List of TEEN TOP’s Songs


General Information About K-pop’s Teen Top

Teen Top is a South Korean boy group who debuted on July 9, 2010, with the song Clap from their first single album Come into the World. They debuted under Top Media with a six-member formation consisting of CAP, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo. But, unfortunately, Teen Top now consists of five members because L. Joe decided to leave Teen Top and focus on his busy life

Already spending nearly 8 years in the South Korean music industry, of course, there were many songs released by Teen Top. In fact, they have won awards for some of their songs. Let’s take a look at what Teen Top’s songs bring to their career in the Korean music industry!

Teen Top’s Songs

Teen Top’s first single is Come into the World which was released on July 19, 2010. The second single was released on January 13, 2011, under the title Supa Luv and was the first comeback at M! Countdown. Teen Top’s first mini-album entitled Roman with the title track “No More Perfume on You” was released on July 26, 2011.

Beginning in 2012, the group launched their second mini-album creation from renowned composer Brave Brother with the title Its. Then, on May 28, 2012, they inaugurated the fandom name ANGEL. After naming their fandom, they also had a comeback with the song “To You” from their third mini-album titled aRtisT on May 30, 2012.

Teen Top’s first studio album entitled No.1 was released on February 25, 2013, with the upcoming track Miss Right. But, before that, they released the song I Wanna Love. The repackaged version of the first album was released 2 months later. EXITO, the fourth mini-album, was released on September 15, 2014, with the song Missing.

On June 8, 2015, Teen Top released a teaser image for their upcoming comeback. The next day, the individual teaser of all the members was published. The 6th mini-album entitled Natural Born was newly released on June 22, 2015. Then, Teen Top launched a new mini-album entitled Red Point on January 16, 2016, with the song titled “Warning Sign”.

First Single Album: Come into the World (2010)


Come into the World is Teen Top’s debut single from 2010 with the song Clap. The Come into the World album gained the 16th position on the Album Chart and the 59th position with the song “Clap” on the Single Chart. With Clap, Teen Top was able to steal the attention of netizens. Lizzy from After School became a model for the music video for Clap.

The list of tracks for the album Come into the World are:

  1. “Come into the World” (Intro)
  2. “Clap” (박수; Bagsu)
  3. “Let’s Dance!” (춤춰!; Chumchwo!)
  4. “Clap” (Instrumental)
  5. “Let’s Dance!” (Instrumental)

Second Single Album: Supa Luv (2011)


On January 13, 2011, Teen Top released their second single entitled Supa Luv and first comeback at M!Countdown. The remix version of Supa Luv was released on February 18, 2011.

To discuss their rank on the Album Chart, they were ranked 6th for the weekly and 14th for the monthly chart. And, to discuss their rank on the Single Chart, Supa Luv was ranked 40th for the week and 79th for the month for Supa Luv Remix. They also managed to sell as many as 19,374 in Gaon physical sales.

The list of tracks are:

  1. “Transform”
  2. “Supa Luv”
  3. “Angel”
  4. “Supa Luv” (Instrumental)
  5. “Angel” (Instrumental)

First Mini-Album: Roman (2011)


Roman was released on July 26, 2011, and the song No More Perfume on You is used as the title track. Teen Top worked with producer Bang Si Hyuk and composer Park Chang Hyun to create diverse music on their mini-album. The album’s title track “No More Perfume on You” was used for promotion. They provided a stylish dance concept with a very harmonious melody.

In the Album Chart position, they were ranked 2nd for the weekly chart and 11th for the monthly chart. And, with the song No More Perfume on You, they were ranked 21st for the Single Chart. And, they managed to sell as many as 21,230 for Gaon physical sales.

The list of tracks are:

  1. “향수뿌리 지마” (No More Perfume on You; Hyangsu Ppurijima)
  2. “Beautiful Girl”
  3. “First Kiss”
  4. “손등이 스친다” (The Back of My Hand Brushes Against; Sondeungi Seuchinda)
  5. “Tell Me Why”
  6. “향수뿌리 지마” (No More Perfume on You; Hyangsu Ppurijima (Instrumental))

Second Mini-Album: It’s (2012)


It’s is the second mini-album by Teen Top. It was released on January 8, 2012, and the song “Going Crazy” is used as the title track. The creation of the renowned composer Brave Brother managed to steal the attention of netizens with a new concept created by Teen Top.

It is filled with an intro, an instrumental, a remix of the title track, and three full music tracks. The mini-album starts with a self-titled intro to Teen Top before moving on to the title track, Going Crazy. The songs following, Where’s Ma Girl and Girl Friend, are slower. The mini-album then moved to an RNB Version of Going Crazy before adding additional instruments from the song title.

For the Album Chart, they managed to rank 3rd for the weekly chart and 4th for the monthly chart. And the song Going Crazy managed to rank 10th for the Gaon Chart and 8th for the K-Pop Billboard on the Singles Chart. They also managed to sell as many as 62,940 for Gaon physical sales.

The list of tracks are:

  1. “Teen Top” (Intro)
  2. “Going Crazy” (미치겠어; Michigesseo)
  3. “Where’s Ma Girl”
  4. “Girlfriend”
  5. “Going Crazy” (R&B Slow Mix)
  6. “Going Crazy” (Instrumental)