List of SNSD’s Yoona’s Solo Songs You Must Listen To

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Yoona and Jo Jung-suk Giving The Full ‘Superhero’ Dance to Thank The Fans for ‘Exit’ Surpassing 9 Millions Viewers

Recently, Yoona and Jo Jung-suk were co-stars in a brand-new movie, titled Exit. The movie became a summer box office hit comedy and action movie, surpassing 9 millions moviegoers!

To celebrate this moment, Yoona and Jo Jung-suk gave the fans the full dance for Lee Seung-hwan’s “Superhero”, one of the ‘Exit’ OSTs. Yoona gave a great performance, which is no surprise, since she’s part of SNSD. Jo Jung-suk also gave the best effort, showing his full strength in very dramatic moves. The co-stars were so cute! They also wished everyone to be happy in Chuseok holidays.

That’s all about Yoona’s solo songs. She really shows us her amazing talent in singing, acting, and dancing. Which song is your favorite? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!