List of Best T-ara Songs


Who is T-ara?

There are lots of K-pop female girl bands in South Korea, one of them is T-ara. T-ara are now performing with 4 members, including Qri, Eunjang, Jiyeon, and Hyomin. There is no doubt about T-ara’s popularity, this girl band who debuted in July 2009 under MBK Entertainment, has been so popular ever since they debuted and even after several rumors spreading about their group, some of the group members leaving, and some periods of hiatus from the stage. Their hook-heavy dance pop music style has brought them to a bright career among K-pop girl bands.

Top 10 of T-ara Most Popular Songs

There are lots of songs that T-ara has and many good songs have been produced, so here we will reveal the Top 10 T-ara Most Popular Songs for those of you who are interested to add some T-ara songs to your song playlist, so check them out!

1. T-ara – Little Apple & Chopstick Bothers

“Little Apple” was released in 2014. It is a T-ara song that is sung in Korean and Mandarin, the lyrics of “Little Apple” is the combination of both languages as it features the Chopsticks Brothers, a famous singer from China. Although it combines 2 languages the music sounds just right and it doesn’t sound weird at all. This song brought T-ara to spread their wings to China. For those of you who like both Korean and Chinese songs, “Little Apple” is the right song to add to your playlist.

2. T-ara – What’s Wrong? (Wae Ireoni?)

T-ara’s What’s Wrong is one of T-ara’s songs which gained a lot of popularity, this song was released in 2010. What’s Wrong has a catchy opening, and good rap parts. The lyrics are simple by repeating “Wae Ireoni” over and over but it succeeded in making the song easy to listen to. The lyrics also contained English parts that makes it easier to be remembered (Knock Knock Knock Knock Can you hear me now Knock Knock Knock Knock Just wanna love you now Welcome to your wonderland, Everyday I Knock Knock)

3. T-ara – Day by Day

“Day by Day” was released in July 2012. It brought up the ballad melancholic music with a story line for the music video. “Day by Day” gained compliments for its music video concept, it tells a story about people who want to rule the world. Jiyeon played as the antagonist by trying to kill Hyomin and Dani because Dani has special abilities. The melancholic folk instrumentation in the song fits the ending of the music video in which Hyomin died after a fight with Jiyeon.

4. T-ara Lovey Dovey

“Lovey Dovey” was released in January 2012, it was released as the lead single. Opposite from “Day by Day”, “Lovey Dovey” brought up a cheerful atmosphere to listeners as it is an electro-pop song with strong beats. It also features some instrumental sounds such as cowbells and scratching. The music video itself combined a night club concept with a zombie concept. “Lovey Dovey” brought T-ara to the top of the Gaon Chart, as well as, Top 20 on the Billboard Korean K-pop Hot 100. Only a week afterwards, it climbed up to the top for 3 weeks. It also succeeded in its online sales as it had been downloaded almost 4,000,000 times by the end of 2012.

5. T-ara – Number Nine

T-ara’s “Number Nine” is the first track of their fifth album “Again” released in 2013. “Number Nine” was the first song without Lee Areum. It is another electro-pop dance song by T-ara but with a sad melody and lyrics. The beginning of the song sounds slow and sad but it then changes to catchy, energetic music. The whole music video mostly shows the dance of “Number Nine” with some cuts of each member. “Number Nine” was one of T-ara’s most popular songs as it reached 4th in the Billboard Korea K-pop Hot 100.

6. T-ara – Cry Cry

T-ara’s “Cry Cry” is the main track song in their third mini album “Black Eyed”, released in November 2011. “Cry Cry” is one of T-ara’s most popular songs as it even brought T-ara’s “Black Eyed” album to be released sooner due to its super high demand from fans. It was this T-ara song that brought out a more mature pop sound and all T-ara members also dressed in black sexy outfits for the music video. The chorus “Baby can’t you see that look at my eyes Seulpeume bbajin nae dununeul bwa” was so catchy. “Cry Cry” digital unit has been sold almost 4,000,000 times.

7. T-ara – Roly Poly

T-ara’s “Roly Poly” was a really successful hit, it was played everywhere in South Korea as soon as it was released in June 2011. “Roly Poly” was the second track of T-ara’s mini album “John Travolta Wannabe”. It was also re-released in Japan in 2012. The music is super catchy and easy to listen to, the lyrics also repeat “Roly Poly Roly Roly Poly” which makes it easy to be remembered even by a child. The other awesome thing about “Roly Poly” is it brought out the concept of an 80s song. The music video, just like “Day by Day”, tells a story. “Roly Poly” is a story about a woman who looks back at her teenager life, when she had fun with her friends in a disco club. All of T-ara members wore 80s style outfits to suit the music video storyline.

8. T-ara – Sexy Love

T-ara’s “Sexy Love” is a song that was released in 2012. It was released in both a drama and dance version. The dance of “Sexy Love” combined a robotic dance in it. It brought up black, white and goofy fancy colors for the music video concept. As always, T-ara’s song is easy to listen to “Oh Sexy Eyes, Sexy Nose, Sexy Mouth, Don’t you know Oneul nan nega jongmal Sexy.”

9. T-ara – Sugar Free

The next T-ara most popular song is “Sugar Free”, which was released in 2014. It is one of the tracks in T-ara’s 10th mini album. The opening music of “Sugar Free” might sound a little bit similar to “Sexy Love” but the whole song is totally different, “Sugar Free” music is so hip. It is very upbeat and will be a good choice for a dance party.

10. T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

The last T-ara most popular song is “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, which was released in November 2009. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” is one of the tracks on the “Absolute First Album” album. It is of the songs that brought T-ara to win on SBS Inkigayo and KBS Music Bank for 5 weeks consecutively. Not only that, T-ara became the first Korean group to the first spot on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and Oricon’s Weekly chat at the same time. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” was also re-released in Japan in 2011 for T-ara’s Japan debut. Another achievement T-ara got from this song is the Gold Certification for a shipment over 100,000 paid downloads by the RIAJ. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” is one of those Korean songs that will never get old, as it is super easy listening and catchy.

T-ara New Song in 2016 “Tiamo”


T-ara’s comeback had always been eagerly awaited as rumors kept spreading about their comeback. On  October 23, 2016, T-ara announced their comeback through V-App titled “T-ara Comeback D-?”. It was also revealed by their agency that they would have a comeback soon but with a different T-ara style.

T-ara – Tiamo

T-ara’s “Tiamo” was released on November 8, 2016 as promised. It was released in 2 versions, the Korean version and Chinese version. It succeeded in being forth on its first week in the Gaon Album Chart. “Tiamo” brought up Christmas concept as the released date was close to Christmas, with Christmas trees, snow and T-ara members wearing red and white Christmas outfits. The lyrics itself tell a story about someone who loves their boyfriend and wants to always be with him. It is a soft medium tempo song from the T-ara mini album “Remember”. It will be the right song for you during the holidays and Christmas.

T-ara New Song in 2017 as Foursome


A lot of things have happened to T-ara and 4 of their members have left, but of course it doesn’t stop T-ara from performing. There were several rumors coming up about T-ara disbandment, but they proved that they can still stand strong even with 4 members. Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon have worked hard for their newest song “What’s My Name?”

T-Ara’s “What’s My Name?”


T-ara released their newest song “What’s My name?” on June 14, 2017. It was released as one of the tracks in their 9th extended album with the same title as the song, “What’s My Name?”. T-ara’s popularity has never ended, “What’s My Name?” is a success comeback, as they ranked 4th on the Gaon Chart. It has been downloaded 25,716 times and the album also has been sold almost 40,000 as of July 2017.

“What’s My Name?’ is a new concept of T-ara, it is a pop ballad-like song, that is unlike other T-ara upbeat songs they have released. The song itself has catchy and relaxing music with a beautiful music video. But for some people, it feels like there is something missing perhaps because of the voice of only 4 members. The music video is beautifully recorded, it tells a story about a girl who looks back to her past with her boyfriend. The music video uses a summer concept, with some parts taken in a classroom, fountain, a park and there are some shots of nature that look beautiful. Not only the scene, but T-ara members look pretty and angelic in their outfits which match the concept.