yoon as backing vocal/rapper/guitarist. Their genre is K-Pop, folk-rock, RnB, and indie-pop. Bolbbalgan4 was found by Shofar Music in 2016. Before signing a contract with Shofar Music, Bolbbalgan4 performed as a participant on Superstar K6 in 2014. Bolbbalgan4 debuted with the single titled “Fight Day” on April 22nd, 2016. They went into a temporary hiatus due to Ahn Ji-young pursuing her education.

Bolbbalgan4’s debut album wasn’t a success but their first studio album Red Planet was incredibly popular which included their most popular singles “Galaxy” and “Tell Me You Love Me.”

Bolbbalgan4’s best MV is “Galaxy.” At the time, their music was unique and refreshing, far from the usually mellow or energetic idol girl groups. They became instantly famous and their songs could be heard anytime and anywhere in Korea. Ahn Ji-young’s voice was very soothing and calm, while Woo Ji-yoon’s guitar performance was very nice. The tune of “Galaxy”  is easy to listen to. Their lyrics pretty much talk about every problem that every common teenager faces in their daily life.

Bolbbalgan4 recently released their latest album, Two Five, on September 10th, 2019. Bolbbalgan4 is incredibly busy as they are promoting their latest album. Bolbbalgan4 is performing in concerts almost every week in various places in Korea since the release of the Two Five album.