Complete List of Songs From the Soundtrack from ‘Goblin’: ex-SISTAR So-you’s ‘I Miss You’, EXO’s Chan-yeol and PUNCH’s ‘Stay With Me’, and More

Sam Kim – Who Are You

It’s impossible to make a soundtrack list for the Korean drama Goblin without including a song from Sam Kim, “Who Are You.” The song was released exactly on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2016.

The song was composed by Nam Hye-seung and composer Park Jin-ho. In particular, Sam Kim, who has delicate emotions, added a lonesome and appealing voice to make the song shine even brighter.

“Who Are You” is the theme song of the main character, Kim Shin. Sam Kim’s soft voice makes this song perfect to listen to while watching raindrops from behind a window.

Ex-SISTAR Soyou – I Miss You

Soyou, the ex-member of popular girl group Sistar also participated in the Goblin original soundtrack part 7. She sang the song “I Miss You” which was released on December 3rd, 2016.

The song portrays the strings of continuity and shows the fateful relationship between the characters in the drama. The simple and beautiful sound of the guitar and piano bass is emphasized so that the sad and beautiful songs can be captured.

In particular, Locoberry, who made the OST of popular dramas such as KBS2’s Descendants of the Sun, SBS’ Love of the Moon-Worrying Careful, and SBS’ It’s Okay, I’m Love, showed his inner workings in the song work. And the song faithfully survived in the top 5 of the Gaon Chart for the digital single category.

Jung Joon-il – First Snow

Jung Joon-Il also joined the Goblin‘s original soundtrack. Jung Joon-il’s sang “First Snow,” which was released as part of the Goblin OST Part 8, a song that is heartbreaking with the mellow lyrics and the sad and appealing voice of Jung Joon-il.

The music video was released on January 16th, 2017. In particular, the words ‘first snow,’ which are also the title of the song, not only appear in various drama scenes, but also the words themselves remind us of ‘first love,’ which portrays the first love of Kim Shin.

“First Snow” was co-composed and lyrics were written by the music directors of Goblin Nam Hye-seung and Park Jin-ho. Since its official release, the song “First Snow” is still perched at number 3 on the Gaon Chart as the most downloaded song.

Ailee – I Will Go to You Like First Snow

The soul diva Ailee participated as the ninth part of the original soundtrack of Goblin. Ailee sang “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” with explosive singing power. The song was released on January 6th, 2017. “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” is the theme song of Kim Shin and Ji Eun-tak.

Rocoberry, which is drawing attention as a sequential hit, wrote the song. Ailee’s song tells about someone who is in love and does not want to be separated from her partner to grow old together. The lyrics express the desperate love of Kim Shin and Ji Eun-tak from Kim Shin’s point of view, such as the brilliant things, “I am greedy, I live with you and hold old wrinkled hands, and my life was warm.”

The combination of Ailee’s voice and the sweet harmony of the piano tunes made the song “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” increasingly captivating to the hearts of many fans. This song succeeded at the top of the Korean music chart and successfully delivered Ailee to get a “triple crown” from Gaon and also has won several awards from major award shows.

Urban Zakapa – Wish

Urban Zakapa joined the Goblin original soundtrack song Part 10 with “Wish.” Urban Zakapa’s “Wish” is an impressive song that expresses a wish to deny a loving heart after the separation from a lover.

Piano melodies and heartfelt emotions line up with Urban Zakapa’s unique voice delivering deeper emotions and increasing the drama’s immersion. “Wish” was written by a singer-songwriter who is a member of Urban Zakapa, Park Yong-in, who has participated in several drama OSTs.

Released on January 8th, 2017, this mellow song is still faithfully ranked at the top of the Melon and Gaon Chart charts. Urban Zakapa himself is well-known thanks to a series of his musical works, the majority of which indeed use the genre of ballads. “Wish” was able to touch the feelings of fans of the Korean drama Goblin, especially playing when Ji Eun-tak prepared to leave Kim Shin.

Kim Kyung-hee (April 2nd) – And I’m Here | Stuck In Love

The drama Goblin’s original soundtrack has swept various music charts. The drama unveiled another song “And I’m Here” by Kim Kyung-hee as part of the original soundtrack Part 11 and it was released on January 9th, 2017.

The title song “And I’m here” is the theme song of Ji Eun-tak. It is a song that conveys comfort to Ji Eun-tak, who has lived a desolate fate since she was born.

The song, featuring Kim Kyung-hee’s lonesome and neutral tone, was inserted into the story of a young girl in front of her birthday cake.

Han Soo-ji – Winter is Coming

The second song of Part 11 of the Goblin OST is “Winter Is Coming” which was also released on January 9th, 2017. Han Soo-ji has sung and composed the lyrics by combining languages ​​of several countries, such as Russian and French. The song was also composed by Nam Hye-seung, Park Sang-hee, and Kim Hee-jin.

The song was inserted into Ji Eun-tak’s scene, where Kim Shin went to Canada to buy a necklace, then Ji Eun-tak and Kim Shin’s kiss scene to create a romantic atmosphere. The melody reminiscent of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind is impressive.

Roy Kim and Kim EZ (GGOT JAM Project) – Heaven

The emotional prince, Roy Kim, also lent his sweet voice for the Goblin original soundtrack. Roy Kim sang “Heaven” for the drama and the music video of the song was released on January 13th, 2017.

“Heaven” is an acoustic sound that appeals to the song. The song has a warm and impressive melody, and it reminisces the warmth of a springtime dream in the cold winter.